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In our quest for youthful glowing skin we are often so focused on our face that we don’t see the full picture.  Spending tons of money on facial products we tend to neglect other parts of our body like our neck, decolletage and arms and as we get older it shows.

I have been on an epic Ponce de Leon style mission seeking a body-care fountain of youth for the past couple of years, ever since I began to notice the increasing “old lady” tissue-esc appearance developing on my neck and decolletage. Nothing I found really made any headway in my problem and I was beginning to think I was going to have to wear a scarf around my neck for the rest of my life until I met Dr. Lancer.

Dr. Harold Lancer is celebrity dermatologist whose patients include Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Seacrest, Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson and many more.  With more than 40 Lancer faces on the Red Carpet at any given awards show Lancer is the man the celebrities trust with one of their most valuable assets- their appearance!

I sat down with him at a recent event to discuss The Lancer Method and his Body Care Collection.

Q: You are known for your unique skincare system The Method.  What is the LANCER Method?

DL: The Method is two things:  A revolutionary method of skincare that breaks from the traditional method of cleanse, tone, moisturize combined with diet and lifestyle. What I learned  in my practice was that the entire concept of cleanse, tone, moisturize was wrong.  Skin reproduction involves cleaning the the top layer of skin and if you just cleanse first without polishing the cleansing is insignificant. The Lancer Method consists of Polish, Cleanse, Nourish.  The order is totally different. Lifestyle is key because no matter how good your skincare products are if you are sleep deprived, have bad nutrition or aren’t getting exercise the products won’t  shine their best.

Q: Why did you create a body collection?

DL: Most people only focus on the face but your facial skin always has to match your arms, decolletage, hands and neck. We have a saying in the office “From the dinner table up the skin has to match”. If you see someone who has put a 100,000 into their face and the neck & decolletage doesn’t match- the game is over.  You have been to parties and seen it.  The face is spot on and then you look down and see the disconnect between the face and neck the painting is ruined.  I am an artist at heart and I firmly believe that when you have a beautiful painting the frame needs to match.

Q: Tell me about the METHOD for Body.

DL: It follows the same METHOD as our products for the face. Polish, Cleanse, Nourish. Polish first, hand arm shoulder, foot leg thigh wherever the sun has been then rinse, follow with the cleanse, wash off then finish with the nourish.  Our body nourish is to die for.  It contains every antioxidant nourishing component you can find and is face quality.  The majority of body moisturizers out there are crap.  It doesn’t matter what brand it is they take whatever is left from other products and dump it into their body products, not ours!  We use the same high quality ingredients our body products as in our products for the face.  The system goes beyond basic cleansing and moisturizing to deliver a complete anti-aging solution for the body.



I have been using Dr. LANCER’s facial products for a few months and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM but after my sit down with Dr. Lancer I couldn’t wait to get home and slather my whole body in the METHOD for Body.

Following The METHOD of Polish, Cleanse, Nourish I began with the Method Body Polish.  The polish has a fresh lavender like scent and the granules were gentle enough to not irritate yet tough enough to exfoliate and washed off as easily as any other body scrub.  It has a slight warming/tingling sensation when you apply so I probably wouldn’t recommend using it right after you shave your legs. The Method Body Cleanse is the next step, it picks up where the body polish leaves off, sweeping away any residual exfoliation debris, softening skin, opening pores and preparing the skin for the Body Nourish. Ok now heavy hitter the the Body Nourish…wow oh wow.  Pure luxury for my poor old lady neck! This advanced anti-aging treatment blends pure, clinical-grade glycolic acid, rich natural moisturizers, and HylaplexTM, Dr. Lancer’s proprietary hyaluronic acid-based moisturization compound, in a formula that speeds skin cell turnover, repairs and improves barrier function and lessens visible signs of aging.  If you have any little cuts or have just shaved be gentle with this- it will sting a bit because of the glycolic acid but your skin will breathe a big sign of relief at the results. Whether you use this for the neck, decolletage, arms. legs I guarantee you will see and feel the difference.  It’s like putting a luxury brand face moisturizer all over your body!

OK so I oohed and awed about the Body Nourish which may tempt you to go out and only purchase that one product but remember Dr. LANCER designed the METHOD as a three step process- you will not get the same results using just one of the products!  They need to be used together and applied in the proper order to achieve maximum results.

LANCER’s THE METHOD Body Products are available at Neiman Marcus and 


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