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How to Wear a Dad Hat

Over the past year there has been a hot street-style trend simmering that has now come to a full fashion boil: Dad Hats.

What are they?

The polar opposite of snapbacks and oversized flat-brims, the dad version typically dons a corporate logo, a dumb saying, or a random graphic, is a little scuffed up and usually made from somewhat flimsy cotton or canvas, has a slightly curved brim (not too curved), is probably a little oversized and has an adjustable back strap.

They are the kind of hat that your actual dad could have picked up at a corporate retreat, hotel gift shop, fundraising event or in a swag bag at a convention.

They’re unstructured, usually in a solid color and traditionally embellished with not-so-great embroidery across the front. The lamer the better.

Although actual dads, kids on sports teams, and thrift store shoppers have worn these toppers for decades they have suddenly become the favorite of celebs and fashionistas who have been incorporating them into their “off-duty” looks.

They are so hot that Balenciaga even jumped on this trend band wagon with their glamorized version of the dad hat that was spotted EVERYWHERE at Fashion Week.

How to wear them?

Well, rocking this trend is beyond easy.  The beauty of a dad hat is it’s total LACK of chicness.

Just put it on your head.  Wear it with ANYTHING!  They aren’t supposed to match your look— that’s the genius of dad hats- effortlessly versatile enough to go with anything in your closet and still look on point.

Perfect for a bad hair day, when you want to pretend you’re a celeb and go incognito or just to give your look that something extra, Dad Hats (which typically cost under $20) are the ultimate pocket friendly accessory this season.

What I’m Wearing: Jack Hat Co “No Photo’s Please” Dad Hat | Guns and Roses Tee | Beach Lunch Lounge Flannel | Mossimo Denim Jacket | Gucci Aviator Sunglasses | AG Jeans | Donald J Pliner Heels | Berry Jewelry Pin on Jacket

Although you can probably pick one up in your dad’s closet I rounded up some of my fav dad hats from around the web: