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Why I’ll Be Rockin’ a Vintage Mumu All Summer Long

Have I mentioned that it gets really hot here in Vegas during the summer?  Like Satan’s Blowdryer set to the “Hot as Hell” setting hot?

One of the most difficult things to do is to motivate yourself to “look cute” when you are more concerned about the bottoms of your shoes melting on the asphalt as you walk to your car (yep that actually happened to me once).

But I have found an on-trend, uber chic, pocket-friendly and oh-so-comfortable solution for the sweltering months… the MuMu.

Yep, you heard me right the MuMu aka MuuMuu.

This current yet retro piece of clothing was once thought of as an unflattering grandma dress but I am here to argue that the Mumu is the ultimate summer staple.

During the 1960’s and 70’s Mumu’s were the most glamorous thing you could wear.  Designers like Halston, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior sent mumus (and their sibling the caftan) down their runways, making them the go-to of Hollywood and the fashion elite.

Then we entered the era of the body-con and uber tight fitting dresses and the once celebrated “MuMu” suddenly became a bad word associated with ill-fitting clothing only worn by Grandmas whilst watching their “stories”.

Times and fashion have shifted once again and fashion is now celebrating looser silhouettes, functionality and individuality!

So here we are, the MuMu is back baby and here are FOUR reason’s why I’ll be rockin’ a vintage Mumu all summer long:

  1. The fabrics and prints are so unique and eyecatching.  Seriously from tropical florals to garden prints, ikat, batik and everything in between there is nothing like gorgeous vintage MuMu fabric.
  2. They are comfortable AF. Airy and loose this easy silhouette is as comfy as a nightgown.
  3. The Mumu’s style fits in perfectly with both the current California Cool AND Boho Trends.
  4. No one else will ever be wearing the same thing as you.  Mic drop.

Pair them with a Kimono to punch up the style factor even more: Kimonos are light as a feather and can make even the most basic outfit look stunning in seconds.

Whether you wear it loose and flowing like Diana Ross or belted and boho like Alexa Chung, Mumu’s give off a chic-hippie summer vibe that feels so dang good on warm days.

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Mumu from StiletttosandSinCity | Vintage Gucci Studded Bamboo Handle Bag | Chloe Sandals | Chloe Sunglasses | Vintage Belt from StilettosandSinCity | Roffe Accessories Kimono|

Here are some of my favorites that will have your Mumu game going strong: