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CREED Viking Cologne

Creed Viking Cologne

This week The House of CREED Launched a brand new fragrance, CREED VIKING Cologne.

The new launch is the first extension into CREED’s Viking fragrance profile. The original Viking was launched four years ago. Encased in a vibrant red wrapped bottle and adorned with a long ship, the men’s fragrance invoked Iceland’s relentless volcanic landscape with a fruity floral profile of citrus accords. Now, for 2021, the luxury perfume house has followed with an ambitious sequel – the Creed Viking Cologne.

The new fragrance is UNISEX, encased in a spirited orange wrapping and adorned with the same iconic Viking ship. It is lighter, cooler and less dense than the original Viking. The formula combines notes of zingy citrus fruits like lemon and pink pepper, lavender, nutmeg, and rosemary. Which settle into a woody base of dry sandalwood, patchouli, and earthy vetvier.

To celebrate the launch CREED hosted a with a virtual concert named Valiant Sounds which showcased native Icelandic artists Junius, Gugusar, Logi Pedro and Young Karin.

Listeners were invited to watch, listen and receive a sample of the new fragrance.

CREED sent me an exclusive viewing pack which included Viking Cologne, Einstök Ölgerð Icelandic Beer, Snacks and a 66° North (Icelandic Clothing Company) Belt Bag- everything you need for a music festival!

As the concert began I set the mood with a spritz of Viking Cologne. Then cracked open a cold one, let the tunes fill the air and was wowed by the mystical landscapes of Iceland.

Now, THIS is the way to launch a fragrance! Fully immersed in the land that inspired it!

If you are looking for the perfect summer fragrance (and a great music festival) you have found it.  Give Viking Cologne a spritz and then head to CREED’s website to check out the concert.

Get the full Viking Cologne experience, CLICK HERE TO VIEW CONCERT

CREED Viking Cologne

CREED Virtual Concert

CREED Viking Cologne Virtual Concert

CREED Viking Cologne

CREED Virtual Concert

Creed Virtual Concert

Viking Cologne is available online at CREED and in CREED Boutiques at Forum Shops and Crystals as well as Neiman Marcus.