TV Inspired Couples Costumes

It is a very crucial time of year folks, time to decide who or what you are going to be for Halloween.

Planning the perfect Halloween Costume requires skill and planning the perfect couples costume takes real finesse.

You want people to get it on sight not after a lengthy explanation,  you want to stay on budget and incorporating pieces you can wear again is always a plus.

The Fall Television roster has me super excited this year so I decided to base my picks on my top Fall to-die-for shows.

From the creepy to the fashionable and even the hilarious I have put together five TV character inspired couples and duo costumes that will have you scoring higher than Empire during sweeps month.

1. Scream Queens: Red Devil and Chanel.


The Red Devil is easy- you can buy the complete costume or just the mask HERE. If you want to beef the costume up a bit add a chainsaw and leather pants instead of the pants included in the costume.

For Chanel go poppy, preppy and pink. These so-on-trend pieces will be a good investment that you can wear again and again.

Here are some of my top picks to get the look.

Click to Shop:

2. Empire: Cookie and Lucious.  

Cookie HAS to have attitude, think faux fur, gold accessories and a bodycon dress.  Lucious need to rock a Rat Pack cool vibe, fitted suit, pocket square and fedora.  Both are great looks that you can pull the layers off and wear again.

Here are some of my picks to get the look.  Click to SHOP


3. Two Broke Girls. Max and Caroline. Ok so maybe you can’t wear these again but they are still hilarious.  Great for a duo- make sure you add Caroline’s siganture pearl necklace to her look.

Click below to SHOP the Look:


4. Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel.  I am totally obsessed with this cartoon.  It’s like Twin Peaks for kids!  Easy to achieve and ridiculously fun!

For Mabel you need a sweater with either a rainbow or a unicorn on it, a headband, an a-line skirt, socks and mary-jane shoes.  It’s okay if it’s day-glo, remember this if from an animated show! If you want to get really inventive add fake braces.

For Dipper you need the Gravity Falls ball cap, gray shorts, orange t-shirt, a sleeveless sweatshirt, tube socks and sneakers.

Here are my top picks to get the look:


5. Blindspot. Jane and Agent Kurt Weller.  Ok this one is not for the tame of heart.  It requires a bit of work and showing some skin.

For Jane you have to go with the nude covered in Tattoos look.  This can be achieived two ways: 1. Buying a nude body suit and hand drawing the tattoos on it OR hiring a body painter and having them airbrush the tattoos on.

Kurt Weller takes much less effort. Start with a white collared shirt and black trousers then add an FBI Bulletproof vest.  You can pick up  iron on FBI letters here and a vest below:

Give you some ideas?  Which TV Inspired Costume idea do you want to suit up in this Halloween?

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