Tightening the belt

This BLOG Post will be more of a discussion.  I really want to hear from you on this.

Verb 1. tighten one’s belt – live frugally and use less resources; “In the new economy, we all have to learn to tighten our belts”

economise, economize, save – spend sparingly, avoid the waste of; “This move will save money”; “The less fortunate will have to economize now”

Lets face it right now the economy sucks!

People who never used coupons before are suddenly coupon cutters.  Generic brands are flying off the shelfs.  Women are waiting a few extra weeks to get their roots touched up and attempting home manicures and pedicures.

They are trading in thier SUV’s for economy cars.

Discount stores like H & M, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack have huge lines while the mall seems virtually empty. Households have cut back on almost everything.

With the struggling economy many of us have had to tighten our belts,  cut back on  luxuries and get back to basics BUT…..there are some things that each  of us refuse to skimp on!  We each hold on to one dirty little luxury to keep us sane, to help make us forget how bad it is.

One man’s obscenely extravagant frivolity is another man’s hardcore life staple.

Whether the belt you tighten is Louis Vuitton or Old Navy..its still being tightened!

What  luxury do you rationalize out as being necessary?  Is it having a housekeeper?  A Massage? A highend handbag?   Dining out?  What is your MUST-HAVE?

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  1. My Harley Davidson motorcycle, a hot lunch, and Dish Network… But then I’ve always lived simple… and it’s not hard to live simple in West Virginia…

  2. i just hired a housekeeper… my graphic design and web design is taking up more time as i try to build my business, right now… its paying for a house keeper. it feels like a luxury. but its a necessity.

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  4. Dining out, for sure. I gotta get out of this kitchen at least once a week! Oh, and good beer. Staying in is a drag without decent beer.

  5. Housekeeper for sure. Cant keep up with the dog hair. And the amount I pay her is worth my time at work or looking for work. haha

    Skincare products. Definitely dont compromise my skin with cheaper products.

    Designer jeans. Cheap jeans just dont fit right. Im usually walking around in $200 jeans and a $10 top! haha