When to Tuck a Shirt


To tuck or not to tuck- that is the age old menswear question and I’m here to answer it- or at lease clarify a few rules.

Tucking faux pas are one of my biggest fashion pet peeves, just ask my husband I am constantly on him about it.

Making the wrong choice can completely destroy a mens silhouette and instantly take a look from sharp to sloppy.

It basically comes down to the cut/style of the shirt paired with the occasion.

An easy rule of thumb that can never steer you wrong is: If the shirt hem is even- leave it untucked. If the shirt has visible ‘tails’ or an uneven hem – tuck it in.


But…of course there are a few exceptions and today’s man likes to be a bit style adventurous and add a little swagger, so if you are thinking of breaking the rules and playing fashion rebel, keep in mind shirt length, style and fabric.

You can leave an uneven hem shirt untucked IF it fits you really well, is the right length and is made of a casual fabric like denim, flannel or cotton. The ideal length for an untucked shirt is something that hits the middle of your back pocket or the zipper of your pants. If a shirt hangs below your hips, tuck your dang shirt in please.


If you’re wearing a tie, tuck in your shirt. If you’re wearing a linen breezy shirt, camp shirt or other type of vacation shirt- don’t tuck. Think of it this way- if in a million years you would never wear a tie with that shirt it’s probably OK to keep it untucked.

One last thing, if your shirt is tucked you should ALWAYS wear a belt. Once you’ve committed to tucking in your shirt, it’s essential it stays there, and you do not allow it to come loose during the day.  A belt keeps the shirt in the waistband as well as puts the finishing touch to a polished look.

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  1. I needed this!

    I’m gonna start sending you pics of my look every morning before I leave the house to make sure I don’t make an ass of myself…..

  2. Aargh! I have a short that’s definitely a camp shirt, short sleevef, with light blue and white panels. It has an even he. So I know it probably shouldn’t be tucked in… BUT the length! If I leave it untucked, it lies soooo long on me, down past my pockets almost to mid thigh. THAT,to me, looks more awkward than if I were to tuck it in.
    It’s great shirt, beautiful colors, and it was very expensive. What do I do? Burn it?

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