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Dior Beauty Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Collection

This seasonal shift has left my skin looking anything but fresh.

I needed a little skin pick-me-up so I headed to the Dior Beauty Boutique at the Forum Shops at Caesars to check out their newly revamped Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Collection.

I had heard amazing things about this line through my beauty influencer circles and in magazines but no amount of research could prepare me for how fantastic these products made my skin feel and look!

Dior has completely reinvented their iconic DreamSkin products.

The new boosted formula, DreamSkin Advanced, instantly infuses the skin with greater perfection, correction and comfort. Firmer, smoother and longer lasting, the skin is enhanced and illuminated by the age-defying and skin-perfecting action of stem cells.

Seriously these products act like the most magical Instagram filters but in real life.

About the Science: Drawing on fifteen years of pioneering expertise in stem cells, Dior Science turned its attention to a rare reservoir – Skin-Derived Precursors – to restructure the skin’s framework and deliver visible and lasting youthful perfection. These dermal cells are fundamental to jumpstart the skin’s mechanical properties of elasticity and tone. The skin’s texture is refined, and the complexion’s radiance and evenness appear enhanced. 

Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Perfect Skin Creator is an INSTANT skin PERFECTOR that acts as a skin booster serum and also a makeup primer.

The formula is packed full of ingredients that help the skin’s texture, complexion, luminosity, imperfections and wrinkles.

One of the main magical plants in the formula is a Madagascar flower called LONGOZA. This flower is exclusive to Dior skincare and has multiple natural self-regenerating powers. Another powerful ingredient is the Ophilia flower.  This delicate white flower  helps regulates the inflammatory messengers that cause redness, limits the activity of the enzyme responsible for melanin disorders and encourages cell renewal. Dior Science has shown that Opilia acts on specific targets, such as dark spots and pores, and has the power to promote the penetration of other ingredients for a booster, in-depth action!

It leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and smooth which creates the perfect base layer for makeup application or a no makeup look.

Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion SPF 50

This product has been giving my skin LIFE in the afternoon.

Perfection, anytime, anywhere it’s a hybrid of skincare and makeup that visibly improves pores, reduces redness and eliminates shine leaving skin looking flawless. It boasts the same skincare ingredients as in the serum, so it works as both skincare and makeup. It nourishes, protects and enhances your skin continuously throughout the day.

Apply with the included puff anytime. The texture is ultra fine, and it melds into the skin as soon as you stamp the sponge. For the application, there is no sweeping and blending required, and it leaves no traces of makeup. The formula is so hydrating that it almost feels like I am spraying a hydrating mist, and it instantly makes my complexion appear more plump and dewy!  Hello real life perfecting filter!

Because I was hydration loading on this trip I also picked up the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. This sheer balm enhancers your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting your lips. It creates the slightest rosy tint and is the most hydrated lip product EVER! Wear it alone, on top of or underneath lipstick.

DISCOVER these skin miracle products for yourself at the Dior Beauty Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars. 

Erdem for NARS Strange Flowers Collection


For those of you that are frequent readers you know I am a HUGE Brit Fashion Fan and my most favorite of all British designers is Erdem!

Which is why I was so excited when word hit the streets that Erdem Moralioglu was partnering for his first EVER makeup collaboration with my favorite beautifying brand NARS!

“Modern, unexpected shades and petal-soft textures meet the British visionary’s signature floral aesthetic, creating an exclusive, custom-designed collection that flourishes with feverish femininity. Lips feel the rush. Cheeks get flushed. Eyes mesmerize. When fashion goes full bloom, expect the unexpected.”

The Erdem for Nars Strange Flowers 13 piece limited edition capsule collection which launched last week includes six lipsticks, two eye-shadow palettes, a highlighter stick, two blushes, and the brand’s first powder lip palette and blotting papers.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, the colors are the perfect amount of rich moody vibrancy paired with wonderful sultry sheers it truly is everything I LOVE about ERDEM embodied in a beauty collection.

The whole collection is hauntingly romantic but the real hero piece for me is the Lip Powder Poison Rose Palette. Lip Powder? YES!

Erdem knew from day one that he wanted a lip powder to feature in the collection: “I love the effect of stamped-on, really matte red lips. They remind me of my mother who would always wear a red lip as a sign she was ready to go out and face the world.”

The wonderful thing about these lip powders is that they can be incorporated with ANY of the lip colors in the collection (or with a favorite you might already have at home).  If you follow my Social Channels you know that last week I hosted and exclusive launch of the Collection at the NARS Boutique here in Las Vegas for Influncers where we learned up close and personal HOW to use this magical Lip Palette.

How to Apply Erdem Poison Rose Lip Powder:

  •  I always suggest using a liner first to create defined lips.
  • Then prime the lips with the Lip Priming Balm (the only creamy blend in the palette OR use any of the lipsticks) to create a base and an even canvas.
  • Select your favorite color from the palette and apply with the lip brush to get a matte finish.
  • (Optional) To create an ombre look apply a lighter shade or dab Zira (the shimmering rose gold shade) toward the center of lips.

The powders will create a perfect matte finish that is uber chic, long wearing and transfer resistant!

To check out the Limited Edition Collection out for yourself visit the NARS Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars.




Erdem for Nars

Erdem for Nars

Not in Las Vegas?  Click Below to SHOP the Collection:

How to Apply erdem for Nars Poison Rose Lip Powder

Spring Shoe Trends with Donald Pliner

Spring 2018 Shoe Trends

Spring is in the air- or at least in the shoes even if it’s still cold as heck outside!

