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The Grand Pumpkin

The Grand Pumpkin

If I were a “Spice Girl” my name would be Pumpkin Spice.

That big, round, orange gourd sparks so much joy in my fall-loving heart that even all the magical Harry Potter spells can’t dampen my excitement for the season that is upon us.

All Hail The Grand Pumpkin!

To me pumpkin is anything but basic. Not only is pumpkin THE unofficial symbol of fall it’s also the taste and smell of Fall- PLUS it’s GOURD-geous burnt orange hue is also THE color of fall!

I count down the days until the seasonal products hit the shelves then I grab my favorite sweater (no matter what the temperature is) and head-out to stock up on what the season has to offer. I’ve already crunched through the leaves and did all the footwork for you!

“National Pumpkin Day” is just around the corner (October 26th), so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few of my favorite GRAND PUMPKIN picks from Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort- this one-stop shopping destination will be sure to help you embrace all the “fall feels”.

Now grab your cornucopia and get ready to fill-up on this season’s spicy bounty, who knows you may just Fall in love with everything pumpkin too!

The Grand Pumpkin

INGLOT 02M Breathable Nail Enamel Shade #628

Not only is this THE most perfect pumpkin spice shade for you to deck out your digits with this season, it’s also GOOD for your nails!  Most nail polish formulas create a barrier that seals your nails and doesn’t allow oxygen (which your nails need to be healthy) to pass through. This can cause your nails to be dry, dehydrated, discolored and brittle.  INGLOT’S  revolutionary formula allows water and air to pass through thanks to its special ingredient – a highly advanced polymer. The product helps keep the nails in the best condition while wearing nail enamel. It’s also 4-FREE and Vegan! Grab a few for your ghoulies too.

The Grand Pumpkin

Nectar Bath Treats

Those aren’t cookies- although they look good enough to eat- they’re bath bombs and I just LOVE a good bath bomb. Those sweet smelling bubbling bath treats can turn any frown upside down. NECTAR Bath Treats just released their Halloween collection (handmade right here in Las Vegas) which features a Candy Corn Scented PUMPKIN bath bomb and it’s fruity fusion ghost sidekick.  Both products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and loaded with beneficial ingredients like detoxifying bentonite clay, moisturizing sweet almond oil and soothing Epsom salts. Stock-up grab a bushel full!

Smith & Wollensky Las Vegas

Smith & Wollensky Autumn Breeze Cocktail

This is like Pumpkin Pie, in a cup, with alcohol.  Does it get any better than that?

Crafted with Uncle Nearest Whiskey and Pumpkin Butter this delicious cocktail is the perfect way to give Happy Hour a seasonal flip and the ultimate way to unwind on your shopping trip.

It gives you all those fall snuggly feels and with one of these in your hand you’ll welcome fall with open arms.

Once you’ve had a sip you won’t be able to stop thinking about this delectable cocktail which is why Smith & Wollensky shared the recipe with me so that you can mix them up at home and enjoy them all the way through November! Trust me- this little guy might beat out pumpkin pie as your Thanksgiving dessert. They even included the recipe for homemade Spiced Pumpkin Butter! When you wrap up your shopping, stop in and try it- after that you’ll definitely come back and download this recipe.

Smith & Wollensky Autumn Breeze Cocktail

You can find all of the Grand Pumpkin picks at Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort-

*This post was created in partnership with Grand Canal Shoppes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The Grand Pumpkin


Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Well, we are getting down to it.  Christmas is just a few days away and Hanukkah is about to begin!

By now you are down to the wire on gift gathering and may be out of ideas.  Take a deep breath and start scrolling-  I have some AMAZING gift ideas that you can get right here in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops- no shipping deadline involved!

