What are Men REALLY Wearing This Summer?

Fashionable fellas, this one is for you.  I’m talking about mens summer style.

Summer months can leave men in a bit of a style slump, opting for comfort over style.  When things heat up guys seem to become a little more Spicoli and a less Most Interesting Man.

Don’t fall victim to summer style slacking.  Keep things interesting this summer by ditching the boring board shorts and show off a sizzling sense of  personal style.

Not sure where to start?  Having a summer style identity crisis?

On the runways mens SS13 RTW arrived  in many forms, from edgy and fashion forward to retro hipster and new spins on the classic gentleman.

There is a little something for everyone, but what does that mean to the average Joe?

How does he transition that look from runway to reality?  Well, with a little help from his friends.

I took it to the streets and rounded up 5 of the most stylish men I know- all with different style aesthetics-  to find out about their summer style plans and top tips for keeping it stylish this season.



 Name: Philip Muscato

Occupation:  Model

Describe your personal style: Less is always more. I don’t like to over-do it.

Trick to staying stylish through summer months: Dress for the weather. Don’t over-dress if you don’t have too.

Who are your style super- heroes: Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana.  I am modeling in Milan at the moment, so I am obsessed with Italian style and designers.

What is the biggest style mistake most men make during the summer months: Socks with sandals!!

Your signature summer scent: Versace por Homme. It’s sporty, masculine and classic.

 Go to summer accessory: RayBan Wayfarer’s.

 3 things every guy should own for summer: Hot shades, dress shorts & light breathable button ups.


Adam Bird

Name: Adam Bird

Occupation: Photographer, Entrepreneur

Describe your personal style: Vintage pragmatism. I’m a photographer, thus I’m pretty hard on my clothes.

Trick to staying stylish through summer months: If you get a few good linen suits, you can rotate them or mix and match.

Who are your style super-heroes:  The cast of Oceans Eleven (the new one). The timelessness of Humphrey Bogart. Anybody who dresses with style, not according to fashion.

What is the biggest style mistake most men make during the summer months: Shorts. And anything made out of cotton. It really is the worst fabric to wear over the summer. Shorts will make you hotter, not cooler.

Signature summer scent: Geo Trumper’s Sandlewood cologne. It’s delicate, which is good, since heavier summer air makes muskier colognes that much stronger.

Go-to summer accessory: A good linen or hemp pocket square. For wiping off your brow, your seat, or as an accent piece.

 3 things every gent should own for summer: The people in Central America figured this out.  Buy a linen suit, and get a linen dress shirt. Business in comfort. A good straw hat should top it off. Staying cool is not shorts and sandals, it’s keeping the sun off your skin and wearing clothes that breath (not cotton).

Name: Brandon Martinez

Occupation: Founder and CEO of  B. The Product  Haircare

Describe your personal style: I have tatted sleeved arms and a Big B on my neck.  I have so much going already that I I keep my style simple.  Slim, plain, black  t-shirts and black Jeans.  Think Ramones meets Adam Levine.

Trick to staying stylish through summer months: Do not under any circumstances tuck your shirt into your shorts and ace the socks!

Who are your style super-heroes: I’m like James Dean and Marlon Brando in that I have my style and I stick to it and when in doubt wear black.

What is the biggest style mistake most men make during the summer months: I am not a big fan of men in shorts, but what I really don’t understand is men in jean shorts.

Your signature summer fragrance: I never wear fragrance, but I love Joe Malone on my wife.

Go- to summer accessory: Ray Ban Black Aviators

3 things every guy should own for summer: HATS-A cool hat. I personally like the ball caps and fedoras. GLASSES- every guy should have dark, black shades. WAXED- It’s my soy based hair wax that won’t cause your skin to break out when you sweat.



 Name: Michael Zakrzewski

Occupation: Publicist for British brand – TOPMAN

Describe your personal style: Clean, classic and comfortable

Trick  to staying stylish through summer: Wear what feels right without over-thinking it

Who are your style super-heroes: Alain Delon – Simple clean and classic look and just dam good looking, Louis Garrel – understated effortlessly cool but elegant at the same time, David Bowie – Just always has had the balls to go for it with his look and still does.  Wish I had some of his courage

The biggest style mistake most men make during the summer months: Not letting go of year round uniform (Blazer, shirt and trousers).  Liven it up a bit with some details and color.

Your signature summer scent: Royal Water by Creed

Go-to summer accessory: Camo Tote that GQ very generously sent me a while back – perfect for lugging everything around in to and from the office

3 things every guy should own for summer: Great lightweight blazer, slim fit chinos for to trek around in during the heat of summer and swim trunk that fit just right.



Name: Anthony David

Occupation: Purveyor of Luxury.

Describe your personal style: A lot of high with a touch of low. My look tends to be dark, intense, androgynous and provocative. It’s not for everyone and I don’t want it to be.

Trick to staying stylish through summer months: Dress appropriately for your environment and no matter how simple or styled your look is, don’t let your look wear you.

Who are your style super- heroes? Johnny Depp, Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent, David Beckham, Rick Owens, and Karl Lagerfeld. For women, Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, and Anna Dello Russo.

What is the biggest style mistake most men make during the summer months? …thinking that board shorts and tank tops are street wear. You aren’t 12. Also, if you choose to wear sandals, get a pedicure. There’s nothing emasculating about good hygiene. Also, know your size – a small isn’t meant to go on a large.

Signature summer scent? I never wear one scent because I don’t like the idea of someone being able to pinpoint exactly what I have on. My Summer lineup includes Voyage by Hermes, Santal by Le Labo, and Leather Oud by Dior Homme.

Go to summer accessory: Saint Laurent studded cuffs – I have 2 different styles, one silver and one gold. I’m also wearing sunglasses from my arsenal of great designers: Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Dior Homme, YSL, and Marc Jacobs.

3 things every guy should own for summer: a gym membership, killer sunnies, and a convertible.

What is YOUR summer style identity?  Rebel, Gentleman, Rocker, Trendsetter or Fashion Forward- tell me what’s on your must-have list!

“Create your own style….

Let it be unique to yourself

Yet identifiable to others”

-Anna Wintour

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  1. Awesome advise… Gonna share this with the hubby! but I gotta ask… Surely Aaron P McD must be one of your favorite male fashionistas also 😉

  2. Um, not that my cowboy needs but who couldn’t hurt from a little fashion news refresher 😉
    Love them all but love Brandon for the sheer fact that he digs James Dean and Marlon Brando. Can’t go wrong.

  3. Love the breakdown on fashionable styles for men! MY hubby is a total rebel style, but I am loving the linen suit. I think it could work in the Vegas heat. Great post girl!

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