Last week I hosted a Spring Shoe-tacular event at Donald Pliner in the Forum Shops at Caesars where we listened to some cool tunes from DJ Miss Joy, sipped on delish margaritas from Mesa Grill, got glammed up by NARS and of course had a first hand look at the Donald Pliner Spring 2018 Collection.

Spring 2018 Shoe Trends

The Spring 2018 Donald Pliner Collection was inspired by the desert town of Marfa, Texas known for its modern art installments, art galleries, desert landscape and starry nights (if you’ve never been to Marfa it’s truly a must-see).

The collection plays with the juxtaposition of nature and stark modernity. Wood combines with lucite, whimsy with minimalist design.  It’s a study of contrasts through elements which draw on Marfa’s vibrant modern art scene as well as it’s barren desert landscape.

Spring 2018 Shoe Trends

The combination of raw materials, reflective surfaces and artisenal touches evoke the spirit of Marfa in this fantastic Spring Collection.

At the event I invited guests to “spot the trend” and create an Instagram story of their favorite examples of the three hottest Spring 2018 shoe trends, Lavender, Baja and Glitter & Glitz.

Spring 2018 Shoe Trends


Lavender is THE color for Spring 2018.  You will spot in everything from ready to wear to handbags and of course shoes!  It pairs perfectly with denim and a red lip. This shade will be stealing the number one color spot from millennial pink this season.

Spring Shoe Trends

Spring Shoe Trends


Slides are hot again this season and so is anything with an easy vacay style silhouette.  Think summer days in Baja California, ankle wraps, colorful accents, raffia, tropical prints and an easy silhouette.

Spring Shoe Trends


If it’s got glitter, a lucite heel or it’s made of crystal clear plastic then you are stepping in the right direction this season.

You can SHOP the complete collection at Donald Pliner at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace or if your not in Vegas at

Spring 2018's Hottest Shoe Trends

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

Last week I hosted an amazing event at the NARS Boutique at the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace.

Myself and some of Las Vegas’ biggest influencers viewed the AMAZING Limited Edition Man Ray Collection (which I shared with you the second it launched click here to read) and we learned some pro make-up tips from NARS senior artist Julia Sohn.  Julia was trained by Francois Nars himself and is a repeat backstage at Fashion Week each season.

I wanted to share some of these hot holiday beauty tips from NARS that will really make your makeup pop this season.

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

FOUNDATION. Most people apply too much and are just wasting product.  Julia says to start with a small amount and apply it with your fingers starting at your nose in a pat then sweep motion, taking the sweep across the face in short strokes blending all the way to hairline.  I tried this technique today and my whole face was covered perfectly with foundation using only a fraction of what I normally use.

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

LIPS.  You all know I am a die hard red lippie gal.  The drawback to a strong red lip is that it bleeds.  It seems like no matter what you do it bleeds.  Julia has a solution.  Apply NARS Instant Line and Pore Perfector around the outside of the lip-line. It contains line and pore-filling microspheres which instantly smooth the skin’s surface while hyaluronic acid spheres gently plump to fill in lines and wrinkles.  Basically you are using it to fill the places that the lip color would bleed.  It leaves the area soft smooth and pucker-tastic.  (Yep I bought 2 of this baby right away.)

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

EYES.  Julia has a great trick for getting your eyes to really pop.  Whether you are winging it out or smokin’ it up, if you apply black pencil liner on the inside of your upper eyelid it will make your lashes look thicker and fuller!  Another great tip Julia had for eyes was to use bronzer to soften the eye.  Use just a fraction of bronzer to blend the edges, finish the look and warm your eyes up.  Julia used Laguna from the Man Ray Veil Cheek Palette to achieve this.

CHEEKS. Use a bronzer to contour the face and give it natural dimension.  Then add your blush between the apple and the cheekbone to create an epicenter to the cheeks then add a little blush around the temples to soften and warm up the face. Remember just touching your face with the brush brings a flush to your cheeks so when you apply blush make sure you apply a little then let it settle for a few minutes before you add more to avoid going cray cray on blush.  Julia did all of this with the Man Ray Veil Cheek Palette.

Holiday Beauty Tips from NARS

NARS Blogger event Forum Shops

Perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers, The Limited Edition Man Ray x NARS Collection is Available at The NARS Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars and at

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker POP UP SHOP

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop

Super exciting news Las Vegas!

Just in time for the holiday season Italian fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana are opening a sneaker pop up shop in the Forum Shops at Casears Palace.

Known for their often thematic and tongue-in-cheek collections, opulent embellishments, retro femininity and vibrant prints Dolce & Gabbana created this pop up shop to perfectly bridge the gap between streetstyle and couture by allowing shoppers to express their creativity while taking DIY to high fashion heights.

Customization is the the single biggest trend across the board this season and this pop up shop ensures you take “getting crafty” to the next level with an opulent design aesthetic.

Fueled by a passion for the original streetwear style this temporary space (opening Dec. 9 and continuing until early Feb) is a true customisation lab.

Artists are on site to help you tag up your sneakers.  Turn them into a piece of art by adding painted motifs, patches, or colourful stitchings! Add alot or a little to create something completely bespoke.


Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop Las Vegas

Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker Pop Up Shop Las Vegas