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Holiday Gifts at Forum Shops

The Christmas season is officially here!

It’s the season for togetherness, charity, goodwill toward mankind!

Also presents. Mostly presents. We all LOVE presents!

With that in mind, I’m sure that you’ve got holiday gifting on your mind.

All the news of supply chain shortages may have you feeling a bit seasonally-stressed. Take a deep breath and start scrolling-  I have some AMAZING gift ideas that you can get right here in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops- no shipping deadline involved!

Holiday Gifts at Forum Shops, there is a little something for everyone on your list from fantastic scents to luxe sparkly stemware and the hottest of the hot  “can’t keep it on the shelves” fashion must-have’s.

Let’s Go!


Holiday Gifts at Forum Shops

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how deep my love runs for fragrance brand House of CREED.

My love affair with the brand began a few years ago when I was introduced to Aventus.

It is a scent created for men but I am drawn to more masculine scents and don’t really pay attention to “his” and “hers”, I wear what I like.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the brand here is the Cliff Notes version:

The House of Creed is a seven-generation family of fine perfume makers. Their processes are age old and The House of Creed is the only fragrance house to rely on a 4,000-year old infusion technique to capture the highest concentration of natural essential oils.

It all began in 1760 when James Henry Creed began as a custom tailor and leather goods maker to the English Royal Court, The House of Creed turned perfumer in 1780 when King George III—enamored by a pair of Creed scented gloves—commissioned Creed’s first royal fragrance: a rich mix of mandarin, ambergris and sandalwood, christened Royal English Leather.

CREED Home Fragrances

This season CREED has thrown it’s bespoke hat into the home fragrances ring. The 17 piece home collection includes both hand-poured beeswax scented candles and luxe home sprays  inspired by destinations where master perfumer Oliver Creed has found ingredients for their iconic scents.  Creed’s home fragrances instantly fill your home with exotic scents and just one spritz will last for hours! The PERFECT Gift for the Fragrance lover in your life and the ULTIMATE Hostess Gift!

CREED Forum Shops

CREED Forum Shops


FENDI Forum Shops

The current “IT” thing in fashion is designer collaborations and FENDI has the MOTHER of all collaboration right now- FENDI x SKIMS.

These pieces are so coveted by fashion aficionados that they are basically IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on.. except at Forum Shops.  The FENDI Boutique has created a gorgeous SKIMS pop-up wrapped in the FENDI x SKIMS logo just outside their main store which is full of these hard to get pieces including shapewear, knitwear, underwear, bodysuits, dresses, tights, bags and FENDI FEEL Sandals all in SKIMS traditional inclusive size runs.

The tights are next to impossible to get but Forum Shops has some- they are out of sight under the counter so ask the associate for them!

Seriously, this will blow your ever loving fashion mind and that of your gift recipients!



FENDI x Skims

FENDI x Skims


Baccarat x Martha Stewart

It’s no secret I love a good Margarita, this holiday season Baccarat has partnered with the ultimate hostess, Martha Stewart, to create a new twist in festive cocktails.

The GORGOUS Martharita Goblets and the Martharita Pitcher are the perfect gift for the hostess in your life. Made by hand in France, imagine sipping a classic margarita out of these exquisite glasses or during the Fall and winter months try pouring one of Martha’s Favorite Fall Cocktails.. for recipe CLICK HERE 


..And while you are there, don’t forget to grab a few pieces of their “make’s everything taste better” totally luxe stemware for your holiday table. Cheers!



Ted Baker Holiday Dress

Searching for the perfect dress for those upcoming holiday parties?  Look no further.. I’ve got you (or should I say Ted Baker has got you) covered!

This gorgeous Knitted full skirt dress comes in both Green and this Mid Blue and features a knit top, stain skirt and ruffle neckline.  The ultimate in flirty chic holiday wear. Mic Drop.

There you have it.  My top picks of the hottest, chicest and blingiest gifts that are at the top of everyone’s lists.

Holiday Gifts at Forum Shops .

Make sure to stop by Forum Shops for all your holiday Shopping needs.

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DIY Scented Vinegar

I LOVE Vinegar.

