The Best Fragrance for Sensitive Skin

Best Fragrance for Sensitive Skin

If you’re prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, finding a signature scent that doesn’t trigger a reaction or cause a rash to flare up can be quite the challenge.

If you get a headache or develop a skin rash after exposure to perfumes or colognes, you most likely have a fragrance sensitivity, which is a real bummer when you long to have a signature scent.

Allergic reactions to scents are actually labeled as “irritants,” rather than allergens (which would indicate the release of histamine internally) and skin sensitivity to fragrances can come from an infinite variety of ingredients BUT the most common irritant in fragrances is alcohol.

Before we started supercharging perfume with alcohol and artificial additives, bottling fragrances was a pretty simple art consisting of essential oils, botanicals, and water (hence eau de parfum, which translates to “perfumed water”).

With the growing concern of consumers for what they are putting in and on their bodies and an increased demand by clean-beauty devotees for getting back to basics with more natural ingredients, perfumed waters and water based fragrances are making a comeback.

Best Fragrance for Sensitive Skin

My favorite alcohol free water based fragrance was created by none other than the legendary House of CREED.

CREED is a seven-generation family of fine perfume makers. Their processes are age old and The House of Creed is the only fragrance house to rely on a 4,000-year old infusion technique to capture the highest concentration of natural essential oils.

CREED Pour Enfants or CREED For Kids was created without alcohol in order to be suitable for babies or children, boys and girls but it is also the perfect alternative for adults with skin sensitivities.

Housed in a luxe frosted glass bottle adorned with colorful doves this captivating fragrance makes me think of a blossoming orchard.  A great Spring/Summer Scent that also helps you work on your language skills, (One side of the bottle is in French and the other in English), LOL.

Best Fragrance for Sensitive Skin

The gentle fruity aroma includes notes of apple, rose, lemon, plum and grapefruit with apple leading the way.

Think of it as a fragrance that whispers instead of shouting- which I actually prefer! It is subtle in the most perfect way.

Fresh, clean and doesn’t overpower!

Best fragrance for Sensitive Skin


CREED for Kids is Availableat Neiman Marcus.  and the CREED Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars. 

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