The Modern Southern Belle: Ah Sookie Sookie

Ah Sookie, Sookie!  

The supernatural birth of  HBO’s “True Blood” has remade our idea of Southern Style. Sookie Stackhouse is the Modern Southern Bell (MSB).  

(above: HBO’s “True Blood” Sookie and Bill)

MSB‘s are sweet (bless their hearts) but also tough cookies! Often described as “Bulldozers disguised as powder- puffs”, they are women that are kicking-ass and taking names — while looking perfect-as-punch doing it!  

MSB’s make us all long to aquire that sweet southern drawl, grace, ease and quick wit.

While I can’t help you with the accent, I can help you with some key components to achieveing  the MSB style.

Here is my Recipe for the Modern Southern Bell 

  • Always offer Firefly “Sweet Tea Vodka”, to everyone who visits your home and smile!  Didn’t your momma teach you that smiling uses less muscles than frowning?  Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka was created on a small still in South Carolina and is distilled 4 times, infused with tea grown on a plantation 5 miles from the distillery and then blended with real Louisiana sugar cane.  Visit their website for some down-home drink recipes

  • MSB’s peddle their way from Farmers Markets to Roadside Stands picking up fresh fruits, carrying them home in the baskets of their classic bikes to make pies and jams for their friends and neighbors.  You’ll turn heads on Electra Gypsy 3i cruiser bike.

(above: Electra Gypsy 3i cruiser bike in  forest green   )



  • Southern girls appreciate their natural assets! For Dewy fresh southern skin try Benefit’s“Bathina:Take a Picture it Lasts Longer” Glistening Body Balm  


  • MSBs have a distinct way with fond expressions:

1. Y’all come back!  Keep some “Pink Lemonade” cupcakes from Retro Bakery on hand to keep your guests coming back! (Lemon cake topped with pink lemonade buttercream and hot pink glitter sugar) mmm mmm good!                              


2. Well Bless your heart this expression can have two connotations- be careful–So if you choose to excuse yourself from speaking ill of someone else or address any particular male, who showers upon you flattering but unwanted compliments simply place your hand over this sweet Heart Charm Necklace from and say those 3 enchanting words.

3. How’s your momma? That’s right ladies, all Momma’s are right! My momma always said  “Never leave the house without clean undies!”  Try the Bluebell Frill set from


4. Love your hair! Except in the summer heat, lawd that humidity is sho’ nuf’ a pain in the patoot — try the Frizz line by Living Proof to help tame the southern mane!  Available at Sephora.

  •  MSBs know that having some sweet southern tunes on a “Roberts Revival Radio” from Anthropologie will help bring on the best mood from her elegant gentleman suitor.


  •  Honey, MSBs know how important summer dresses are!  Pair them with some darlin’ wedges and Ah do declahr, you’ll sure to have some mouths waterin’.
(above: Anthropologie “Sweet Shop” dress)
  • Darlin’ don’t forget your gloves, I mean some protective hand cream!  Try Sea Island Cotton anti-bacterial hand lotion from Bath and Body Works. Sea Island Cotton fragrance is a clean scent, inspired by pure white cotton flowing in fresh ocean air of Sea Island Georgia!
    Key fragrance notes: Cotton Blossom, Drenched Air, Fresh Linen, Soft Powder

  •   Grab your wide brimmed hat sugah, the larger the better! And even in the shade keep your sunglasses handy ‘cause you know that sun is gonna shift any minute.


(above: “Santa Barbara” sun hat by UGG Australia)

(above: “Myriam” by Paul Smith Spectacles)

 Now that you’ve read my Recipe, ya’ll need to go grab some Sweet Tea and practice your saunter. Remember you are not sweating, you are GLISTENING!
Dripping with Southern Charm,
Your MSB Christie
This weeks enter to win giveaway is from my Favorite Southern Spirit “Firefly: Sweet Tea Vodka”.  1 lucky winner will receive a HUGE surprise Firefly merchandise gift pack!  My gentlemen readers have been complaining there haven’t been giveaways for them…so here you go guys!  This one is Unisex!
To Enter:
1. Scroll back to top of this post and click on the comment icon on top right.
2. Leave a comment (between July 6 and July 11) telling me how you’re gonna put a little “Southern Flair” in your summer!
(The Lucky Winner of Last Weeks Giveaway is: Jennifer K.!  Congrats!  Keep reading and Entering!  More giveaways to come!)


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  1. Hooray! I’m an MSB!!!! Fabulous recommendations Christie dahlin’ — now I’m running to get some iced tea and I’m pedallin’ my way to the future. Blessings and sign-me-up for whatever southern love you are sendin’ !


  2. I do believe I was the one who told you about Firefly vodka. Its amazing. Got a bottle for my birthday this year! I LOVE LOVE that bluebell frills lingerie set. Just might have to order it for my wedding!! 🙂 so cute! Love all the tips. I dont quite think Im an MSB.. but I can sure try thanks to your tips!

  3. In order to by the prototypical MSB down here in the Southwest, it’s absolutely imperative to look like a lady at all times. And since it’s warm enough, girls here have no choice but to outfit themselves with those absolutely charming flirty dresses. In my own experimenting, they’re better head turners than the hoochie revolution. I Love LOVE LOVE the recommendations that I will be able to add to my ever expanding wardrobe! xo

  4. i’m gonna start calling my wife “sookie” in a bill compton drawl-accent complete with inflection. every time i see her.

