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Ahh Valentine’s Day…..what to buy, what to give, oh the pressure!

This week I had a double dose of Valentine’s Day fun with my favorite newscasting posse at Fox 5.

I did a two day appearance presenting Valentine’s Day gifts for him then Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

In case you missed the segments I wanted to share these great gift ideas here for you as well!

If you are stuck on what to get him I have a little something for every type of guy!

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For the Liquor Lover.  Sipping Stones make a fantastic addition to his bar tools.  Just rinse, place in freezer until cold then drop them in your drink.  They were created to use with whisky but are great with any type of liquor that you don’t want to dilute the flavor of.  Available at amazon.com

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For the guy who loves his city…and loves to drink.State Slate Glasses from theuncommongreen.com.  Drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes with city maps etched in them.  The ones I presented have maps of Las Vegas but you can choose pretty much any city on thier site!

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For the Style Guy.  Mitch by Paul Mitchell Grooming products. Specifically tailor made for the modern man with high performance ingredients to achieve even the most current hair trends. You can pick them up at Paul Mitchell salons and amazon.com

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For the Guy with a scent for romance.  Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Gift Set.  Has notes of ginger, red leather and red roasted coffee.  It’s fiery and seductive. Available at Macys and amazon.com

Photo Feb 11, 2 30 29 PM

Take care of all his manscaping needs with the Remington Lithium Power Series 4 in 1 Vacuum Trimmer.  This is a 2016 GQ Grooming Awards winner.  The advanced trimmer ensures a mess free grooming experience with a high velocity blade vacuuming system.  The hair lands in a removable chamber and not on the floor!  Available at Walmart and amazon.com

The next three gift ideas come for a really cool shopping app that you can download in the app store: Star Shop App.

Star Shop Gives shoppers intimate behind the scenes access to celebrities and their favorite products. You can watch videos and get the latest fashion trends.

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For the Tech addict: the Stelle Audio Pillar with portable wireless bluetooth speaker and built in speakerphone.  It’s sleek, sexy and techie!

Photo Feb 11, 2 31 21 PM

For the Sci-fi Guy: Rebel Symbol Tie Bar and Cufflinks gift set.  Let the force be with him in the boardroom


Give him wood for Valentine’s Day. Great Dane Wood Watches are made from 100% natural wood.  They are Unique and eco-friendly.

If you would like to watch the full segment click HERE.

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