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Smak Parlour Two Best Babes Designing Awesome Clothing

Smak Parlour Collection

That perfect fit.  That perfect dress.

It’s the unicorn we all chase.  Buying something straight off the rack and having it fit like a dream.  Well, today I met (or should I say wore) a unicorn and it was created by Smak Parlour.

You may not know the name but you have definitely seen their designs. Available at shops such as MODCLOTH, Unique Vintage and on thier own website,  Smak Parlour has been rapidly gaining a savvy fashion following.

It all began when two fashion-loving gals met, became BFF’s and decided the world was better when they liked their outfits.

Abby and Katie were uninspired by the mall selection, so they began hunting through thrift shops to find fabrics and details they liked then cut up and reassemble their thrift shop finds to create their own looks, and an extensive joint clothing collection.  After fashion school, many jobs in retail and a time in NYC’s garment district, they made the decision not to wait for opportunity, but to create it.  The duo designed a line of deconstructed and embellished tees that they sold to boutiques across the country out of the trunk of their car.


Orders were fulfilled via all-nighters with the help of Katie’s mom and the use of her basement.  What followed was a loyal fan base and the confidence to open their own shop featuring their designs.

With sewing machines, tailors and bolts of fabric on site, 2005 saw the launch of their pink brick and mortar Smak Parlour, in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood.  They put all start-up costs on credit cards, and had them paid off within four years.  The boutique achieved critical acclaim in news outlets such as BBC, the New York Times, Glamour and Vogue.  From its beginnings as their in-house label, Smak Parlour has grown into an international wholesale brand that is American made in downtown LA.

Abby & Katie design what they love, it’s as simple as that.  Their fits have been perfected through more than a decade of first-hand experience from their own shop utilizing women of diverse sizing as fit models and the proof it in the dress.  A perfect fit every-time.

Smak Parlour aims to satisfy the need for stand-out yet wearable women’s designs that compliment vintage and cross over to contemporary. The Smak Parlour Cut & Sew Collection boasts one-of-a-kind fabrics created from original artwork popping with plenty of print play…life is too short to wear boring clothes! Everything is domestically produced in the USA and directly supports small businesses and independent artists.

What I Love about this Dress: Ummmm of course the fit!  One of my favorite things to do is layer dresses with shirts and this dress has that look built right in PLUS it has pockets,  a bow and its totally twirlable!   

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection

Smak Parlour Collection Dress

Smak Parlour Dress

What I’m Wearing: Smak Parlour Collection Navy Dress with Navy and White Striped Sleeves and Bow | Vintage Gucci GG Web Tote | Ted Baker Heels |

Click to SHOP Some of my Favorite pieces from SMAK Parlour below or visit their site at

How to get the perfect fitting dress every time.