We're Jammin'

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It’s been a long, sleepless and hot week- temps reaching over 100 degrees and shooting outside!

I had a fabulous and extensive multiple day photo shoot at a luxury hotel property with early call times and extra long hours.

On photo and video shoots the Glam Squad aka Stylist and Hair & Makeup Artists usually set up a home base  in a motorhome, honeywagon or as in the case of this week- a hotel room.

We spend quite an extensive amount of time in these rooms- hours upon hours- while the models go through their standard 2 hours of hair and makeup (that’s right 2 hours),  I steam and prepare the clothing then dress them. We repeat this process for each shot.  Round and round we go.

Spending hours in these silent spaces can become a bit monotonous.  Sometimes you want to hear a little music to liven things up, wake yourself up or use it to drowned out model conversations about dieting, auditions or how fat they all are (seriously models talk about how fat they are all the time- yeah I know, I just nod and eat another croissant).

This week I was sent a nifty wireless bluetooth speaker from HMDX Audio to review: The HMDX Audio HX- Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

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I have tried bluetooth speakers on set before but usually in order to get any kind of quality sound you need to bring one that is pretty substantial in size which amounts to a HUGE problem for me because I am already carrying my wardrobe rack, clothing, steamer, etc- I don’t need to add to that load!

The Jam Classic hails at a compact 2.5 inches tall so I was excited about the size but naturally skeptical about what kind of sound I was going to get out of it.

The Jam speaker arrives in cute little plastic “jam jar”  packaging with a screw on lid ( get it?  jam jar #loveit)  which I saved to use as a carrying case.

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It was  ridiculously simple to pair with my iphone, easy to carry in my handbag and I could stay connected with it for up to 30 feet- that’s right I could change songs from all the way across the ginormous multi-room suite we were in!

This little guy will give you up to 4 hours of play time then simply recharge it with the USB to micro-USB cord (included) by connecting the USB to your wall adapter, or myCharge charging solution  and the micro USB to the Jam speaker.

We were Jammin’!

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I was amazed at the high output and quality sound this mighty mouse produced- in fact I had to turn it down a bit because I was worried I would bother the guests in the next suite by blasting The Kills at 4am.

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A feature that really impressed me is the rubber ring on the bottom of the speaker which makes the Jam speaker knock-over resistant.  I must have hit that little guy 10-20 times accidentally while working and it never fell off the counter.

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I would highly recommend HMDX’s Jam Classic to anyone looking for a  portable, light-weight speaker at a great price.

Want one for yourself?  Grab it here: HMDXaudio.com

(I was sent a Jam Classic Speaker by HMDX to review for this post.  All opinions of the product are my own honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences with this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog post are purely my own.)

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  1. Okay, I gotta admit I’d want to slap any model who complained about being fat when odds are high she’s between a size 0 and 6. Shaddap! LOL

    As for the Jam jar, that would be great to drown out my loud and obnoxious neighbors. 80’s metal anyone? Hehe.

  2. Cool beans. I have a small set of speakers in the munchkins room to help with sleep but the volume is always iffy. This is not only cute, but I’m thinking it will be loud enough to drown out any noise from outside.

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