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Shopping in the Mens Section Don’t be Scared to Borrow from the Boys

I’m going to share a little style secret today, sometimes I wear men’s clothing.

Although it may seem daunting at first you shouldn’t be scared to borrow from the boys!  There are a gazillion reasons to check out the mens section when adding to your wardrobe starting with the fact that men’s clothing is built better! It’s more durable, last longer and it’s also cheaper!

Yes, you read correctly MENS CLOTHING IS CHEAPER! There is a research-backed phenomenon out there called the Pink Tax. Women pay more for basic necessities like conditioner, razors, deodorant and of course clothing and it totally sucks.

The same t-shirt you find for $30 in the mens section can cost up to double that in the womens! Looking for an over-sized sweater? A polyester one in the womens section often costs as much as a Merino Wool one in the mens section and that’s just CRAZY!

Shopping in the men’s department can also be a solution to other problems, like if you have wide feet you might be able to find better fitting shoes in the men’s department. Or if you’re tall it’ll be easier to find long sleeve tops that reach all the way down your arms rather than ending abruptly two inches away from your wrist.  And if you want minimalist no-frills silhouettes then the men’s section is perfect.

Expanding my shopping to include the men’s section has led me to discover some of my all-time favorite wardrobe staples. Now I only buy mens or unisex t-shirts.  I hate the way womens t-shirts are made- with their stupid tiny cap sleeves and thin fabric that falls apart and clings to your body. Men’s tees offer a fitted silhouette with sleeves that are the perfect length and extra durable fabric. Men’s leather jackets are on regular outfit rotation in my closet and men’s sweaters are the softest coziest things around!

There’s a reason some of the hottest brands right now are offering gender-neutral collections—Over the last few seasons, luxury designers like Gucci and  Saint Laurent have held coed runway shows. Moda Operandi debuted its first unisex streetwear collection, and Zara released their unisex “Ungendered” Collection with models of both sexes styled in the same clothes. Increasingly, it’s become pretty apparent that what men and women want to wear is essentially the same.

Ready to borrow from the boys? Here are a few tricks to keep in mind when shopping in the men’s department:

  • Stay away from pants and jeans.  Men’s bottoms aren’t designed for women’s bodies and it’s really difficult to get mens pants to work even if you have them altered.
  • Keep it at the belt and above the belt. Opt for outwear, sweaters, sweatshirts, tees, belts, scarves and portfolios (which make really great clutches).
  • Play with sizing.  Try on everything from a mens small to a mens large. Oversized is totally chic right now and you may need to experiment item by item on what the best fit is.  I have worn everything from a mens small to a mens XL depending on cut and style. The John Varvatos Sweater I’m wearing (which I picked up at the John Varvatos Outlet at Las Vegas Premium Outlets North last week) is perfectly oversized in a Large.  It’s roomy enough to give that chic over-sized vibe but I’m not drowning in it.

What I’m Wearing: John Varvatos Limited Edition Numbered Cardigan | Unique Vintage x Universal Monsters Unisex Bride of Frankenstein Tee | Kenzo Boots | John Varvatos Bandana | H&M Paper Bag Skirt | TOPSHOP Clutch |

Click to SHOP some of my Favorite Borrow from the Boys Pieces:

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