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Morgan Miller: The Queen of Sole

Walking through the  Forum Shops in Las Vegas I stumbled upon something magical happening in a store window. 

Time seemed to stop as I stood mesmerized by what I saw.  Two cobblers expertly crafting beautiful shoes with grace and ease.  What was this wonderful emporium?  I had to go inside! 

I grabbed the first person I saw and screamed “What is this place?”  She told me it was Morgan Miller, where you could design YOUR OWN SHOES and the cobblers would make them for you while you wait.

Whaaaaat?  How did I not know about this place!  It was a fashionista’s Disneyland!

After my in store shoe-phoria I had to know more so I went straight to the source; Miami-based designer Morgan Miller- The Queen of Sole to get the skinny on my Shoe-tacular discovery!

Q: What inspired you to invent this brilliant concept?

MM: Growing up in the fashion business, I was always very exposed to the on-goings in the fashion world through my father. While traveling to Italy with him when I was six,  I had a pair of Capri-style sandals crafted on my feet. That experience inspired  and motivated me and when I graduated college I started to develop my concept where we offer instant customization and design for all different types of shoes. We opened our first store in 06 in South Beach.  (Millers father manufactured for such luxury brands as Gucci, Canali and Zilli.  As a child she often accompanied him to fashion weeks and trade shows around the world.)

Q: Walk me through the process.  What happens when you step into a Morgan Miller store?

MM: You choose your soles, straps and accessories and our couture cobblers craft them to your feet while you wait. Soles span from flats to wedges to kitten heels and even stilettos.
Straps can be anything from denim to leather of all treatments_ perforated, metallic, paralyzed, stamped and embossed. And we specialize in exotics- anything from lizard, python, ostrich to American alligator.
Buckles and accessories are anything from a simple bamboo ring to as bling as a Swarovski buckle.

Q:  I styled a fashion layout recently and we had Morgan Miller cobblers create some shoes for our shoot.  The model told me they were the most comfortable shoes she had EVER worn.  She couldn’t wait to get the other shoes from the shoot off and get back into the Morgan Miller’s.  Why are they so comfortable?

MM: They are fit specially to your feet, no one else’s and  we have a padding option that creates a very comfortable feeling as well.

Q: What is the average price of a pair of Morgan Miller shoes?

MM: From $150 to over $1000 depending on how you embellish and how creative you get!

Q: What are the benefits to designing your own shoe?

MM: You will have bragging rights to your own pair of shoes that no one else has.

Q: What is your advice to women when they come in to create a shoes for themselves?

MM: To get creative bring in your outfit that you need to create shoes for… Be yourself and design something that you can’t find in conventional shoe stores!

With locations in South Beach and Las Vegas you can visit  stores on both coasts!

TIP: A gift card from Morgan Miller is THE perfect present for the finicky fashionista!  She will ooh and awe at what a discovery you have made!

Morgan Miller gives every Fashion Dreamer the opportunity to be their own “Christian Louboutin”.  With MM your shoes will never be too tight, too small or the same as anyone else’s ever again!  They will be as unique as YOU!

(above: the amazing shoes Morgan Miller Cobblers created for Holiday Fashion Layout in Vegas Player Magazine  see them in the November issue)

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Morgan Miller has a special treat for my readers!  Click on the image below, print it and bring it into a Morgan Miller location to receive $25 off a pair of shoes!  Have fun designing!

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