Vinegar is a laundry and deodorizing miracle. It fights stains, buildup and odors but some people are put off by the smell- even though it disappears as it dries.

Don’t count vinegar out too quickly, there is a way to make vinegar smell less.. vinegary.

You have probably seen “Scented” vinegar sold and it can be a little pricey but you can make your own scented vinegar for a fraction of the cost and DIY Scented Vinegar makes a great gift for your friends and neighbors.

Scented vinegar has all the same cleaning and sanitizing abilities as regular vinegar, but with less of that potent vinegar smell.

All You Need Is:

  • White Vinegar
  • Large glass jar
  • Fresh Orange Peels and Cloves OR Fresh Lemon Peels and Fresh Sprigs of Rosemary for scent
  • Glass Spray Bottle or Chemical Resistant Plastic Spray Bottle
  • Baker’s String


Pour some vinegar into a glass bowl (enough to fill your container) then heat it in the microwave.


Grab your jar and fill it with either orange peels and a few cloves or lemon peels and springs of rosemary. I personally like the Orange/Clove in Winter and Lemon/Rosemary in summer. (This process isn’t an exact science, so don’t worry too much about amounts. When in doubt, add more of the scented item rather than less, since the smell of vinegar is pretty strong to begin with!)


A FEW VINEGAR TIPS: Vinegar should never be used on natural stone, like marble or granite. It also should not be used on aluminum or cast iron. It can pit these surfaces and ruin them.

When making your own cleaner make sure all of your tools are clean. Run your jars through the dishwasher or rinse with very hot water if they’ve been sitting in the cabinet for a while. Brand new jars, also, will need to be cleaned prior to use.

Dilute your scented vinegar at a 1:2 ratio (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water) to clean your fridge, microwave, pet stains, and floors.

Neiman Marcus Redefining The Way We Do Holidays

Let the the ho ho ho holiday season begin!

The holiday rush will be here before you know it, so getting your gifting done early this year to avoid shipping and manufacturing delays is definitely the move right now.

But where do you start? Gift gathering can be overwhelming.  What should I buy, what would they like? It can be tough coming up with ideas. Take a deep breath and read on. I have some AMAZING gift ideas ahead and not to fret- I will be here all season long dropping my top gift recommends to help make your holiday season as smooth as a sleigh ride with Santa.

Now dasher! Now dancer..

Here we go!

Neiman Marcus has THREE exciting new things happening this season that redefine gifting, wrapping and giving back.

That’s right!  Neiman Marcus redefining the way we do holidays!

To make your holiday shopping the easiest and most convenient experience yet, Neiman Marcus launched a luxurious Gift Suite that is an IRL wonderland of gifting ideas. Packed full of the most unique gifts and hottest trends the Gift Suite is even divided into gifts categories! So easy it’s like someone did the shopping for you!

Here are some of my top picks from the The Gift Suite..

Francis Kurkdjian Candles

Francis Kurkdijian Holiday Candles.

From one of my favorite perfumers these are next level holiday scents that transport you to a winter stroll in a snowy forest, to a charming storybook gingerbread house, promising sweet treats and childhood delights and to a holiday market to savor a juicy, generously caramel-coated candy apple. Available individually or as a set its a fragrant gift of an olfactory fantasy.

El Arroyo Puzzle

El Arroyo “I’d Rather Be Someone’s Shot of Tequila than everyone’s Cup of Tea” Puzzle.

Since 1975, El Arroyo has been serving up Tex-Mex with a side of laughs on their famous marquee sign that stands on the corner of West 5th and Campbell in Austin, Texas. The Last Queso Stop Before a Bunch of Yoga Studios – over the years they have covered every food pun imaginable while never forgetting witty commentary on current events. Now you can gift one of their iconic signs made from recycled paper in puzzle form!

wine handbag

Wine Bottle Carrying Clutch.

Holiday Mic drop.  Nobody’s Going to know… lol. What better way to carry your wine or champs than in a discreet (lol) clutch! It’s also a really adorbs way to wrap a boozy gift.

Byredo Hair Perfume

Byredo Hair Perfume.

