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Ben Sherman, it's Madness + Holiday Hustle


First check out the latest from one of my favorite labels..Ben Sherman then learn how to do the Holiday Shopping Hustle in Style with tips from moi!

The British Royal Air Force Roundel (Mod Target) brings to mind 2 things; The Mod subculture of the 1960s-1970s and Ben Sherman.

Arthur Bernard Sugarman aka Ben Sherman created a his legendary clothing brand in 1963 to bring American style button down Oxford shirts to London-based Jazz fans. Ben Sherman clothing soon became popular among the Mod and Ska subcultures and today has been adopted by men around the world who love the “effortless cool” look of Ben Sherman designs.

Since the 1960s the Ben Sherman brand has walked hand in hand with music, bringing together music and style.  Now this iconic brand is collaborating with one of my favorite iconic bands.

For Fall/Winter 2010 Ben Sherman launched the Madness Collection……..featuring t-shirts with album covers and  literary graphics from one of the most prominent POP/SKA  bands of the late 1970s…. Madness!

Here is a look inside “their house”:

The Madness Collection is Limited Edition and is going fast!  So put on your Porkpie hat, hop on your Vespa and get to a Ben Sherman store now!  Or check them out on the web at:

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This week Ben Sherman is giving 1 lucky reader a Stylish duffle bag and a pair of cufflinks!(see photos below)


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Last weeks lucky winner is Krystle R.

Holiday Hustle

 Its Black Friday week which means the holidays are rapidly approaching and gift giving anxieties are kicking in!  Don’t despair I have some quick tips to help you navigate your holiday shopping in style!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, malls packed with cranky shoppers and budget conscious frenzied gift givers trying to find the perfect gift, then finally in an act of desperation grabbing the closest cheapest thing!

 Holidays can be a frustrating and stressful time……. but they don’t have to be!

 Every year my clients, friends and family ask “How do you do it? You always give the perfect gift!” 

 Giving the perfect gift isn’t really that difficult.  You just need to calm down, take a breath and think about the person you are giving the gift to.

A HUGE mistake many frantic/frustrated gift givers make is buying something that they personally want or like as a gift for someone else.  Just because you have a love for David Hasselhoff music doesn’t mean you should give your entire HOLIDAY list his CD, keep that to yourself!

You have to think “What would the person I am giving this gift to like?”  “What are their interests?” 

 Gift giving is defiantly an art, but it can be learned!

Lets  practice.

Here are four sample “personalities” that can be difficult to select gifts for.

  • The Health Nut/Eco Friendly Shopper.  This person goes to yoga religiously, eats healthy, and has a passion for the environment. Gift ideas: A tea set and tea from Teavana (choose a sustainable tea that “gives back”).  Yoga gear at Lululemon (an amazing Yoga friendly store with clothing, yoga mats, and earth friendly accessories). 


  •  The Technology Junkie.  This person has to have the latest in new technology.  Often difficult to shop for because they buy everything as is comes out, leaving little to no room for their prospective gift givers to navigate!  This guy drives a gift giver crazy! Gift ideas:  inquire at the MAC store about new items that will be out soon.  You can pre-purchase an item BEFORE it’s out or get them on a list and give a print out of their “coming soon” gift!  Give some headphones with personality.  Fashion-up your techie with Skull Candy headphones, unique funky earphones that look super cool. . 


  • The Nerd.  Has a love for comics, Sci-fi, Doctor Who and Star Wars. Biggest mistake most gift givers make when buying for him is trying to change him by buying some chic piece of clothing he’ll never wear!  Embrace the geek! There is one amazing website that covers it all for this guy! Star Trek pizza cutter? Magic wand TV remote? Tauntaun sleeping bag?  You find them all here


  • The Foodie.  This person has a love for fine foods, wines and cooking.  Gift Ideas:   Most celebrity chefs have great cookbooks for sale, and many restaurants have “cooking nights” that you can purchase a class for your gift!  For the very adventurous gift giver try giving a wine making class at Grape Expectations your foodie will LOVE it!

Once you start really thinking like a true gift giver it’s not that hard!  Ideas just start flowing! 


  • Don’t pile on all the pressure and stress by trying to do your holiday shopping in one day. 
  • Dress Comfortable.  Don’t wear heels when you plan on pounding the pavement!  Comfy chic is the way to go for marathon shopping!
  • Shop with a friend.  Share the experience, so much more fun!
  • Take your time!  Grab lunch, have a cocktail, enjoy the season!
  • Fuel up!  Caffinate!  My fav is a pumpkin latte!
  • Track it! Keep a list of who you need gifts for, the amount you want to spend, and any ideas you might have for the gift. 

Follow my shopping tips and you’ll be a professional gift giver in no time!

Keep up with the best Black Friday sales at :