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DIY Hand Mask to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During “Rona” Season

Washing your hands shouldn’t be a trend. But here we are, friends.

My hands have been so DRY, with all this constant hand washing and applying sanitizer they look like an SFX aging makeup experiment.  Lotion helps but it’s not always easy to apply lotion after every washing because 5 minutes later you will be washing again!  My hands need something EXTRA.

If your hands are dry and cracking (like mine) I have some DIY relief for those Crypt Keeper paws and everything you need can be found right there in your kitchen- carrots oil and honey. A DIY Hand Mask to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During “Rona” Season.

Carrots are rich in antioxidants which increase cell turnover, brighten skin and reduce inflammation; when you include them in a homemade mask, they help to tone and rejuvenate.

The honey will moisturize your skin and the oil helps all the ingredients blend together smoothly.  This can be fun for the whole family to do during a streaming marathon.

Let’s get started.

What You Need: (This is for 1 mask)

2-3 Large Carrots

1 TSP. Almond Oil or Olive Oil

2 TSP. Honey

Rubber Cleaning Gloves

*(If you don’t have rubber gloves you could use large plastic baggies. Note- this won’t work with tight latex gloves the mask will go everywhere- you need the space that rubber cleaning gloves or a baggie allows.)

What to Do: 

STEP ONE:  Peel the carrots and slice them into small rounds. Boil the carrots in a small pot until they’re easily pierced with a fork. Drain the water away and pour the cooked carrot slices into a small bowl.

STEP TWO: Mash the carrots thoroughly with a fork or in a food processor.

STEP THREE: Add the honey and olive oil to the mashed carrots a little bit at a time and mix thoroughly until the mask is the consistency you like.  It should be moist but not runny, kind of like the texture of baby food.

STEP FOUR: Fill the rubber gloves with the mask- make sure to push it down into the fingers of the gloves.

STEP FIVE: Place your hands in the gloves for 15-20 minutes.  Sit back and relax.

STEP SIX: After 15-20 minutes remove hands from gloves, rinse and pat dry.  They will be soft, smooth and oh so hydrated!

DIY Carrot Hand Mask