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Trick R Treat

Sam from Trick r Treat

It’s Halloween week so why not have a little fun with today’s outfit of the day!

I have NEVER been a sexy Halloween Costume kind of gal. My costumes have always hit on the comical or scary end of the spectrum.

Living in Las Vegas I’m sure you can just imagine the amount of naughty nurses, sexy vampires and slutty bunnies, I see at Halloween!  Gals here can turn any costume into a sexy costume,, you have to admire their ingenuity.  Sexy Can of Soup, Sexy Freddy Kreuger, Sexy Edward Scissor Hands.  Year after year I watch these same gals freeze their butts off in their itty bitty costumes while I am all nice and warm in whatever terror I have brewed up.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sexy costumes, they just aren’t my personal jam.  I’m all about the creep factor.

One of my all time favorite costumes is this Sam from Trick ‘r Treat.  It’s warm, it’s creepy and I can walk around totally incognito in it. Mwah ha ha.

For those of you not familiar with the film, Trick ‘r Treat is a 2007 anthology horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty. It centers on four Halloween related horror stories. One common element that ties the stories together is the presence of Sam (short for Samhain), a mysterious pumpkin headed burlap sack wearing trick ‘r treater, who makes an appearance in all the stories whenever a character breaks Halloween traditions.

Halloween just isn’t Halloween until you’ve watched that terrifying pumpkin boy deliver gory Halloween justice to those disrespecting the holiday, so be sure to watch it at least once before the big day…

…and make sure to follow Sam’s Halloween Rules or else he may pay you a visit!

  1. Always Wear a Costume
  2. Always Pass Out Treats
  3. Never Blow Out a Jack-o-Lantern
  4. Always Check Your Candy.

What are you dressing as for Halloween?  Sexy or Scary?

How I Made it: It was actually pretty easy.  For the frame of the pumpkin head I took strong crinoline netting and laid it over an inflated balloon, leaving the neck open.  I then applied Mod Podge until it completely covered the piece and let it dry overnight.  The next day I popped the balloon and the covered the netting with the burlap and cut holes for the eyes. Then I went full Disneyland character costume with it and stitched screen door fabric in the ye holes so that I would be able to see. Next I hand stitch the buttons, mouth and center line. Loosely sewed the gloves and used twine to tie the neck and wrists.  In the movie Sam wears and orange onesie but I had this red union suit on hand so I just went with it.

Sam costume from Trick r Treat

Trick r treat

Trick r treat Sam

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