Uncle Karl Gets Emojical


Every fashionistas favorite uncle, designer and fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld is getting super social!  

As part of the media promotion for his new mens and womens scent named what else but “KARL LAGERFELD,” creative mastermind Lagerfeld launches an app packed full of 30 emojis that emote a style that is oh so Uncle Karl.  From Angelic Karl and Angry Karl to cheery Choupette, perfume bottles, fingerless gloved hands rockin’ devil horns and of course applause, the app includes an emoji for just about every stylish mood you want to express.

…and as every fashionista knows, sometimes you just NEED to say it with Lagerfeld.


It works a little differently than most emoji apps, instead of being integrated into the messages app of your phone you need to use it through the emotiKarl app itself.

1. Open up the emotiKarl app and type a message using both regular letters and Karl emojis.

2. Save and share the message through the method of your choice — you can send via text, email, various social media channels, or just save to the photos in your phone!

The emotiKarl app is available NOW for free on itunes.  

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