Tea Cart Extreme Makeover

I think I may have been watching too much DIY TV lately or maybe it’s just Spring Cleaning fever, but thanks to The Picker Sisters, American Restoration and American Pickers I am OBSESSED with DIY Projects.

The past weekend was spent transforming a vintage tea-cart I found at at garage sale into a mid-century esc entertainment center for my bedroom.  Yes I know this is a Fashion and Beauty Blog not a DIY BLOG but you know I love a good makeover!

I adore the look of tea carts.  There is something inherently whimsical and chic about them.

My wall mounted TV had left me with a dilemma, I was in need of something petite and unique to hold my DirecTV receiver and thought that a tea cart could be the perfect answer!

With the help of my legion of garage sale and vintage shopping friends I put the word out that I was on the hunt for a tea cart.  Almost straight away one of my upcycling pals had found one at a garage sale for me!

Here is the cart before I rescued it from the garage sale.  Great silhouette..horrible color and a who’s who of what NOT to wear accessories… this gal needed a makeover in a bad way! LOL

photo (92)

To update her look I gave her a dusting of  2X High Gloss Spray Paint (2X contains both primer and paint in one). The key to using spray paint is to carefully, patiently and lightly apply it in multiple coats.  If you get impatient and apply it too thick you could end up with bubbles and drips.  Also make sure the piece you are painting is cleaned thoroughly and that you paint in a well ventilated area.

photo (93)

And the reveal…..Isn’t she beautiful!


Her purpose is to hold my DirecTV receiver (which isn’t the prettiest thing) so I needed to accentuate her best features while camouflaging her problem spot- the DirecTV box.

The best way to do this was by accessorizing!  By now you all know that I am not a fan of over-accessorizing.  I have never been a subscriber to the MORE is MORE theory.

In the words of fashion icon Coco Chanel “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

You should have one key statement accessory.  This is the piece that defines your look and sets the mood of the look.

My tea-cart’s statement piece is also her signature scent, a beautiful Agraria AirEssence.


Not only does the AirEssence look fantastic it also diffuses the sweet scent of Golden Cassis through sola flowers – made one at a time – by skilled artisans using the dried peel of the tapioca plant that is sewn onto a cotton wick, a natural material that is also environmentally friendly.

As the fragrant essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick, the flower petals will change to the color of the oil as the scent of  fresh oranges and berries mingle with cassis, rose, jasmine, lily and Galbanum-an ancient spicy and earthy aroma associated with reducing stress- diffuses into the air.




This bright cheery tea cart makes me smile every time I look at her, and I barely notice the DirecTV box!


What do you want to “Makeover” this Spring?

Agraria AirEssence is available at Neiman Marcus and Neiman Marcus.com 

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