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Retail Therapy Boost Your Serotonin Levels with New Shoes

New Shoes make me happy

Once you see a phrase emblazoned across a t-shirt you can be pretty sure it has become a modern cliche and no phrase has been  emblazoned more than the phrase “retail therapy”.

The funny thing is that “Retail Therapy” is actually a-thing! Did you know that our brains give us a big ole dose of happy when we shop!

“You don’t even have to be diagnosed as a shopoholic to experience a rush while shopping. Researchers at Stanford found that when you see pictures of items you’d like to buy, two a region of your brain with serotonin receptors is activated.

In general, the receptors are activated when you experience something new, exciting or challenging. This could range from eating something tasty to winning a competitive game. 

As usual, the brain chemical to credit or blame for our pleasure—in this case, the pleasure of shopping—is dopamine. The neurotransmitter surges when you’re considering buying something new—anticipating a reward, in other words. Sales, by the way, give us an even harder kick.”

 Serotonin ships messages — feel-good, stabilizing ones — between nerve cells. That’s why it’s been dubbed the “happy hormone” or “happy chemical.”

Since we have been in lock down I have to admit my shopping serotonin has been at critically low levels.  I have tried to satiate my craving with Amazon but it just isn’t doing it for me.

I really needed a pick-me-up so it was time for an uber retail therapy boost.  New shoes!  (Look at these gorgeous work-of-art babies from Donald Pliner!)

New shoes ALWAYS make me happy.  First of all, whether you have gained that quarantine 15 or not they always fit! They also make you FEEL! Some shoes make you feel pretty. Some make you feel powerful and some shoes make you feel athletic and strong (even if you don’t go to the gym).

Great shoes can take you great places.

If you are feeling a wee bit down this week treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.  I promise it will give your neuro-receptors a much needed jolt.

New shoes because… science.

Retail Therapy

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Retail Therapy is actually a thing!

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Retail Therapy

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