Trend Watch: Tattooed & Bearded Male Models

There is one very unexpected and unconventional trend taking over in fashion: Tattooed & Bearded Male Models.

Over the last few years there has been an increased move towards more manly models in the menswear arena. Men that more accurately represent the times with working class good looks.

The squeaky clean boyband  look is officially out.

Move over hairless over groomed metro- models and make way for the Era of the Bad Boy!

Once upon a time if a model had tattoos the makeup artist would need to cover it or the stylist would need to hide them under the clothing, if they had a beard the makeup artist was on hand with a razor to shave it- now those may be just the things that get the model booked!

Today we see beards and tattoos gracing the pages of fashion publications around the world, runway shows from Milan to New York and global advertising campaigns.

This week I thought I would take you on a visual journey through some of my favorite Tattooed & Bearded Male Models- and yes, you can thank me later for the eye candy you are about to view.

One of my favorites is Ricki Hall.  

He is at the top of the Tattooed & Bearded male model pyramid- breaking new ground in the modeling world this hunky former mechanic  soared in record time to super model status.  Described by London’s Daily Telegraph as Britain’s most influential male model with “an undoubtedly distinctive look; part debonair besuited Mad Men figure, part Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot, with a dash of Quadro-phenia rebellion thrown in.”




Next up is dreamy Billy Huxley.

A former roofer, Billy Huxley threw his bearded hat into the modeling ring when he was out of work and in need of money. His tattooed body, East London charm, mesmerizing eyes and striking beard have quickly helped him to scale the ladder of male modeling.




Amidst this British Bearded Bounty of male models is a scrumptious Scott named Chris John Millington who also sports his own line of beard grooming products in collaboration with Apothocary 87- called Milly’s by Chris John Millington. 

Millington left a full time job in 2012 to pursue modeling- I’d say that gamble paid off!  Said to have the “best beard in the business” he has headed up campaigns from Burberry to Topman and ASOS!




Last but not least is Johnny Harrington. This Brit is a former carpenter who fell into models after he injured his hand and couldn’t continue with his day job.  He may not have tattoos but he is one of the first bearded gents to enter the new modeling world. The bun-sporting,
 bearded ginger’s rugged outdoor viking esc appearance sent fashion tabloids into a tailspin when he first hit the scene and has since become one of the world’s most desirable models.




 What do you think of this new trend in mens fashion?  Beard or no beard?

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