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The New Canadian Tuxedo

The New Canadian Tuxedo

The Canadian Tuxedo.  It lives in fashion infamy.

Also known as “denim on denim”, love it or hate it the look has popped up decade after decade from the streets of Milan to celebs like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus.

This season all things retro are the BIZ so of course that means denim in all it’s iterations but with a modern twist. The New Canadian Tuxedo.

On the runways we are seeing new ways to layer the utilitarian fabric by switching up silhouettes and adding contrasting materials. Printed denim and layering varied shades and colors of denim lead the way while softer approaches pair feminine pieces like denim skirts with the rough and ready fabric of a tough denim jacket or denim shirt.

When gathering your gear look for oversized 90’s inspired denim jackets, printed or logoed denim skirts, vintage inspired jeans aka straight leg, flared and boot-cut denim, chambray tops, denim coveralls and anything with color.

The key is to pair the denim so that the look has depth.  Even though you are wearing denim head to toe there should be little moments that let each piece shine individually while still being cohesive as a whole look. Don’t shy away from color or pattern- they are your BFF for creating a look that has interest.

Give the new denim on denim aka Canadian Tuxedo a try this season, I promise you’ll look nothing like early 2000s Britney and Justin.. unless you want to.

Fashion Facts-

The Term “Canadian Tuxedo” is a misnomer: It was an American, crooner Bing Crosby, who first donned the ensemble, wearing an actual denim tuxedo jacket that Levi Strauss made for him after he was denied entry from a Vancouver hotel with a strict dress code.

The New Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on denim Trend

The New Canadian Tuxedo

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The New Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on Denim

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The New Canadian Tuxedo

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