A little something for everyone on your list from Gifts for Good to Gifts with Whimsy, Gifts with Edge and Gifts that are Chic.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

John Hardy- Gifts for Good

John Hardy is one of the hottest, most talked about fashion jewelry designers today…and not just because he creates beautiful pieces. But also, the background of his company is really one-of-a-kind.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly (they use 100% reclaimed silver) and one of the most heart-felt truly caring companies around John Hardy’s inspiration comes from one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world- Bali. His love of the Balinese people and community has been the basis of the jewelry empire. Not only does the company consistently look to innovate with designs, they are also always thinking of ways to give back to the community. By creating programs like Jobs For Life and “Wear bamboo, plant bamboo,” John Hardy has established itsself as one of the most humanitarian companies around.

They have a totally innovative program called “Jobs For Life”. Through this program, they collaborates with local orphanages to create employment opportunities for children, especially girls. John Hardy pays for students’ school fees from the last two years of high school and provides them with an apprenticeship at the John Hardy Bali compound. They work to develop good health care benefits for employs and allows a rare opportunity for women to work from home. The goal of this program is to support severely disadvantaged Balinese children whose families did not have the means to feed, house or support them through school with the hope that they will truly find a “job for life” at John Hardy.

All that PLUS the jewelry is absolutely exquisite- all hand made in Bali makes John Hardy a gift that is truly from the heart this season.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Altar’d State- Gifts with Whimsy

Altar’d State is brand new to Las Vegas.  Nestled inside one of the most beautiful boutiques I have ever seen, this two story house of wonders hosts everything from apparel to home, baby and pet gifts that are packed full of wit and wonder!  Seriously, I left with two bags of gifts including this oh-so-cute pillow below.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Psycho Bunny- Gifts with Edge

If you are looking for something unique, edgy and full of color look no further than Psycho Bunny. This fun contemporary golf and lifestyle brand offers both mens and boys clothing and accessories.

All clothing is made from pima cotton in Peru with luxury detailing like mother of pearl buttons and embroidered with the Psycho Bunny logo, a maniacal-looking rabbit over skull and bones insignia.  Tongue in cheek details like contrast collars and unexpected patterns make for a gift that is totally unforgettable.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Coach Gifts- that are Chic

OK you all know of my renewed love for Coach, each season it just keeps getting better and better.

For the Holidays Coach has released the Horse and Carriage Collection. Nostalgic and new—the beloved Coach motif just became a pattern… and it’s Ah-mazing.

The signature Horse & Carriage motif was first introduced in the 1950s and the new bags reimagine it in the form of cool, colorful patterns.

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Forum Shops Holiday Gift Ideas

Set the Scene for Thanksgiving with a Thankful Jar

Thankful Jar

I love Thanksgiving because it gives us a chance to reflect on all that we are Thankful for.

In the middle of all the hustle to get dinner on the table, keep up with the ever increasing to-do list (especially during the holiday season) and of course just trying to not loose your sanity it is important to stop and take a moment to reflect on all that we are thankful for and I have a thoughtful and creative way to do just that at your Thanksgiving table with a Thankful Jar.

A Thankful Jar is a pretty simple concept. Before dinner each person writes down what they are thankful or grateful for and then places it in the jar. Once dinner is underway the jar is passed around the table and each person pulls out one slip from the Thankful Jar and reads it out loud.  Then everyone guesses who the slip belongs too.

Not only does it get the dinner conversation started, it makes for a fun and memorable way to share what we grateful for. Writing down what you are thankful for and then hearing it out loud is more powerful than just thinking about it and everyone can take part- even the kids table.

Thankful Jar

What You Will Need:

  • A Jar
  • Shipping tag
  • String
  • Cup of coffee
  • A fine tip marker
  • Slips of paper for guests to write on (I created a free printout to download for you)
  • Scissors
  • Pens/Pencils

Set the Scene:

The number of guests you have will determine how many jars you will need to make- I would estimate 8-10 people per jar.

Select a jar that is ornate, special and matches your table decor.  Mine is pretty rustic/boho so of course I headed to Anthropologie at Fashion Show where I found this gorgeous botanical jar.  It is made of hand blown glass, already contains some festive fall foliage (which helps add to the look) and is topped with a beautiful filigree lid.

Thankful Jar

Once you have your jar you will need to make a label for it.  I used a shipping tag which I aged with coffee, stenciled “Thankful” on and tied to the lid. The string that held the original tag for the jar was perfect for my design so I re-purposed it to hold the new tag but you can use any type of string or yarn you like.

