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Botanical Chart T-shirt Trend

Botanical Chart T-shirt Trend

Floral prints are the unapologetic timeless staple of Spring/Summer but this season there is an unexpected twist. Something retro yet new and totally natural, the botanical chart t-shirt trend.

Typically this time of year we see an influx of all over floral prints. But, what’s hot this season with the botanical chart t-shirt trend is something far more scholarly.

Think informational illustrations that look more like they were taken from a flora and fauna chart or a scientific journal. Inspired by vintage botanical illustrations these beautiful images showcase a who’s-who of nature.

Botanical Illustrations have been around for centuries. Prior to the invention of photography, botanical illustration (which depicts the form, color, and details of plant species) was the only way of visually recording plant life.

Recently a renaissance has been occurring in botanical art and illustration.

There is an increasing interest in the changes occurring in the natural world, and in the central role plants play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. There is also a sense of urgency that has developed in recording today’s changing plant life for future generations.

So it makes sense that this renewed interest for the beauty of botanical illustrations has found it’s way into fashion. Fashion, after-all, is a reflection of our interests and society!

Whether you pay homage to medicinal herbs, pretty wildflowers, cocktail making botanicals or are showcasing your favorite botany blooms you can’t go wrong with this chic bohemian back-to-nature trend.  Hey, maybe you’ll learn something new from that tee.

Botanical Chart T-shirt

Botanical Chart T-shirt Trend

Botanical T-shirt

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Botanical Outift

Botanical Chart T-shirt

Botanical Chart T-shirt Look

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Botanical Chart T-shirt Trend

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Botanical Tshirt Trend