  5. The summer dress has become a staple in my summer 2010 wardrobe, more so than any year before. I’m visiting the farmer’s market more often, and I’m planning to learn how to can veggies and make jams and jellies this summer. While I must be discreet on the details, I will say that my iron fist in its velvet glove is getting a workout this year, and I am proving to those who do know the details that I truly am a steel magnolia. But the biggest way that I will put Southern flair into my summer this year is by moving to a small town outside of Savannah and Hilton Head, where I plan to connect with my community via many hours of entertaining and volunteering, enjoy many boat outings on the river, take many bike rides under Spanish-moss-draped live oak trees, eat many barbecue sandwiches, and consume many Southern libations (hopefully including some Firefly vodka).

  6. Makes me miss Lake Charles! Hope I win some of that sweet hooch! I’ll share it with Beth!!! Now that I’m doing hair and makeup in West Palm Beach, I need to brush up on my Southern charms so i can drum up some wotk!

  7. I’m gonna score myself one of those adorable little radios to throw in my bike basket! So dang cute! That Electra cruiser is downright dreamy! This is my favorite post to date. Love your blog!

  8. I’ll get myself a cute little sun dress and a big wide brimmed hat. lol. what a cute giveaway!

  9. Well, I don’t know if you can get more Southern that me. I say ya’ll on a regular basis, and I’m tough etc etc. I would love to get my hands on one of those bikes though! I could always start saying “bless his heart” but that would probably drive my husband, who happens to say “I reckon so” on a regular basis, crazy.

    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  10. Nice summer night with the hubs and vodka (once the girls are asleep for the night or at grandma’s).. This sounds nice

  11. I think the baby in my belly would love one of those retro pink lemonade cupcakes right about now. Yum! Where is your friend’s bakery again?

  12. Love that FireflyVodka Tea. I think I’ll go make one and bake up some Southern Style cupcakes for dessert tonight!!!

  13. Oh my goodness…..I love some Firefly Vodka Tea. Just had a big ‘ole glass full with dinner. I for one am lovin’ your blog and am sittin’ on the porch thinking about having another glass. We will be heading to the SC coast this coming week and I am sooooo hoping to get to visit Firefly.

  14. I’m feelin a little southern all of a sudden 😉 Gotta try the pink lemonade cupcakes and of the Firefly vodka for sure.

  15. Oh heck yeah!! This is my kinda giveaway being from the South myself my summer is gonna be filled with backroadin, muddin and all kinds of fun stuff!!!

  16. @juliaboykin
    fb julia r boykin

    Made me homesick for my younger years of MSB.

  17. Being that I’m from a small town in south Louisiana, this summer’s heat and humidity is awful! Southern belle’s are not one for sweatin’ so to cool off I make myself a little Sweet Tea & Lemonade treat with either the peach, raspberry, or lemon Firefly topped off with some homemade lemonade and garnihed with some
    Fresh mint! It sure does help a good ole southern gal beat the heat!

  18. Moustache, suspenders, pack of beagles, smoked ribs, and some firefly vodka…sounds like my kind of summer!

  19. This takes me back chasing the southern belle’s of my youth. Never caught one . I would to get my daughter a cute dress. I will show my wife later

  20. I am from the south and I do love sweet tea…not old enough for the alcohol infused kind yet!!!!LOL. But we Southerners know that to keep skin looking young you have to hydrate and moisturize EVERY day. I love the soft scents that make the South soooo romantic. I hope I get a beach cruiser bike for my birthday…I would look sooo cute riding it over to see everyone!!! Keep up the good work with the Blog!!!

  21. Well, as any true Southern Gal will tell you, “southern” is more than just a state of mind- and to us real southerners, it just comes naturally as making a tomato sandwich on white bread and calling it dinner, lol I plan on alot of tomato sandwiches this summer with ‘maters fresh from my garden…Some Firefly Sweet tea vodka would be nice with that too- Us southerner’s like our tea w/ a little punch 🙂

  22. This MSB gave Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka to her lil sis as a birthday gift this year! Only the best for my family! And though I live in the desert, I do drink my sweet tea, say ya’ll and root for the Tigers with passion, and ride my beach cruiser complete with flower basket around the neighborhood. You can take the girl out of the South but you can’t take the South out of the girl!

  23. Mmm, Sweet Tea Vodka & a cupcake!!!
    I think I’ll start ending every sentence with “y’all”, and maybe find a nice long straw of grasso let hang from my mouth. Hahaha… Y’ALL! 

  24. I love reading your blog and everyone’s replies. My southern days will be spent playing golf, lazing in the mountain shade by a cool brook and drinking iced tea, might even add a little Firefly Vodka given to my husband by a fashion stylist I happen to know!

  25. I am going to sit on the porch, sip some ice cold Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and shell some peas with my feet up. That’s about as flairy as I get.

  26. I don’t know bout me and Souithern…How bout I get the Firefly Sweet Tea and serve it up while shooting a string of MSB’s while toasting to the hooch’s that missed the MSB Ferry.

    Love you Christie

    P.S.: Great stuff…

  27. My South is more like family getting together to enjoy barbecue, collards, black-eyed peas, stewed tomatoes, cornbread and good ole peach pie with a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea. That’s where I like to bring my own Firefly Lemon Sweet Tea Vodka ! When I see fireflys now you can bet I’m not thinking about “lightnin’ bugs” …. but, rather darlin’, I am thinking about “White Lightning” instead. Oh, how “sweet” it is!!!

  28. Well Howdy Y’all! Four of my favorite summers were spent in the great state of North Carolina, so when it comes to puttin on the Southern charm, I do declayah it’s fun!! Summer in the South means a Pig Pickin’ on the beach and a frothy drink in hand. Unfortunately the heat makes me positively inelegant! Oh well! Bring on the Sweet Tea!

  29. You might be a MSB if you spent the weekend at the County Fair’s version of the Pork Fest walking around in Heels and Designer Sunglasses visitin’ Vendors like Bubba’s BBQ and Sonny’s Sweet Tea. Yep… that’s how I’ve spent plenty a Saturday afternoon Ya’ll.