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What is Gorpcore?

What is gorpcore

You may have heard the term thrown around in fashion circles, seen it in print but skimmed over it or thought WTF is that but Gorpcore is a “Thing” and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Gorpcore is the new Normcore, only equipped for the outdoors. Sure, normcore got us into mom jeans, nondescript sweatshirts, and tennis sneakers. But lately, “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts” (yes, that’s what GORP stands for- named after the trail-mix used by hikers) fashion has been running wild with its own spin on “normal.”

Outdoor gear is officially in.

It’s all about utility and function. ‘Mountain chic’, ‘camping glam’ and ‘ugly pretty’ might be some of the words used to describe the look which mixes in practicality with designer labels, current shapes and runway-worthy silhouettes.

Think a high low mix with the high being something like a Balenciaga Anorak jacket and the low being a pair of Tevas.

Windbreakers, hiking boots, and recycled-polyester fleece. Basically, anything Patagonia, the North Face, Teva, Columbia, and Birkenstock paired with painter pants, Vans, Hawaiian shirts, and Dickies because head-to-toe outdoorwear would be too literal. Fanny Packs can thank Gorpcore for their recent  comeback and so can cargo pants.

Gorpcore’s main idea is that the unfashionable can be fashionable—if you wear it right.

Here’s a peek at some perfectly GORPCORE looks from Fenty x Puma to get you in the mood for a shopping spree at REI.

What is GORPCORE Fenty x Puma

what is GORPCORE Fenty x Puma


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