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My Red Carpet Date: Tweezerman

Award show season is in full swing.  Over the next couple months we all will be anxiously sitting behind our TV’s to get a glimpse of  what’s hot and what’s not on the Red Carpet.

Of course we all know that the celebrities don’t obtain these picture perfect looks on their own, they have a team of stylists, manicurists, hair and makeup artists- not to mention dietitians and personal trainers- that mold and shape them into perfection.

Even more than fashion week, the red carpets of award season set the beauty trends.

Although the trends may sway and change one thing remains constant, the basic tools that makeup artists use to achieve these looks.

There one tool that I have seen in every single makeup artist I have ever worked with’s kit: Tweezerman Tweezers.

Tweezerman slant tweezers have been my go-to beauty tool for as long as I can remember.  They are perfectly balanced, precise, grip even the tiniest hairs, are easy to use and will last you a lifetime!  Tweezerman takes so much pride in their products that they will sharpen Tweezerman Tweezers, Nippers and Scissors which have become dull through normal use FREE!!

In honor of Award Season I wanted to introduce you to two products from Tweezerman’s Studio Collection that I couldn’t live without!

The Ultra Precision Series Slant Tweezer and the LED 15x Lighted Mirror.


The Ultra Precision Series Slant Tweezer.  Grab every hair, every time with this stunning gold tweezer coated in titanium nitrate for increased corrosion resistance, precision, and long-lasting sharp tips. This ultra thin and finely filed tool is perfectly aligned for smooth pulling and the 25-degree slant is the ideal angle for working against the browbone. Flip this tool over and use the pointed end to tackle stubble and fine hairs.

Light, easy to use and ridiculously precise.  The perfect tweezer.



LED 15x Lighted Mirror.  This innovative, lighted magnifying mirror from Tweezerman is optically correct and clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion—and lighted around the entire perimeter for total, crystal clarity. Ideal for tweezing, makeup application, or contact lens insertion. Suction cups attach to any smooth, clean surface. Perfect for home or travel.

Warning: the first time you look into this power-packed little mirror you may not like what you see…it shows EVERYTHING!  I honestly made a gasp out loud when I saw all the tiny hairs I had been missing without it!  Shocking- you will never want to tweeze without this again!

Both the Ultra Precision Series Slant Tweezer and the LED 15x Lighted Mirror along with tons of other Tweezerman products are available at Neiman Marcus and