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How to Fix a Stubborn Zipper

How to fix a stubborn zipper

There is NOTHING more frustrating then trying to zip a stubborn zipper.

Whether your zipper is stuck or just finicky (not yet stuck but cranky about sliding) I have a secret weapon that will turn that zipper into a smooth operator, wax paper.

This is another old costumer trick I learned when I worked on live productions. The best part is that it’s super cheap and safe on EVERYTHING from a designer handbag to designer shoes and clothing.

The main reason a zipper get’s temperamental is that it needs to be lubricated.  When you rub the wax paper against the zipper it will act like oil (without any residue or mess) and make the zipper work without any problem at all.

How to fix a stubborn zipper

First you’ll need to purchase any kind of wax paper. Just make sure it’s wax paper and not parchment paper.

Next, tear off a small portion.

How to fix a stubborn Zipper

Rub the wax paper on the teeth of the zipper with the zipper open. Coat both sides of the zipper.

Wax paper to fix a zipper

Now take the slider and run it back and forth to test the results. It should zip pretty smoothly.  If it’s still tough to zip you can go back and “wax” the teeth one more time.

How to Breathe New Life into Your Wardrobe for Spring

Every single time the seasons begin to change I look and my closet and think “I have nothing to wear”.

I stand in front of my closet in a daze, dumbfounded on which outfit to wear. I’ve worn that floral pussy bow blouse a thousand times, my circle skirts feel so last season and my cuffed jeans feel completely outdated.

It leaves you feeling totally un-fashion-inspired.

I call this the “I NEED NEW STUFF” condition.

When your heart’s whispering “Give me a new outfit” but your wallet’s saying “Don’t you effing dare” what is a fashion loving gal to do?

Well, there is hope!  A way to breathe new life into your wardrobe while keeping your wallet happy.

Edit, audit, revamp and reinvent.

I have preached the benefits of a closet Edit/Audit before.  Streamlining your closets can feel like a whole fresh start—seriously it’s shocking how good it feels to organize and downsize.  Take inventory of what you have.   Get rid of what doesn’t fit, isn’t your style anymore or is old and tattered.  Organize your wardrobe so you can see what you have – it’ll make getting dressed each day so much easier.

Sometimes all a piece needs to be current and cool again is a little Revamp.  Think outside the box.  Customize it by distressing, changing the buttons, adding patches, hardware or enamel pins.  Take the hem up or let it out!  This military jacket was feeling a little too safari- trend circa 2015 so I added black metal studs to the epaulets and pockets- presto-changeo now it’s totally Spring 2017 military inspired cool. My cuffed distressed jeans from last Spring felt super tired so I cut them into a step hem- now it’s like I bought a new pair of jeans!

Reinventing is all about looking at something in a different way. Wear it like you never have before.  Pair it in an unexpected way.  I took this shirt dress and wore it as a top with jeans.  It can also be worn unbuttoned with a tank as a top piece or belted and scrunched alone.  The possibilities are endless.

Before you break the bank this Spring, try implementing this easy formula.  Edit, audit, revamp and reinvent.  You’ll be surprised at how it will help you fall back in love with some of your old favorites.

What I’m Wearing: Stella McCartney Shirt Dress | Military Jacket | Metal Studs added to Jacket| AG Stilt Jeans | Burberry Studded Bag | Donald J Pliner Sandals| House of Harlow Station Necklace |