Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

I’ve dropped tons of trend knowledge here for you, each season I break it down by silhouette, style and color but today I wanted to take a trend-break and discuss the importance of having your own UNIQUE personal style.

There are certain style fundamentals that always ring true no matter what your size, age or taste in clothing may be: Wear what looks good on you, what flatters your shape, and what reflects your personal style.

With that said, there is no escaping “trends”.  No matter what you say or think the simple fact is, if you buy clothing you are buying into a trend (whether you realize it or not) and with so many trends coming and going each season where do you draw the proverbial fashion line?

The question that poses itself is – how do you keep up with trends and still not lose your own unique style persona?

Trends vs. Personal Style- the battle of the ages.

The truth is Trends and Style work together.  They are like a great meal and a glass of wine.  One helps to compliment the other and they need to be combined in just the right way.

Trends are set by the fashion industry to tell us what to buy and how to wear it. It is often also a cycle, which is why every five years acid-washed jeans becomes the “thing” again, and why suddenly those stilettos are passe and chunky heels come back in style.

Style is something you have that is unique to you. It’s the reason why that Instagrammer you follow can wear biker shorts and a blazer, and rock it, and you can’t; because if it’s not your style, you will feel weird- like you are in a costume or wearing someone else’s clothing.

Do you ever see something and think “That’s so Christie“?  Why?  Why do you think of me when you look at that piece? Maybe it’s a mixed print or a great cowboy boot- those are both signatures of my unique personal style.

The key to not ‘loosing yourself’ in trends is to pick and choose what pieces you like and incorporate them into your own personal style.  Be selective and meticulous.

For example, I love vintage.  Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Vintage. But I also can’t get enough of the current edgy western and pastoral influences we are seeing this season.  So how do I choose?  I don’t!  I look for vintage or consignment pieces that have a western or pastoral vibe and pair them with current season pieces to create a totally unique look that is all my own.

Another trick is to always remain consistent when it comes to accessories. Accessories are the glue that holds the entire style together, so make sure you have a very curated selection that is conspicuously and unmistakably you. This way, whatever you wear, you will still remain you, because your shoes, bags, and distinct choice of jewelry will make sure you’re spotted and recognized from a mile away.

You shouldn’t change your personal style to adopt a trend- the trend should conform to your personal style.

The biggest advice I can give you is to BE YOURSELF.

If all your friends like something and you don’t, then don’t wear it. If no one else wears what you do, embrace it. If there is a certain pattern, color, type of clothing you love, then wear it.

There’s nothing wrong with being the women in the floral dresses all the time, or the woman who is always in a leather jacket. These things help make us unique and our styles help us represent ourselves in this huge world of ours. Your style will always be better than a trend, but that doesn’t mean a trend won’t become your style.

Like Emily Post said “The woman who is chic is always a little different, Not different in being behind fashion, but always slightly apart from it.”

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

Trends Vs. Personal Style

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Beaded Jacket | Diamond WEST T-shirt | H & M Conscious Collection Patterned Tiered Maxi Skirt| Chloe Sunglasses | Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch | Leopard Belt | INC Bootie | Flecked Silk Scarf|

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  1. I adore the way you incorporate trends into your own personal style! I’m definitely learning and leaning into my own style, little things like cardigans are not usually for me, haha ????

  2. I agree having a personal unique style which you are comfortable in is so important. Thanks for such a lovely article.

  3. I love what Emily Post said! How true. So many of us blend into the crowd but you really have your own personal style with trends mixed in !

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