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Master Clash How To Mix Prints

How to Mix Prints

The single biggest question I get on my social media is how to mix prints.

I have to admit I wasn’t always a skilled mix-master.  Believe it or not, I am a reformed minimalist- if you were to look back 3-4 years my entire closet consisted of all black clothing.  I wanted it sleek and serious.

I’m not sure what changed- whether it was me, the trends, the world climate or all of the above but I blame it on Gucci.

Most trend innovations have a point of origin or a ‘spiritual leader’, for Maximalists and Print Mixing Aficionados it’s Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele. When he took the reins at Gucci in 2015 he set fashion ablaze with sequins, bedazzlement and a grandma chic style that was undeniably covetable.

The new fresh-yet-retro chic vibe he created crept into my fashion-soul and I began to find a bespoke joy in watching prints magically mingle to create something unexpected and interesting.  You can ask my assistant but I think if you were to quote what I say the most it would be “Am I crazy or does this look amazing together”?

Embracing your inner Print Mix Master is about having more fun in fashion, expressing your mood, personality and not taking your style too seriously.

It’s about experimenting BUT it’s also a learned art. You have to develop a sense to pair the right pieces because in print mixing, it can be really-really right or go really-really wrong.

To keep you on the right track I put together some of my tips to have you mixing and matching like a pro:

ONE:  Mix prints and textures, add ruffles here and there and include embroidery and embellishments whenever possible. When mixing prints and patterns make sure your prints have something in common. You can’t just mix whatever comes to your hands first. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that one color carries through each print. Remember that stripes and plaids are super versatile patterns that can be combined with many others they are almost a neural when print mixing. Pattern on pattern is another easy way to go, mix two different plaids or two animal prints just make sure that the colors and the style of the pieces blend seamlessly.

TWO: Layering is a MUST but try to move away from traditional ways of layering. Think outside the box. Why wear one coat when you can wear two? It gives you the perfect excuse during winter months to layer and keep layering until you look like a haute winter burrito. Pile the clothes on and pile them high.

THREE: Delicious Details. Always appreciates the details. You think tights don’t matter?  Tights and socks are a way of making a statement. Adding in brightly colored tights can transform a LDB into something uber chic. Think you can skip the belt?  Think again a belt helps give your silhouette shape AND adds another layer at the same time!  Takes advantage of the tiniest details.

FOUR: Give yourself an anchor piece.  Layer in one solid or neutral piece to ground your look.

Ross & Snow Boots

Missoni Scarf

Mulberry Bag

Print Mixing

How to Mix Prints

How to Mix Prints

How to Mix Prints

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How to Double Down on Plaid for Fall

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

Calling plaid a “trend” almost sounds ridiculous because plaid will ALWAYS be a thing for fall, with that said this season designers really did go mad for this classic pattern.

The perennially popular print ruled the runways from luxe matchy matchy suiting at Dior to Clueless-esque clashing yellow and blue kilts and jackets at Versace and the  ultimate in plaid radness at Michael Kors with the perfect clash of red and yellow tartans with leopard-print trims.

I talk about mixing prints all the time.  I mean ALL the time- it’s kinda my thing but it’s not often that I pair plaid on plaid.

Mixing prints can be tricky enough but mixing the same print shows next level skills.

The key to wearing plaid squared is really basically the same as mixing any other print!  Use one color to carry through and tie the look together and vary the size of the two plaids.

I fell in love with this skirt the second I saw it at Zara.  It’s a winner for the season because well, plaid, AND it can take on a multitude of looks. Everything from festive holiday to a chic edgy street-style look.

Since it’s only October I wanted to steer clear of anything that made it look too Christmas-y.  This skirt could easily create a Christmas Caroler-ish vibe if paired with a festive sweater or turtleneck so I ran in the opposite direction and paired with a non-holiday toned flannel.

By using TWO different fabrics, the toughness of the flannel shirt paired with the soft fluttery skirt creates something fresh, unexpected and fashion forward.

The skirt came with a matching self belt which I promptly removed and replaced with a leather western belt.

Since plaid on plaid can be a strong look I toned it down with simple, denim jacket. Finally, to tie in the green in the skirt I added a green paisley scarf.

The color that brings it all together is the white accent.  You see it in both the skirt and top (its even in the scarf).

Using this unifying element makes it oh so easy to double down on plaid like a pro this Fall.

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

How to Pair Plaid on Plaid

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How to wear plaid on plaid

Red Hot How to Mix Prints

How to Mix Prints

There are certain trends that come back season after season.  One of those trends is print mixing.

Yes, print mixing can be a bit daunting and there are a lot of rules out there about how to mix prints, but they’re usually outdated and more focused on what “doesn’t” work than what does.

In the spirit of can-do thinking (Because I have been listening to Courtney’s Podcasts) let’s focus on the do’s rather than the don’ts.

A general yaas when it comes to print mixing is that if the colors look good together, more often than not the prints will look good together.  It really is pretty simple.

You don’t have to have a stylist’s eye to pull off this tricky trend. All you need is to few key Do’s and you’ll be mixing and matching spring’s best prints in no time!

Do’s for Mixing Prints:

  1. DO mix prints of different scales and sizes.
  2. DO choose one pattern to accent and one to dominate.
  3. DO  make sure that when matching two or more prints, they share at least one color. That will bring the look together.
  4. DO add a neutral/solid piece to anchor the look.
  5. DO mix stripes and florals, they always play well together!

About My Look: Red is super hot this season so I used it as the anchor.  I then chose blue as the shared color to pair the striped top and floral skirt.  Patches are my jam this season and this patched denim jacket pulled the whole look together.  The patches added pops of yellow, blue and red creating an uber sense of balance to the look.

I can’t wait to see what print-tabulous combinations YOU create this season!  I’ll be watching on INSTAGRAM!  Tag me!

Print Mixing

How to Mix Prints for Spring

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