Variety is the Spice of Life!

Keeping it  Fresh!   I love when I have a variety of projects with different styles/themes going on!  It breaks it up and keeps it exciting!  Last week each project had a totally different style!

It started out with a big shopping expedition for Lacey Jones who is hosting a new poker show called “Doubles Poker Championship”.  Lacey and I hit the mall armed with a camera and my fashion skills.  We took photos of Lacey in a variety of outfits, then emailed them to the client who picked the ones they wanted and then went back to purchase them.  Lacey has been hard at work all week shooting the show!  Make sure you tune in on Game Show Network!     Style: Colorful Hip/Trendy Clothing

(above: sneak peek of Laceys show from monitor courtesy of Krystle Randall)

After finishing up on Lacey’s wardrobe I started prepping my next job, a shoot for World Market Center with photographer Robert Kley and Makeup Artist Barbra Jo Batterman .  These ads will be on huge pillars at the airport so keep an eye out for them!  Style: Business Casual

After returning the extra wardrobe and wrapping that up  I moved on to a shoot for Julie Annes All Natural Granola, with Photographer Brian Brown and Makeup Artist Zee Clemente.  This shoot was a blast!  We got to have some creative fun with a sort of  “Campy Farmers Market” theme. 

Julie’s Granola is AMAZING!  Pick some up if you get a chance!  4 flavors available at Whole Foods and at  Style:  Campy Farmers Market: Ellie Mae meets Maryanne from Gilligans Island

  Also Check out Julies Food Blog at

(above: crew photo from Julie Anne’s shoot)

After filling up on Granola and  doing returns for Julie’s shoot, I started prepping the next one:  A Hot Wheels shoot for Mattel.  Makeup artist Melissa Conner and I hit the road and headed out to LA where our shoot was taking place.

After our Thelma and Louis style Cinco de Mayo drive to arrive in LA we set to work.   The kids were supposed to have a skateboard look so I dusted off my skateboard knowledge and watched all my years of hanging out in skate parks finally pay off!  The kids looked so cool…every kid is gonna wanna buy Hot Wheels when they see these ads! Good Times!  Style: Kids Skateboard hip/trendy

(above: me and my Hot Wheels deck)

Now I’m back in Vegas and gearing up for a fashion shoot next week with M Magazine and finishing up my credits from the last Caesars Player…ah a Fashion Stylist’s work is never done!  Style for Next Week: Fashion Forward RTW (Ready To Wear)

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  1. julie anne is also a caterer, oh man oh man is her stuff goooooooooddd! she makes a yummy chocolate cake, and i dont like chocolate cake..