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Butter Me Up: butter LONDON nail lacquer

I have never really been a “nail girl” until last year when I was introduced to a polish that I simply can’t do without ever again!  I am crazy for butter LONDON nail lacquer.

Every time-and I mean EVERYTIME- I wear a butter LONDON color someone stops me and asks what shade and brand it is.  Recently, on a photo-shoot, a celebrity was WOWed by the color on my nails and asked if I had it with me!  I pulled out my butter LONDON  “All Hail McQueen” and she quickly snatched it and began to paint her nails- then she coaxed me into giving it to her because she just couldn’t live without it!

(above: butter LONDON Dosh, Teddy Girl and Blagger)

butter LONDON was founded by She-Brit Sasha Muir.  On moving to the US she was shocked at the number of toxic ingredients in cosmetic products.  She saw the need for a new brand of  hand and nail-care products that combined high fashion and health, and set about building what is today, a premier British fashion brand.”

“London’s leading manicurist & nail trend spotter, Nonie Creme, joined butter LONDON and Sasha to help complete a complete range of hand and nail-care products without chemical nasties.”  All butter LONDON nail lacquers are 3 Free.

Each season butter LONDON is backstage at Fashion Week collaborating with top designers and developing custom nail lacquer on the spot!

I sat down with Nonie Creme to “file” out a bit about butter LONDON and the top nail tips and trends for Spring/Summer 2011.

Q: What is 3 Free and why is it important?

NC: 3 Free means that we have removed all the chemicals commonly used in nail lacquer that are toxic/carcinogenic- formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  butter LONDON lacquers are also Vegan and cruelty free.  It is simply unethical to knowingly use toxins in your products!  3 free formulations have come a long way in the past few years.  Our formulation is extremely high quality, and has more colour pigment, better wear, and less odor than other brands.

Q: What is the “IT” color for nails this Spring/Summer?

NC: The butter LONDON S/S 2011 palette was inspired by the many loose, “impressionist’ style prints that I saw on the catwalks from NYC to Paris.  New Lacquer shades include: Teddy Girl- a retro bubblegum pink, Dosh- metallic apple green, Lady Muck- soft powdery periwinkle blue, Blagger- cobalt blue, and Hen party-an opalescent overcoat.

Q: What are the hot style trends for nails this season?

NC: The half moon manicure that I created for Beauty.comat Vena Cava was a huge hit, and sparked a million imitators throughout the season.  Try it with a highly contrasting color for a a modern take.

(above: Nonie Creme’sVena Cava half moon manicure for

Q: How should women determine the best length and shape for their nails?

NC: There is a formula that works pretty much on everyone: nails should be NO longer than 2mm past the tip of one’s finger, and ROUND in shape.  Square nails are simply not in fashion folks, sorry!

Q: How do you come up with so many amazing Fashion forward colors each season?

NC: Thank you!  I work directly with many fashion designers to crate custom nail colour for their shows at Fashion Week. I use what I learn there to stay ahead of the curve with fashion and colour trend, and it’s my mission to bring truly high fashion nail colours to the marketplace.

Q: Any insider tips for DIY lacquer lovers (those that can’t make it to a salon every week) on giving themselves a great manicure?

NC: Top tip for painting- using your thumb, gently pull the skin away from each fingertip when painting, and apply a little lacquer to the end of every fingernail, wrapping the colour all the way around the underneath of the nail.  Then apply the rest of your shade as normal.  Let nails dry before applying a topcoat (ALWAYS use a top coat).  Your nails should last 1-3 days longer than normal!

 Visit the butter LONDON website to see the entire Spring/Summer collection and to find retail locations in your state

butter LONDON wants you to have nails people talk about!  1 Lucky winner will receive a bottle of Dosh- Spring’s new “it” apple green color!



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