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Fragrance Sample Beauty Hack

Fragrance Sample Beauty Hack

With the potential for spillage and breakage, it’s tempting to leave your favorite scent at home but 1/2 way through the day it’s nice to give yourself a couple spritz’s to refresh.

Toting around glass perfume bottles in my designer handbag has always seemed like a recipe for disaster. I am way too afraid of the bottle breaking or leaking plus they are bulky (even the travel sized ones) and take up too much space.

I have found a nifty little beauty hack that solves this fragrance dilemma while reducing, reusing and upcycling something that was more than likely destined for a landfill.

Fragrance samples + a Prescription Pill Bottle.

Fragrance samples, we all have drawers of them.  Pretty much anytime you buy anything at a cosmetics counter they will stash a few in your bag. You can even request to have a few made of your favorite scents.  It’s pretty easy to build up a sample fragrance arsenal and you rarely (if ever) use them at home.

My trick is to take an old prescription pill bottle, wash it out, remove the label, pack it full of fragrance samples and drop it in my handbag.

Prescription pill bottles are designed to prevent moisture from destroying the medicines inside which makes these bottles perfect for keeping water out of or in anything you want to store in them.

This trick will keep your handbag safe plus it’s a great way to carry multiple scents to match your mood!

BONUS TIP: This works great for travel as well because fragrance samples are all under 3FLOZ and pill containers are clear!