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The Artistry of La Perla

La Perla Creative Director Quote

Italian luxury lingerie brand La Perla believes “Lingerie is a part of life.”

Founded over six decades ago on the ideals of female empowerment, an obsession for the finest quality and the need for intelligent design La Perla is living proof that a historic brand can adapt, innovate and transform into today’s modern world while still holding true to their roots.

Any women who loves lingerie knows the name La Perla, their pieces are all at once breathtaking, glamorous and seductive but the craftsmanship behind those pieces is unparalleled.

Last week the La Perla Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars invited me to an exclusive look at the Spring Collection and a lesson in the Artistry of La Perla.

The main inspiration of the Collection is the hidden beauty to be found within stones.  The beautiful fluid patterns that are discovered once you cut through a stone.

Showcased in three stunning collections: The Maison Collection, Crystal Forms and Garnet this season is a masters class in fine Italian craftsmanship.

With a heritage of being designed and created in Italy, it is no wonder that La Perla’s lingerie is synonymous with sophisticated artistry and meticulous expertise.

Before I introduce you to the SS Collection it’s important that I share a little about the artistry La Perla uses to create these stunning pieces. These techniques which Italian artisans have used since the 18th and 19th centuries are works of true art.

La Perla is known for three classic Italian techniques in their lingerie pieces: Leavers Lace,  Frastaglio, and Soutage.  These sophisticated techniques are the key to the uniqueness and quality that is La Perla.

La Perla Leavers Lace

Leavers Lace is named after the loom which makes it. Characterized by very elaborate processes to weave the weft and warp, the ability of the leavers loom to work with a very high number of threads means that the lace created stands out thanks to the high definition of the pattern and a particularly fine gauge. It is the most exquisite and precious lace in the world.  There are only 1,200 Leavers looms in the world.

La Perla Frastaglio

Frastaglio is an antique Florentine fretwork technique.  Precious flat stitched embroidery is trimmed on a transparent veil of tulle and then attached onto silk by a meticulous stitching process that done completely by hand.   The embroidery is individually placed on the silk in a way that sits perfectly against the skin.

La Perla Soutage Technique

The Soutache process consists of a loop similar to a ribbon, made of silk or other material, which is meticulously attached by hand onto a fabric base in such a way as to form a design.

These three techniques are used both together and as single components in the Spring/Summer 2018 Collections.

La Perla Maison Collection

La Perla Maison

The Maison Collection is iconic, classic and timeless. It is the core of La Perla and a permanent collection offered year round.  Handcrafted from specialty silk sourced from Como Italy and finished with Frastaglio embroidery this cult collection was created by La Perla founder Ada Masotti over 30 years ago and remains the same today.

La Perla Crystal Forms Collection

La Perla Crystal Forms

The Crystal Forms collection is inspired by waves crashing on the rocks and releasing light effect similar to crystal facets.  The collection utilizes Leavers Lace, metallic threads and silk georgette to create these gorgeous watery patterns.

La Perla SS18

La Perla Garnet Collection

The Garnet Collection utilizes both the Soutache technique and Leavers Lace as well as embroidered tulle, patterned tulle and silk georgette to recreate the movement of stones veins.

I have always admired the quality and beauty of La Perla lingerie but somehow now after learning about the techniques and artistry involved in making them it is so much more to me.  The La Perla Boutique is like an Art Gallery showcasing these timeless techniques.

View the full Collection at the La Perla Boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars.

LA Perla

La Perla Artistry and Techniques