The Doctor is in: Dr. Teas

Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra, owner of  the Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium, is a leading authority on tea.  The Dr.  comes from a family of Middle Eastern tea merchants dating back 400 years and still travels the globe to different tea houses and farms, bringing back specimens to share at his store.

I first heard about  Dr. Teas through celebrity chatter on Twitter!   Celebrity after celebrity was raveing about how amazing his Craving Teas were.  I had to check it out!

As anyone who is trying to lose weight or maintain good eating habits knows, the cravings can sometimes get unbearable. In fact, they are the one thing that can derail your whole diet!  Dr. Teas has a delicious solution for all those crazy cravings!

He has created special teas called “craving teas” that help you to satisfy your sweet tooth using such mouthwatering ingredients as caramel, chocolate, peach, blueberry, vanilla and mint, they are like a candy bar in a glass but only 5 calories a cup!

I chatted with the Dr. about his amazing teas, heavenly concoctions, his Tea Garden and how he became Dr. Teas:

 Q: Its such an interesting name.  How did you become known as Dr. Teas?

Dr.: When customers would come in to the store, I would talk to them about tea, much like a doctor talks to his/her patients.

Q: Why should we drink tea, what are some of the benefits?

Dr.: Tea can benefit you in many different ways…and the benefits of tea are wide ranging..from reduction of cholesterol to clearer skin….Tea also assists in clearing up sinus issues and can assist in stress reduction due to it having a lower caffeine percentage than coffee.

Q: I hear when a new employee joins your family they must go through “Tea University”.  Tell me a little about that.

Dr.: The Tea University is an intensive tea tasting followed by homework! (basically they are given a lecture about types of tea and uses followed by a handout from which they must learn in order to become tea tenders)….Even our PR team, working in our special services department, has to attend so that they can better learn and appreciate tea and herbs.

Q: What other services do you offer at the Tea Garden?

DR.: Our special services include: Wedding teas (we create blends specifically catered to some one’s desire or offer incredible prices on our “in house” teas.  We ship anywhere within the United States as well as all over the world.  We offer great selections and pricing on our website for repeat customers and new customers alike.  We offer “curb side pickup” for all customers stopping by to pick up their herbal formulas and teas.  We offer incredible wholesale pricing for anyone wishing to carry our products. We offer tea tasting for potential wholesale clients as well as staffed Herbal support in the form of a licensed herbalist.  We also offer full herbal support (similar to a dr. visit) to all of our customers that wish to try a healthier approach to helping their body.

Q: What are “Craving Teas”?

Dr.: Craving teas are my idea on how to satisfy a “craving” by simply replacing your candy bar with a glass of candy bar tea, you could save up to 300 calories and still feel full along with satisfying your sweet tooth!

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Craving Teas?

Dr.: I have spent many years cultivating my blending expertise. The idea came to me as part of a conversation I had with a customer that stated he had lost over 30 lbs while drinking his tea!

Q: Winter is coming and its really hard to stay on track with all the holidays sweets out there.  What Craving Teas Flavors would you recommend to satisfy winter cravings?

Dr.: Herbal Gingerbread, Orange Spice Black tea, Rum Raisin Black, or delicious Black Apple Pie should do the trick!

You can order craving teas or any of the other amazing teas the Dr. offers at

He also has some great recipies on his site and you can “Ask the Doctor” to get your tea needs “diagnosed” by Dr. Teas himself.

Did the Teas live up to the hype? Oh yes!  Delicious, comforting, flavorful, and satisfying.  Totally nips my 3:00 sweet craving in the bud!  It isn’t like drinking Hot Cocoa, after all it is a tea, but it does give you the satisfaction and fill that sweet craving!  The flavors totally resemble their namesakes…Although they are all delicious Candy Bar Tea is my Fav right now! 

Thank you Dr. Teas where have you been all my life!

Send those cravings away!  Dr. Teas has partnered with me this week to giveaway a tasty answer to your cravings.  A HUGE selection of various flavors of Craving Teas and infusion baskets to brew the perfect cup!

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post (between Aug. 30-Sept. 4th ) telling me which Dr. Teas Craving Teas flavor you are craving !

 You can view all flavors on Dr. Teas website 

(comments can be left by scrolling to bottom of post or comment icon at beginning of post at top right depending on your browser)

(Last weeks winner is Kajsa Marchetti!  Congrats!!)

Good luck!  Keep reading and repost on your facebook and twitter!

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  1. I just love tea…when you have a cold a great tasting cup of hot tea can hit the spot. Like all teas, they take time to brew but when that special blend hits the back of your throat it was woth the wait. The differnt flavors and mixes of spices are to experience al the time. Although I have not tried Dr. Teas I am anxiouse to do so…thanks Christie for the suggestion!!!

  2. Hi, Christie! Thanks for this. I would love, love, love the Herbal Orange Popsicle! I drink tea every day and like trying new teas. I love tea so much that I read Laura Child’s Tea Shop Mysteries!

    Love ya,
    Ann Payne

  3. TEA!!! You had me at TEA!!!
    Love tea… can’t wait to try these fabulous blends.


  4. Hey Christie,
    I love tea, it’s a family tradition. Normally being a traditionalist I highly favor the English Breakfast tea. But I have to admit, the apple pie tea sounds amazing. I can just see myself downing that greedily! I have a weakness for cinnamon.

    Much love!

  5. Chocolate tea….sounds delicious! I am a HUGE fan of tea and I can’t wait to try this out.

  6. I have NEVER heard of these type of teas…wow why didn’t I know about these during my strenuous fat blasting days? haha. These will make it waaay easier to stay away from my Achille’s heel sweet tooth and stay lean–especially now that the holidays are around the corner. Gotta have that Black Apple Pie. Mix in some whipped coconut cream and stevia and I’m in Apple Pie a la mode heaven. All American goodness in a mug? I think so.

  7. Black Rum Raisin … yummy! I’m always going to lose weight but never seem to do it.
    I would love to try some of these teas and see if I can start doing rather than going to start on Monday. Thanks for the new insight to tea.

  8. I think we definitly need these for our traveling jobs where we are tempted with CRAP inhotels, employee dining room, ice cream from EDR, Crepes from Reno, deserts galore. ect./ WE can go up to our room and have tea!! yummy!

  9. I am so happy to see you blogging on tea! I love tea! Boo coffee! Except That freaky mushroom tea I had once. I do Not recommend it at all! I’m still scarred from it, mentally so.well that was an ah ha moment. Xo