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Manly Gifting with The Art of Shaving

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Stumped on what to get the dude in your life this holiday season?

Dudes are hard to shop for.  They just are.  Either they are the type of guy who needs EVERYTHING or the type that doesn’t need ANYTHING which leaves the gift giver in the awkward position of “OMG what the heck am I going to get him”.

Well, I have the PERFECT solution that is totally luxurious yet uber manly, feels a little dangerous (but in a good way) and is always a perfect fit,  a gift card for the Barber Spa at The Art of Shaving in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

This Barber Spa is retro outfitted with dudely vintage barber chairs where menfolk can go for a range of services, including a beard/mustache trim, a haircut or my hubby’s favorite a classic straight-razor shave.

Let me start by saying, according to my husband there is nothing like a straight razor shave.  Its one of those things EVERY guy should experience at least once in his life!  (After watching this process I wish gals could get it done on their legs!)

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Imagine laying back in an old school barber chair, then having your face cleansed with a super-cool modern barber tool, The Power Brush (for you ladies it’s like the manly version of a Clarisonic).

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Next a hot towel is applied to your face. Not only does the hot towel feel AMAZING the treatment also warms the skin and open up the pores preparing it for the shave.

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

After the towel is removed a luxe warm shaving lather is massaged into your skin. The lather cleanses the face of any debris and dead skin and it raises the hairs to make for precise removal.

Now comes the first shave where the barber shaves with the grain.  This step is a “once-over” to remove the bulk of the hair.

I asked my husband before if at this stage when the razor is coming towards him does he have Sweeney Todd fearful flashbacks but he laughed and said no its incredibly relaxing and not at all scary.

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

Next a second lather is applied and then a second shave.  This is the close shave where they shave against the grain to really perfect the hair removal and get any strays that were missed in the first shave.

Another Hot Towel is then applied and then The Art of Shaving’s After Shave Mask which rejuvenates the look of skin as it cleanses. It contains a unique blend of calming essential oils, hydrating rose water and purifying white kaolin clay absorbs excess oils and tones the skin. This mask is also great to use at home because it’s unique blend of 100% botanical ingredients provides relief from razor burn. (Stocking Stuffer idea!)

Manly Gifting The Art of Shaving

The mask is then removed with sponges, a cold towel infused with Lavender Oil is applied to help close the pores, a spritz of toner, a massage of moisturizer and the process is complete.

Your skin will feel softer and more supple than it ever has.

Pick him up a Gift Card for the full experience at The Art of Shaving in The Forum Shops at Caesars (ask for Troy my husbands favorite barber).

You can also grab him some great skincare and shaving products to use at home: