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Sock it to ‘Em

Lets Face it, men’s evening and business wear can become a bit boring. 

Most gents typically have 1 or 2 suits they drag out and dust off  for a special occasion. 

The look is slapped together like a uniform.  Suit (black or grey), shirt (typically white or blue), tie  (simple and not with much pizazz), black socks, and black shoes. 

Every guy looks the same. 

An event becomes a sea of clones in black and white, once your date heads for the bar to grab cocktails you basically need a GPS to find him.

Set yourself apart!  Guys, you need to learn to man-ccessorize! 

One of my favorite man-ccessories are the often underestimated socks.  They are a simple way to add character to what may otherwise be a dull look.  For men who are new to or afraid of man-ccessorizing this is a great place to start, socks are subtle enough that most people don’t notice but those that count will shriek with delight at your fashion forward move.

Punch-up the chic factor of your look with some socks that have color and personality.  Use the socks like any other statement accessory, sparingly.  Start with a neutral colored look (greys, blacks, beiges, browns) and use the sock to give it a hit of color.  If you want to add funky socks to a look that already incorporates color remember to keep it all in the same color family. 

Funky socks can add flair to even the most serious look!  How far you go depends on your comfort level.   Start with a bold color then once your more advanced segway into stripes and patterns.  Its all about your mood and fashion personality.

My newest man-ccessory discovery makes me absolutely giddy as I comb their website= Happy Socks! 

Like H&M and IKEA  Happy Socks is another brilliant Swedish import!  Love those Sweds and their style!

Happy Socks create “high-quality socks for every occasion, mindset and style” .

The socks are unisex  “We think everyone should be able to wear whatever socks they like. All Combed Cotton, Tubes, Wool and Hemp models are therefore unisex. We also offer Cashmere socks for men and Tights and Over the knee socks for women.”

Check out some of the latest styles and grab a few for stocking stuffers!  They offer 2 day shipping!

(above: left Five Color  right: Barbwire  from Happy Socks)

(above: left: Optic           right: Stripe from Happy Socks)

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Happy Socks wants to set you apart from the crowd.  1 lucky winner will receive 2 pairs of Happy Socks!

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Good Luck!

Last weeks lucky Holiday Blow-out winner is Melissa!