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How to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

How to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

I wear ALOT of dresses/skirts and I have thighs. I’m not one of those gals who has “air” aka a thigh gap between her legs, my thighs play a full contact sport.

In the summertime the combination of hot weather, thighs and skirts can pose a painful problem.  Things heat up, you get sweaty and those thighs start rubbing together with a might that could win a “fire challenge” on Survivor, resulting in an uber painful rash. Unfortunately there is a name for it… chub rub.  How humiliating right!  Seriously why does it have to be called that?

“Chub Rub” can happen to anyone who doesn’t have a thigh gap (which is almost everyone), but is especially common for those of us who have larger legs. I know that I’ve been dealing with chub rub since I was pretty young; and I also know that if you get it, the rash can make walking a living hell. Last summer walking around in New York in the sweltering humidity and heat my chub rub got so bad that I had actual welts on top of the rash on my thighs and it was so damn painful that I had to walk with my legs apart in a weird penguin like rocking motion to stop them from rubbing and with every step my face grimaced in pain delivering what was definitely- no matter how cute my outfit was- NOT a “cool-girl” vibe.

Chub Rub is painful AF, itchy and irritating enough to almost make you consider wearing pants the entire summer.  After last summer I made it my mission to find a solution for the dreaded chub rub and after alot of trial and error I narrowed it down to THREE totally legit prevention methods!

How to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

ONE: Body Glide for HER.

Body Glide for Her is kind of like deodorant that can work on any area of your skin, it provides a barrier to prevent any sort of chafing. It’s made with 100% natural allergen free, plant-derived ingredients. It’s vegan approved, cruelty free and contains NO petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.

How to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

TWO: LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder.

LUSH makes this really interesting chub rub prevention product called Silky Underwear Dusting Powder that not only leaves your skin smooth it also smells AMAZING!  Its cornstarch and kaolin base will absorb moisture to keep you smooth as tiny shavings of cocoa butter nourish skin PLUS it contains only natural ingredients and is cruelty free. With this product you will need to reapply throughout the day because it wears off within a few hours and you have to master the art of applying it because it is a powder and can get a bit messy.  I suggest applying over a towel or bathmat and a little goes a long way!

How to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

THREE:  Monistat Chafing relief Powder Gel.

Monistat came up with an actual anti-chafing gel and it is BRILLIANT. Non-greasy, fragrance-free, and a little goes a long way. There are also a TON of beauty bloggers out there using it as a makeup primer. Wild, right? The main ingredient in this gel is Dimethicone, which is also the main ingredient found most face primers. Dimethicone creates a breathable barrier between your skin and foundation to protect it from the bad stuff yet allowing your skin to breathe and not clog your pores. It goes on light and doesn’t feel heavy even though it’s a gel and it dries up quickly.

All three of these products worked like a charm it just all comes down to personal preference on application- whether you prefer a stick, powder or gel form.

If all else fails wear biker shorts under your dress.  Yep it works, bust out those Flip-Up-Friday skills from elementary school and layer a pair under your dress or skirt.  Undersummers makes a line of slips and bike shorts built specifically to deal with chafing.

*If it’s too late and the chafing already happened try diaper rash cream to ease the burn.

How to prevent rashes from thigh rubbing