When Life Gives you Lemons It Isn't a Bad Thing!


Those of you that have been following my blog know that I am a seasonal scent kind of girl.

In the Fall I love Pumpkin Scents, in the Winter I’m obsessed with Evergreen and Cinnamon blends and in the Spring I am all about Citrus.

From my home fragrances to body-wash, lotion and cologne for Spring and Summer I wrap myself in the fresh uplifting scent of citrus.

My cologne is Atelier, Cedrant Enivrant is my Spring/Summer scent, and for Bath and Body no one does citrus better than AGRARIA.

Interior designers Maurice Gibson and Stanford Stevenson launched AGRARIA in 1970 with a boutique in Nob Hill on Taylor Street in San Francisco under the belief that “no great house is ever completely decorated until it has its most important decorative accessory- home fragrance”.

AGRARIA’s Lemon Verbena is one of the four original Nob Hill fragrances.  This refreshing scent opens with the top notes of ripe black currant, Sicilian Lemon and Caribbean Lime then leading to the deeper notes of crushed Lemon Verbena Leaves and hints of warm musk and jasmine.

It’s a what I call a happy scent.  One that instantly uplifts your mood, refreshes your mind and entices your senses with promises of bright, sunny carefree Spring days.

The AGRARIA Lemon Verbena Bath and Body Collection offers a full range of products including  bath salts, liquid hand soap, luxury bath bar, hand/body lotion and bath/shower gel.

With a happy lemon scent like this it’s easy to remember that when life gives you lemons it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

AGRARIA’s Fine Home Fragrances and Bath and Body Collection is available at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com 


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