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Holy Moley

It’s time to introduce you to another one of my Stylist’s secret tricks.

As women I think we are genetically programmed to love shoes.  We covet all styles from flats to skyscraper-esc heels but sometimes our shoes don’t love us back.

Summer is an especially tough time on our feet.  We wear sandals, ballet flats, wedges and strappy heels that lay against our bare skin while its hot & sweaty outside which results in ALOT of rubbing. Ouch!

Stylists use a simple trick that we borrowed from athletes and incorporated into our bag of tricks to prevent rubbing and blisters: Moleskin.


Moleskin is a heavy cotton flannel material with an adhesive backing that hikers and runners use to wrap up irritated or blistered parts of the foot. We stylists use it a little differently, as a preventative measure (I’d much rather PREVENT a blister or sore foot than treat one)!

You don’t have to go to some crazy online supply company to find it, moleskin is available at any drug store.  I grabbed mine from Walgreens for $4.49

Applying it is super simple and will prevent tons of pain!

Trim the moleskin to the size you need, remove the adhesive back and stick it in place!

Yes, its that easy!





BONUS TIP: If you have some shoes that you are slipping around in apply the moleskin to the insole for a better grip!

What do you think?  Will moleskin save your feet this summer?