To age your tag simply dip it in coffee.  Completely submerge the tag in the coffee then set it on a paper towel to dry.  Repeat this process 3-4 times until it is aged to your liking. Make sure it is completely dry before you try to write on it.  I would suggest doing this part a few days before the event.

Thankful Jar

Once your jar is completed, you will need slips of paper for your guests to write on. Rather than plain pieces of paper I like to elevate things a bit and give it a stationary like feel with printed slips that say “I am Thankful for…”  It feels more personal and prompts the guest to finish the sentence.

To save you some time I created a FREE downloadable print out for you.


Cut the slips out and place them next to the jar with pencils or pens.

Thankful Jar

Before dinner ask your guests to fill out the slips, fold them and then place them in the jar.

When everyone is done writing down what they are thankful for, take the jar to where you are gathering.

Thankful Jar

Throughout your feast, pass the jar around the table and each person takes a turn reading a Thankful note out loud. Make it a game and try to guess who wrote each one or just sit back and soak in all the good Thankful vibes.

A Thankful Jar is a great conversation starter and perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday. Not to mention, scientific research has found that the practice of focusing on gratitude a few minutes each day tends to positively influence attitudes, increase happiness and joy, reduce stress, foster relationships, encourages compassion, and improves overall well-being including immunity. So being Thankful is actually good for you!

Thankful Jar

Thankful Jar

Don’t forget dessert! Did you know that California Pizza Kitchen at Fashion Show sells WHOLE Pumpkin Cheesecakes?!?  They are the perfect way to finish your feast- try serving them on these stunning chic canape plates from Anthropologie.

Botanical Jar, Canape Plate and Gold Flatware Available at Anthropologie Fashion Show | Order your Pumpkin Cheesecake at California Pizza Kitchen Fashion Show |

This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanksgiving Thankful Jar DIY

Halloween Cocktails: Ponche de las Brujas

October, it’s such a magical time of year. Pumpkins are out, horror movies are on.. it’s totally bewitching!

Two of my favorite holidays happen during this most wonderfully creepy season: Halloween on October 31st and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)– it’s like Halloween, but more prettier (lol) on November 2nd.

Some of you will be hosting parties for your ghastly ghouls and frightening fiends or maybe you just feel like having a hauntingly good cocktail and some creepy crawly treats while bingeing scary flicks, either way I have the perfect combination that will totally put a spell on you!

When the days grow shorter, the nights longer, and the air begins to cool I start to think of two things- candy (because who doesn’t?) and cocktails so I collaborated with Lindsay Lazar mix-master at Neiman Marcus Cafe in Fashion Show to create the perfect cocktail recipe to take you all the way through this creepiest of seasons: Ponche de las Brujas aka Witches Brew.

For me it’s really just one long perfectly spooky costume packed holiday-  Hallo-los-Muertos- so when we started to discuss what spirit we would use there was only one real, logical choice: tequila. In this case, a clear, clean, slightly sweet, blanco tequila like Casamigos works perfectly.

To create the ultimate witches brew Lindsay added an easy-to-make homemade Blackberry Simple Syrup, “I like using Blackberries for the syrup because they give the cocktail a great mysterious hue which helps to keep things spooky plus it tastes AMAZING!”

The recipe is a one to one sugar and water combination which you bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and add in blackberries.  Let the blackberries steep for about five minutes then muddle them, strain and pour into a jar to cool.  (You can make the Simple Syrup up to 2 weeks before your event as long as you keep it in a jar and refrigerate it.)

Put a spell on them….when entertaining the glass you serve the drink in plays a huge role, just like with anything else it’s all about the presentation.  This stunning Gothic style vintage inspired smoked glass goblet from Anthropologie creates the perfect “mood” for the drink.

Dust the rim with candied “fairy dust” from Lolli & Pops and then serve with vintage inspired Halloween Cocktail Napkins and Halloween Broomstick Picks from Sur la Table– so cute right!

