This Makeup Ain't for Sissy's

Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry.  Talking to the guys I know just about every single one uses some kind of grooming product that is specifically designed for men.  

A few years ago it was pretty common to hear that a guy was secretly borrowing his wife’s facial cleanser although he would never go out and buy it himself because it was too “girly”.

The cosmetic industry saw this huge gap in the market and recently have stepped  up to the plate- designing grooming products exclusively for men.

Dubbing these lines Grooming Products instead of makeup or cosmetics, designing products that work for problems men specifically experience, packaging that is  masculine and product names like “sucker punch” “urban camo” and “facial fuel” all  make purchasing grooming products a much more enticing proposal for the average joe.

According to the Los Angeles Times “Retailers such as Nordstrom andMacy’s are devoting more shelf space to these products, and many are creating separate sections dedicated solely to men.

Cosmetics chain Ulta rolled out in-store boutiques called the Men’s Shop. CVS Pharmacy has created Guy Aisles in its stores devoted to men’s products. Macy’s last week opened a Men’s Grooming Zone in San Francisco with a barber, flat-screen TV, the sports pages and free Wi-Fi.”

I recently discovered Menaji – skincare for the confident man- created by celebrity makeup artist Michele Probst.

Mënaji products were formulated with the expertise of Michele and a team of dermatologists and chemists to focus on and enhance the natural healing properties of men’s skin. “Healthy skin looks best,” Probst says. “So, put your best looking face forward with Mënaji Skincare’s all natural, undetectable products.” The face is the first thing you look at, so take it seriously.

Michele sent me their best selling 911 Eye Gel to try- well for my husband to try- but I have had a crazy 3 weeks of fashion shoots.  Working 15-18 hours a day I have been exhausted.  Michele told me that the 911 Eye Gel is meant to be kept in the fridge and used cold.  When it arrived I popped it in the fridge and headed off to my shoot.  The next day in the wee hours of the morning I was brewing up a coffee, with swollen puffy eyes.

I went to the fridge for some cream and saw the 911 Eye Gel there.  I thought “well if its good enough for a guy’s puffy eyes lets see what it can do for the two giant pieces of luggage I’m carrying on my face right now”!

Holy Crap!  This stuff is amazing.  First you feel a cool sensation- as if you had put on an eye mask.  Then you feel it slightly tightening the skin around your eyes. In about 15-20 minutes it is visibly noticeable- fine lines have disappeared and any discoloration under the eye has faded, leaving your eyes looking bright and alert!

Michele says the all natural ingredients of chamomile, aloe, eye bright and wheat protein make the perfect remedy for “puffy eyes, dark circle, allergies, hangover, long flights, sunburn, just having a bad day, fight with your in-laws, or when you pissed off your neighbor. ”

I would recommend the 911 Eye Gel to everyone!  Its a mini-vacay for the eyes!  Just don’t let your husband catch you using his products- they get pretty possessive of them.

Check out some of the other AMAZING products Menaji has for men below.  ATTENTION GUYS:  their anti-shine powder and Urban Camo Concealer are da’ bomb and since they are designed for High definition, no one will ever know you are wearing anything! Click to shop!



This week is for the boys!

1 lucky winner will receive a 911 eye Gel, an HDPV “medium” Anti-shine and a Lip Agent from Menaji.    

 To Enter:

First either “Like” Menaji on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Then, leave a comment on this post- between August 19 and August 25-telling me what beauty/cosmetics product you have secretly borrowed from your wife or girlfriend (if you are a lady what product your man has borrowed from you)

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Ree Racoma!  Congrats!


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  1. First?
    I am not too proud or “manly” to use products like this.
    I’ve had to sneak some of Susie’s zit-zapper in the past. I also started using her leave-in conditioner for a while when I ran out of hair product. I liked how you can leave it in and style your hair without it getting all crunchy.
    Thanks Christie!

  2. Great post on Men’s Grooming! It’s basic maintenance like brushing your teeth and shaving, etc. Everyone can benefit from taking care of themselves and men are not exempt and their partners appreciate the effort I am sure. Thanks Christie

  3. Being the son of an Esthetician mother, I have always been trained to take care of my skin… So there hasn’t been a need to sneak lol. Would love to try menaji!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Christie!!

    OMG I’m ALWAYS looking for something that’ll help with these unwanted raccoon suitcases under my eyes!!

    I’ve borrowed my hubby’s razor, those bad boys give a darn close shave!!

    Great giveaway!!

  5. I think I need this for my makeup. So many men on set freak out Im putting makeup on them. Not necesarily the models but corporate guys or men getting heaedshots done and stuff… wusses..

  6. Secretly I have borrowed her moisturizer. Sometimes my finger tips get severely dried out form constantly washing my hands at work and I don’t them to split, so I borrowed her moisturizer to keep my fingers soft and healthy.

  7. I’m obsessed with my best friends La Mer Eye Balm. It is probably the best (and most expensive) product I’ve ever used for my eyes. It works wonders and I have no qualms spending $$ on it becuase I know it works.

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