One of the hottest trends in beauty, each hair perfume combines one of BYREDO’s signature scents with a unique silicone and polymer formula to create a light, invisible veil designed to leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst divinely scented.

Jonathan Adler Decanters

Jonathan Adler Decanters.

Serve up booze in the chicest wittiest way possible. The Whiskey one is currently Center Stage on my home bar cart.

Holiday Lights Set

Holiday Lights Cups.

This is one of my holiday staples. I buy them every year to serve up holiday cocktails for the adults and hot cocoa for the littles. Fun and festove they put a smile on everyone’s face.

It isn’t just the perfect Gift that Neiman Marcus has to offer this season….

They have also given their iconic gift boxes a sleek matte black modern redesign which includes  a luxurious magnetic closure. GORGEOUS. No wrapping necessary!

PLUS they have created an easy way to make a difference and give back this season.

Neiman Marcus has partnered with The Give Back Box to help you donate to someone in need this season while lessening  your fashion environmental  footprint.

It’s so easy!

Pack a box with gently used clothing, accessories and shoes.

Scan the QR code on the paper that was included in your order or given to you by your sales associate.

Print the free shipping label.

Then drop off your box to UPS or FEDex.

The Give Back Box will redirect your donation to a local charity. Or you can choose the charity you want.

There you go.  Three ways Neiman Marcus is redefining the way we do holidays!

Click Below to SHOP My Favorites:

Whimsical and Wonderful Holiday Gifts at Sugarboo & Co.

Sugarboo Holiday Gifting

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten any gifts yet, it’s time to get shopping.

When it comes to buying gifts, thoughtfulness always weighs more than the gift itself. I yearn for handmade, unique gifts that will inspire heartfelt joy- the kind you would find in an old timey Christmas Market which is why Sugarboo & Co, at the Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian Resort is one of my favorite holiday shopping spots.

Sugarboo & Co.  is the brainchild of artist Rebecca Puig.  The name Sugarboo is the nickname she calls her children- the idea was to create products that remind us of the ones we love. Her inspirations are her family, nature, animals, children’s art and folk art. She loves juxtaposing old and new, light and dark, serious subject matter with fluff and anything with a message. Rebecca believes in putting good out into the world whenever possible. Her hope is that each Sugarboo piece we send out into the world will add a little good.

The shop has a rustic farmhouse feel and is packed full of Rebecca’s curated collection of inspirational and playful art, unique vintage-inspired gifts, and luxury accessories that are handcrafted with an interesting mixture of love, passion, skill, and nostalgic flair.

Each piece is filled with whimsy, a special one-of-a-kind feel, and a mix of modern and vintage design.

I stopped in last week to do some Christmas shopping and wanted to share some of my top Sugarboo & Co. gifting picks with you.

Wise Words to Warm the Soul

One of my favorite things about Sugarboo & Co.’s merch is their sweet messages and the words of wisdom they tout.

Sugarboo & Co. Wine Bags

Nothing warms the heart quite like holiday “spirits”.

These adorable canvas wine bags are the perfect way to give bottled holiday cheer.

Gathered Thoughts Jar

One thing we have all learned this year is to be grateful for what we have.  This Gathered Thoughts Jar is a great gift for a family or couple.

The concept is simple. Pay attention to your life. Look for the good all around you- all the blessings, beauty, gratitude, hopes, dreams, adventures, love, kindness, and magical bits of life. Record it. You don’t have to get fancy – jot it down on scraps of paper, receipts, old ticket stubs, & don’t dilly dally. Do it now – at coffee shops & mountaintops, in trains, planes, and automobiles. Deposit all your beautiful, magical, good stuff in this jar. At the end of the year empty out your jar to celebrate all the ordinary and extraordinary parts of life that made you stop & pay attention.

Sugarboo Zip Bag

I am all about sustainable wrapping which is just one of the reasons I LOVE these Canvas Zip Bags.

You can use them as wrapping by filling them with any gift then later they become a makeup pouch, pencil case, cord holder or organizer!

When it comes to finding ways to unwind, for some, writing is even more calming than meditation.

