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Down to Earth with Nuno

Nuno Robe

Getting back to nature with mini mountain escapes are helping me clear my head from the craziness of the last few months, reduce stress and get grounded.

It’s called Ecotherapy and it’s the most cost effective therapy around- it’s free, lol.

Studies have shown that calming nature sounds and even outdoor silence can lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which calms the body’s fight-or-flight response. Ecotherapy also shows that having something pleasant to focus on like trees and greenery helps distract your mind from negative thinking, so your thoughts become less filled with worry.

Nature is totally good for you but are you good to nature?

These mountain moments have been paired with some ah-ha time on a picnic blanket binging Netflix’s “Down to Earth”.

In the new Netflix docuseries, Zac Efron and wellness guru Darin Olien explore different parts of the world in search of sustainable, eco-friendly ways to live. It’s entertaining, eye opening and a great reminder for those of us that have let our mission for sustainability slip a little bit during the pandemic.

We need to do better and that starts with knowing how the products we purchase are made, what they are made of and how they affect our planet.

An incredible company that is doing their part to create gorgeous sustainable, feel-good, fashion forward products is Nuno.

Nuno designs luxe robes, scarves and sleep masks which are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  That’s right PLASTIC bottles!

Did you know that humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute and only a tiny percentage (9%) is actually recycled?

All of Nuno’s products are made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer PET which are spun into fine polyester fibres.

The process is pretty fascinating.  Plastic bottles are collected and stripped of caps and labels. Then washed and transformed into pellets. Next, the pellets are crushed, melted and turned into threads! These treads are woven into fabric. The result is a light, soft fabric that feels akin to silk. Nuno calls it Neosilk.

NeoSilk™ is recycled polyester (rPET) and will contain the same general makeup as most new/virgin polyester fabrics. It’s machine washable, super durable and in the end it’s also recyclable!

The products come in reusable, recyclable and recycled packaging and has a little tag that tells you how many water bottles were saved from landfills to make it.

Robe= 8 water bottles

Scarf= 2 water bottles

Soft, so luxe and totally sustainable!

Visit to SHOP and learn more.

Nuno Robe

Nuno Robe

Nuno Robe and Scarf

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