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Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

There’s only one place in the world where I will willingly and happily walk over 10 miles outside in the heat and stand in line for hours on end, Disneyland.

Disneyland is the place that can fill your heart with joy and can also fill your feet with pain. Seriously, it’s estimated that guests walk 10-12 miles per day when visiting the parks at Disneyland or Disney World.  As you’ve probably guessed, all this walking and standing is going to require some seriously good shoes.

Shoes can make or break your trip to a Disney Park. They need to be comfortable, broken-in and of course Instagram worthy too.

My go-to for Disneyland comfort and cuteness shoes is Hush Puppies Wren Loafer.

These retro inspired cuties come in 17 mood boosting colors and are crafted with WorryFree™ Suede. Which means easy cleanup and water resistance. No need to fret if you drop a little Dole Whip on them. Plus, they are built with Hush Puppies Bounce™ footbed. It provides comfort and energy rebound with every step. And the rubber outsole gives you all the traction and durability you need when navigating the park.

Even more good news! The PerfectFit Stretch System in this loafer uses soft, stretchy leather to hug your foot for instant flexibility and all-day comfort which means bye bye blisters!

To help you step into happiness, I’m giving away a pair of my favorite Disneyland comfort shoes (Hush Puppies Wren Loafers) over on my Instagram! Click over to enter to win. 

Disneyland UPDATE

It’s Official “The Happiest Place on Earth” will reopen it’s gates on April 30, 2021. Kind-of!

Things will be a little different for awhile. Fewer attractions to enjoy, no parades or fireworks, and no Fast Passes or Max Passes.

The opening will happen in phases (I swear it’s the buzz word for the last year).

Per California’s guidance for the red tier, the parks will be opening at 15 percent capacity, and bad news for those who don’t live in California, only California residents will be allowed to visit for now.

Attendance will be managed through a new theme park reservation system.  All Guests will need to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance. To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date will be required for Guests ages 3 and up.

There is no official word yet on when the parks will re-open to those of us outside California but finally seeing those gates open, even partially, means that good times are on their way back!

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

Disneyland Comfort Shoes

What I’m Wearing: Hush Puppies WREN Loafer| Unique Vintage Dole Whip Tee | Vintage Skirt| Vintage Belt| TOPSHOP Bag| Vintage Denim Jacket| Classic Mouse Ears|

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My Latest Obsession Chukka Boots

Hush Puppies Chukka Boot

There’s a misconception that makes the rounds this time of year, one that says boots are something you should only wear during the colder months. But that’s not true!

Boots are something you can rock year-round, it’s all in how you style them and the type of boot you choose.

You’re probably eager to shed those winter layers right about now to welcome in Spring. But, don’t ditch the idea of boots just yet. Ankle boots are a trusty accessory that will easily transition into spring.

Borrowing from the boys (aka rockin’ menswear) has always been a styling go-to of mine and one of my favorite “borrowing form the boys” finds are Chukka Boots.

Chukka Boots are an ankle-high design leather boot with either suede or smooth leather uppers and a rubber or leather sole. It’s known for its distinct two or three eyelets lace-up design and comfortable fit.

The name Chukka comes from the game of Polo (a chukka is a 7 and a half minute period of play).  Some say it’s because the boots resemble the riding boots worn by Polo Players. Others say it’s because Polo Players preferred to slip them on after a game. They were way more comfortable than their riding boots.  As fans saw the players walking around town wearing these comfortable boots they came to call them Chukka’s.

Chukkas are kind of like the sneakers of the boot world. You can wear them almost anytime, anywhere and they are so dang comfy!

I am OBSESSED with Hush Puppies Bailey Chukka Boot.

This beauty comes in 16 gorgeous shades! From bright and bold to earthy and grounded there is a hue for every look.

Made with WorryFree™ water-resistant materials they stay looking new longer and feet stay dry. Their Bounce™ footbed provides energy rebound with every step and retains its cushioning for all day comfort! Plus they are totally versatile.  Pair them with a sweet cottagecore look for that “strolling through a field” aesthetic or with 90s inspired cuffed jeans and a tee for a laid back cool vibe. The options are really endless!

How are you going to rock your Chukkas this Spring?

Chukka Boots

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

Vintage Dior Bag

Hush Puppies Bailey Boot

Spring Outfit Ideas

Chukka Boot

Hush Puppies Chukka Boot

Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots

What I’m Wearing: Hush Puppies Bailey Chukka Boot | Farm Rio Skirt| Dior Vintage Gaucho Saddlebag | Vintage Belt| Zara Blouse|

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