To dust the rim:

 Sprinkle a tablespoon or two of the sugared fairy dust onto a small serving plate.

Cut a lime into quarters.

Then cut a notch or 1/2 slice into one of the quarters

Set the notch on the rim of the glass and slide it until it has wet the rim the way around.  By using the notch method you get a little further down the glass then just swiping a lime along the rim.  This allows for the sugar to go a bit further down the glass and really make a statement.

Turn the glass upside down and set it onto the plate of sugared fairy dust.  Swirl it around like you would a cookie cutter then turn your glass upright and you are ready to pour your drink!

Finally to make it extra creepy garnish with a giant gummy snake!  Wrap the snake up the stem of the glass and then perch it’s head on the rim.

What is a Halloween party without some treats?  End the night with a sweet touch by giving out adorable, themed goodie bags. These scary/cute sacks from Sur la Table are the perfect size to hold creepy crawly gummy worms, gummy frogs and gummy brains. Wrap them in a piece of parchment paper and then drop them inside. Send your guests home with one, pass them out to trick-r-treaters or bring them along for a ghouls night out!

Did I mention that everything you need to garnish this Spectral Spirit is Available at Fashion Show?

Goblet- Anthropologie

Fairy Dust for Rim- Lolli & Pops

Gummy Snake for Garnish and Gummy Frogs, Brains and Worms for Treat Bags- Lolli & Pops

Cocktail Napkins, Treat Sacks and Witches Broom Picks- Sur la Table

While you are there gathering the ingredients to spell your guests, stop in to Neiman Marcus Cafe to enjoy a custom blended cocktail from Lindsay!

This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Halloween Margarita

Macy’s Backstage: A Store Within a Store

Everyone knows the name Macy’s, the retail giant has been synonymous with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and shopping for more than a hundred and fifty years but have you heard of Macy’s Backstage?

No, I’m not talking about backstage at a Macy’s fashion show- I’m talking about their new discount store-within-a-store concept!

The store functions much like a TJ Maxx or Homegoods,  offering deal-oriented customers another way to shop at Macy’s by providing an exciting store-within-a-store shopping experience. Yes you read that correctly, Macy’s Backstage is located INSIDE Macy’s (specifically here in Las Vegas inside the Macy’s Home Store).

Not to be confused with Last Act (Macy’s clearance section) Macy’s Backstage is operated by its own specific buying team who scour the world to find the best products at the best prices. So in addition to Macy’s brands, there are apparel and accessory brands that are not currently carried at the full-line department store.

This structure allows Backstage to deliver a constantly changing assortment of on-trend merchandise at 20 to 80 percent off traditional department store prices with new deliveries daily!

With shoes and handbags being their biggest sellers Backstage stores carry everything from men’s and women’s apparel to cosmetics, gifts, home goods, bedding, active wear and jewelry, plus children’s apparel, shoes and toys..

..and even more great news!  You can use your Macy’s Credit Card to make purchases at Backstage locations, and Macy’s gift cards are also accepted and available for purchase at Macy’s Backstage locations!

My shopping bestie Tiffany (@Consciouslychicstyle) and I stopped into the Macy’s Backstage inside the Home Store here in Las Vegas to give you a sneak peek at some of the crazy good deals we spotted.

These deals were so good Tiffany and I shopped our hearts out.

The shoe selection is incredible! Everything you need for the season at a crazy good price.

This chic Friendsgiving book contains cocktail, food and appetizer recipes with gorgeous photos.  At only $4 it’s a great gift for your pals this season- would be really cute on place settings at a Friendsgiving table.

Everything you need to set the perfect Fall scene. Slay that Flatlay.

I bought this for my mom!  So cute and only $14.99

Animal prints and fall hues giving me life!

Yes to these fun booties!

..because it’s sweater season and this cute one is only $14.

..and Tiffany scored this fun little vest for $4!!!!!

Stop in and check out the deals for yourself at Macy’s Backstage located inside Macy’s Home Store at 4450 Spring Mountain Road. 

This post was created in partnership with Macy’s.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.