There’s nothing quite like taking the time for your own mental health and clearing your mind by putting your own thoughts on a page. Whether you’re a designer, a writer, or a creative professional, you need a place to jot down your thoughts and these gorgeous hand dyed leather journals filled with handmade paper are worthy of your brilliant ideas!

Holiday Themed Gifts

 Sugarboo Holiday Gifts

When I was a child my mom handmade all of our tree ornaments out of felt so naturally, I am a sucker for felt ornaments. They bring back childhood Christmas magic for me. I fell in LOVE and may be completely obsessed with these adorable felt ornaments. Each ornament is handmade and features icons like: David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Ronaldo (soccer), Louis Armstrong, Elton John, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Jerry Garcia, Diana Ross, Bob Marley and more! (David Bowie and Willie Nelson are sitting pretty on my tree right now).



Elf Pad.

This is such a cute companion for an Elf on the Shelf.  Leave these cute little letters from Santa & His Elves as a daily note for your littles.

Cuppa Cheer!

Fun holiday themed coffee mugs are always a great gift.  I like to fill them with a little Irish Coffee starter kit-a “roadie” size bottle of booze and a candy cane.

If you are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts you HAVE to stop in and check out Sugarboo & Co. for yourself.  They make crossing off your list so fun and easy!

*This post was created in partnership with Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian Resort Las Vegas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sugarboo & co Gift Guide



Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Well, we are getting down to it.  Christmas is just a few days away and Hanukkah is about to begin!

By now you are down to the wire on gift gathering and may be out of ideas.  Take a deep breath and start scrolling-  I have some AMAZING gift ideas that you can get right here in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops- no shipping deadline involved!

A little something for everyone on your list from Gifts for Good to Gifts with Whimsy, Gifts with Edge and Gifts that are Chic.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

John Hardy- Gifts for Good

John Hardy is one of the hottest, most talked about fashion jewelry designers today…and not just because he creates beautiful pieces. But also, the background of his company is really one-of-a-kind.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly (they use 100% reclaimed silver) and one of the most heart-felt truly caring companies around John Hardy’s inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world- Bali. His love of the Balinese people and community has been the basis of the jewelry empire. Not only does the company consistently look to innovate with designs, they are also always thinking of ways to give back to the community. By creating programs like Jobs For Life and “Wear bamboo, plant bamboo,” John Hardy has established itsself as one of the most humanitarian companies around.

They have a totally innovative program called “Jobs For Life”. Through this program, they collaborates with local orphanages to create employment opportunities for children, especially girls. John Hardy pays for students’ school fees from the last two years of high school and provides them with an apprenticeship at the John Hardy Bali compound. They work to develop good health care benefits for employs and allows a rare opportunity for women to work from home. The goal of this program is to support severely disadvantaged Balinese children whose families did not have the means to feed, house or support them through school with the hope that they will truly find a “job for life” at John Hardy.

All that PLUS the jewelry is absolutely exquisite- all hand made in Bali makes John Hardy a gift that is truly from the heart this season.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Altar’d State- Gifts with Whimsy

Altar’d State is brand new to Las Vegas.  Nestled inside one of the most beautiful boutiques I have ever seen, this two story house of wonders hosts everything from apparel to home, baby and pet gifts that are packed full of wit and wonder!  Seriously, I left with two bags of gifts including this oh-so-cute pillow below.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Psycho Bunny- Gifts with Edge

If you are looking for something unique, edgy and full of color look no further than Psycho Bunny. This fun contemporary golf and lifestyle brand offers both mens and boys clothing and accessories.

All clothing is made from pima cotton in Peru with luxury detailing like mother of pearl buttons and embroidered with the Psycho Bunny logo, a maniacal-looking rabbit over skull and bones insignia.  Tongue in cheek details like contrast collars and unexpected patterns make for a gift that is totally unforgettable.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Coach Gifts- that are Chic

OK you all know of my renewed love for Coach, each season it just keeps getting better and better.

For the Holidays Coach has released the Horse and Carriage Collection. Nostalgic and new—the beloved Coach motif just became a pattern… and it’s Ah-mazing.

The signature Horse & Carriage motif was first introduced in the 1950s and the new bags reimagine it in the form of cool, colorful patterns.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas