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How to Clean a Coach Bag

How to Clean a Coach Bag

The daily wear and tear on leather handbags can leave them dirty and dull, especially if you carry your bag every day.

Of course sometimes there are obvious stains or spills but why clean your bag if it’s not obviously dirty? Well, think about the dirt and grime that it comes into contact with on a daily basis. Public bathrooms are about the worst place to bring your bag because the germs quite possibly jump right onto your purse without you even realizing it. The store, your office, the doctor – almost anywhere you go, you will experience built up dirt and grime, even if you do not see visible stains. In fact, it is better to clean your leather before you see stains to retain the best results.

A leather handbag is an investment, so you want to take good care of it. Handbag cleaning takes hardly any time, but doing it will really extend your bag’s life.  Proper care for your bag is a must, even if your bag is free of spots, monthly cleaning will keep it looking sharp.

First, determine what type of bag you have: coated canvas, fabric, suede or leather.  Each type will require a different sort of cleaning.  For this post I am focusing on cleaning a leather bag.

Having the right cleaning and protective products on hand at home is essential for optimum maintenance.  COACH makes an incredible duo of Leather Cleaner/Leather Moisturizer that only costs $10. Think of them like shampoo and conditioner for your bag.  You need BOTH to really keep the bag in shape- especially if you live in a dry climate.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

How to Clean Your COACH Bag

Before you start , make sure to empty your bag, shake out the interior and remove any detachable straps.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Next, apply the Leather Cleaner to a clean, dry, soft cloth and then rub on bag in small circular motions.  A little goes a long way.  This will remove dirt, smudges, denim transfers etc.  Make sure to clean the entire bag- front, back, straps and under the flap. This will ensure that your bag stays in uniform condition throughout.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Once you have finished with the Cleaner it’s time to apply the Leather Moisturizer.  Again, apply to a clean, dry, soft cloth and rub on bag in small circular motions everywhere there is leather. It’s like lotion for skin. It helps with dry, dull leather and is especially good for the handles and straps which you touch alot.

How to Clean a Coach Bag

Let the bag dry completely before use.  If you aren’t planning on using it right away make sure to store it in a dust bag (which comes with your bag when you purchase it- it’s usually tucked inside).

How often should you clean your bag?  If you use the bag every day you should do this every two to three months. If it is more of a weekend bag or when you are heading out for special occasions every six to nine months will be enough to keep your piece protected.

More tips to extend the life of your bag

  • Avoid placing your bag on floors
  • Make sure all pens you toss in it have lids.  Ink stains can destroy the aesthetic of a bags interior.
  • Make sure you use a makeup bag to hold beauty products. Throwing makeup brushes directly into your bag, a smashed powder or lipstick that loses its lid can severely damage your bag interior. They are some of the hardest stains to remove from fabric with their high oil content and the interior of your bag needs protecting just as much as the outside.

*With our current worries about keeping things germ free and disinfected you might be thinking of going one step further and disinfecting your bag.  A great product to try is Bioesque Botanical Solution- it is  free of bleach and other harsh chemicals. Powered by Thymox technology, it utilizes Thymol, a cutting-edge antimicrobial agent present as a component of Thyme Oil, to quickly power through grime and destroys the germs that it encounters.

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*This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to Clean A Coach Bag