Time Keeps on Slipping…..

This past week was Nuts! Off the hook Crazy!

Now that I have had several Margaritas and plenty of sleep I’m gonna tell you all about it!

(above: me in the crazy yet amazing Louis Vuitton boots from Caesars Player photoshoot)

The week began with a project for the Nevada Ballet Theater.  Zee Clemente (makeup/hair) http://www.zeestylez.com/and  I helped out on a Calendar that showcased the dancers and Harley Davidson Motorcycles at Red Rock Harley Davidson.  The calendars will be available soon and all proceeds go to Nevada Ballet Theater so go pick one up at Red Rock Harley!

Next came 2 amazing shoots for Caesars Player Magazine!  I am the Fashion Director and Stylist for this publication and have been with them since their first issue!  5 years this year!  So it is close to my heart!

Our first shoot was at the beautiful new Villas at Caesars Palace with my friend the Amazing and Talented Amber Nichole. 

The day started off slow (we had a few technical issues) but once we got going it was flawless!  I think this may be our best layout yet!  It will be out in July so make sure to grab yourself a copy!!

Photographer: Jerry Metellus http://www.jerrymetellus.com/

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Conner http://www.melissaconner.com/

Stylist: Christie Moeller https://icanstyleu.com/index.html

Stylist Assistant: Kat Munoz

Art Direction: Beth Wood

Model: Amber Nichole

Here is a sneak peek:

while waiting on technical issues we decide to do the wave:

and Amber decided to get some last minute cardio in:

Jerry Showing Amber how to pose…she did it much better….

The next night On Board Media (the publishers of Caesars Player) took us all to an amazing Dinner at the new El Sugundo Sol Restaurant.  It was so nice to have both my photo teams, creatives, publishers, and video crew all in one room together!  We had an amazing dinner while we watched Jerry Metellus’ episode of Americas Next Top Model on the TV!  Congrats Jerry!  We are so proud of you!

Reset for the next day! 

We shot our Jewelry Layout at Voodoo Lounge at Rio Hotel and Casino with the exotic and beautiful Milan!  This shoot is going to blow your minds!  We did a Voodoo/ New Orleans theme with signature drinks from Voodoo Lounge,over $2,500.000.00 in Jewlery and amazing gowns!  Krystle (hair/makeup) added about 10 pounds of hair to our model to give her the ultimate Voodoo priestess look.  Beth (our Art Director) even had a special “good mojo” voodoo doll made in New Orleans to have in our shoot.

Photographer: Robert Kley http://www.rjkphoto.com/

Stylist: Christie Moeller https://icanstyleu.com/index.html

Stylist Assistant: Kat Munoz

Hair and Makeup: Krystle Randall http://www.makeupbykolor.com/

Nails: Tricia Mesa

Art Direction: Beth Wood

Model: Milan

This will be in the same issue as the Villas layout out in July!  Here is a sneak peek!

My brilliant idea of shooting watches covering both Milan’s arms gave me a migraine trying to keep them all straight and at 10 and 2 (for those that don’t know: when you shoot a watch the hands always have to point to 10 and 2 which is always a pain in the ass but multiply that by 8 watches!)

Krystle doing touch-ups:

the Rio knows how to cater!  Our yummy breakfast:

Our call time was super early (5:30am) because we had to be out by the time Voodoo Lounge opened at 7pm.  After sending a few pieces back via fed ex following the shoot I got home that evening about 9pm to unload and watch one of my assitants Erika Lizzio doing fittings with a model for  a Fight! Magazine shoot she was covering me on the next day…craziness..I was so tired I fell asleep with an El Pollo loco Burrito in my hand!

and moving on…

Next came a shoot with Ideawork Studios http://www.ideawork.com/:

I worked on a web based project for a new book that will be out soon .  We shot clothing changing through several decades…ending with Elly Brown in a futuristic latex catsuit! 

and yes…there’s more..the next day I did a test to get some new creative stuff for my book with Jerry Metellus, Zee Clemente and a beautiful Ford model that drove in from LA (for those of you NOT in Fashion Ford is a Modeling agency…I am Not referring to a car..lol)

By this time I was spent.  Creatively numb.  Luckly I had selected the clothing way earlier in the week so I didn’t have to be fireing on all cylinders while shooting.  The shots look AMAZING and I will post as soon as they are retouched.

And that brings us to today where I shipped all the samples from the Fashion shoots back to the Fashion Houses, did paperwork and decided to do this post on my neglected blog!  Now I think I need another nap!  Whew!

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  1. Thanks for all that you do to keep it all together and rolling smoothly Christie. None of this would be possible without your hard work, research and knowledge. You Be A Rock Star!!!!! Cant’ wait to get the retouch done on all that we did this week…Going to the next level! We have to…Right?!? More to come….

  2. Mad Crazy… I know some one that wants a Harley Davidson candler… 😉

    You make me feel like I’m not getting anything done… and I’ve been to 30 National Parks in 12 months…

    I really miss working with the JM crew, have some fun for me…!!!

    O’ and Ummm… Latex… 🙂