White Collar: Steal the Style

This season Fashion has taken a trip in the DeLorean to visit the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.  Collections abound with Classic Ladylike Silhouettes and Modern Versions of the Classic Gentleman.  One of the best examples of this “Modern Gentleman” is Matt Bomers character Neal Caffery on USAs hit show White Collar.

For those not familiar with the show you need to catch up!  (The complete season 1 is available on DVD).

Here’s a crash course:

“White Collar is about the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) a charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay).

When Neal escapes from a maximum-security prison to find his long-lost love, Peter nabs him once again. Rather than returning to jail, Neal suggests an alternate plan: He’ll provide his criminal expertise to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom. Initially wary, Peter quickly finds that Neal provides insight and intuition that can’t be found on the right side of the law.”

Neal is smart, sexy, charming and a little dangerous!  All the things women love!

The Perfect Modern Gentleman.

I spoke with Stephanie Maslansky the Costume Designer for White Collar about Neal’s style:

Q: How would you describe Neal Caffrey’s Style?

SM: Neal’s look is rooted in the Rat Pack Era of the mid 1950’s to ’60’s.  Icons of charismatic cool–Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra , and Sammy Davis Jr, adopted the look.  Their appeal was a particular brand of charm and wit–an overall attitude reflected by a new approach to style presenting a fresh, slimmer silhouette.  Today the attitude and silhouette have been refined for modern times.  Neal Caffrey exudes confidence and sophistication and has embraced the style as his creative influence, favoring fedoras, slim ties, suits and shirts tailored to appear custom- made.

Q: Neal’s wardrobe is always smart but manly.  It has a great balance.  How do you keep the fashion forward edge but not make him look like too much of a dandy?

SM: It’s important that Neal is sharp and sexy, not metro.  Neal is comfortable knowing that his look sends the right message.  Details, graphics and colors complement one other; no element overwhelms the costume.  T-shirt and sweater necklines are not too scooped and shirt collars are neither too small or too large.  It has a lot with proportion.  Ties, lapels and pant legs are the correct width.  Too wide or too slim can be foppish and distracting.  Pocket squares are controlled.  The fit of everything is the key.

Q: How can viewers incorporate Neal’s style into their wardrobe repertoire?

SM: The Rat Pack look embraced by Neal Caffreyhas been popularized- first at the couture level and then by ready-to-wear.  Neal currently wears Paul Smith, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, John Varvatos, Thomas Pink, and Calvin Klein.  He wears flat-front trousers and 2-button jackets.  He favors vintage cuff-links and tie bars.  He has a great collection of felt and straw fedoras.  Viewers can also find these looks for less money, if they shop wisely.  Discount stores, consignment and thrift shops, sample sales and flea markets are good places to start.  department stores have great sales at the end of a season.  Its worth the money and effort to have a jacket sleeve and trouser correctly tailored.

 Q: If a viewer was to purchase 1 key piece to get Neal’s style what would it be?

SM: Neal’s Fedora  is his signature accessory.







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  1. WEll we know know about Jakes skinny tie must have obsession. He and Aaron apparently have to have ugly flashy shoes too cuz he jsut bought a pair of lime green nikes. Oh wait, did you mean fashionable? Never mind, we dont know. 🙂

  2. My must have accessory is of course my iPhone! LOL.
    But I am a big fan of the “Rat Pack Look”. 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great show. We watch Burn Notice religiously, I’m happy to add a new program to our list. Keep up the showman as well as the styling advise!

  4. My husband’s must have accessory is his Swiss Army Tool.

    My must have fashion piece for my husband is a classic leather jacket.

  5. Must have?? the HAT. I love that fedora, and I’m female and I would still sport that hat. I think hats like that are so sexy on a guy and they should really be worn more often.

  6. Must wear mens accessory is quality leather wallet and/or money clip. Velcro, synthetic or worn cheap leather just doesn’t do it. Also — a sharp tie never hurts (the pun was not intended, I just realized it).

    Enter me!

  7. My favorite men’s accessory are the narrow/skinny ties, especially striped navy ones. I’m not sure what it is about ties (especially the ones Neal wears on White Collar), but I am obsessed with them!
    I’m entering in the hopes of giving this prize as a gift to my dad!
    I absolutely adore the show White Collar, especially Neal’s style from the show! It’s classic but with a modern twist.

  8. I love the blue suit that Mr. Bomer wears on White Collar and you also have it pictured above. All of the outfits that he wears really make him look classy. Thanks for the chance to enter and win.

  9. I think my must have accessory would be a stylish pen. When you are signing contracts and meeting people you don’t want to hand over just any pen.

  10. A “White Collar” t-shirt is the must-have item :). But I do agree with the poster who said iPhone!

  11. Besides a fedora? (sorry, but I love them) I guess a must-have is a wool or cotton scarf.

    And thanks a lot for that interview, I love his style so it was quite interesting.

  12. it has to be those italian ties the neal caffrey wears on the show. I’d like to say the hat but I know I couldn’t pull that off

  13. I would say dark straight legged jeans, a really nice tshirt, a hip scarf and if its cold, through on a cool faux leather jacket.

  14. I think that my must have accessory has to be my vintage ties. I have these amazing silk ties from the early 1960’s that my stepfather gave to me. They are not too skinny nor to wide and just look amazing. The best thing is no one else has these little gems!

  15. One-of-a-kind cuff links. It’s hard for a guy to accessorize and options are limited. Cuff links are an easy way to stand out.

  16. I am going with a sharp pair of shoes. A perfect outfit cannot be completed without the right pair of shoes.

  17. I would have to go with something like a Fall/Winter wardrobe staple such as the classic Burberry trench coat, Or simple double-breasted pea-coats! I would keep the coats to basic monochromatic colors and add color to them with the accessories like gloves, scarves and hats, so the outerwear is my main must have accessory, classy yet simple, but doesn’t blend into the crowd because of the accessories which are the icing on the cake.

  18. Fedora. Having a Fedora makes a man automatically fifty times better looking and more charming 😀 Just sayin’. …Complete with the White Collar t-shirt. That is x100 better looking!

  19. My must have accessory would have to be dress up shirts and black suits and dark ties. This would be my must have accessory for Fall/Winter.

  20. Actually, Matt Bomer could put on something from Goodwill and still look great. Must have accessory… iPad.

  21. Neal dresses so classy and I’d love to look like him. I dress business casual so usually a collared shirt and dark or khaki pants. In the winter I mix that up with a sweater over a plain t-shirt or sport coat and jeans (cause in winter nobody cares if staff wears jeans, as long as they have a smart shirt on).

    I’m not up on the who’s who of fashion, but I’d love to win this prize. Help me dress well. Met the cast at Comic Con but the shirts must have been given away at the panel, cause I didn’t get one at the autograph signing

  22. I would love a t-shirt,I love how they dress Neal he makes it look great. I love the hat.

  23. I guess my must have men’s accessory would be a man. But I like when a man has on a nice sweater- one that would look good with jeans or nice pants.

  24. My must-have mens-wear accessory for Fall/Winter 2010 is a “White Collar” t-shirt with Neal in it 🙂

  25. I work retail in downtown Chicago. Holiday shopping season is brutal but when customers see you in a nice suit that screams “I’m happy to help you” the experience for both them and myself is much more enjoyable. But if I can’t get a full suit maybe a nice pair of cuff links would be amazing, as most of the promo posters for the show depict Neal and a pair of handcuffs.

  26. The MUST have fall accessory for men has to still be the skinny tie, probably in plum this year. Suit vests are always a plus, and of course, Fedoras!

  27. My must-have accessory for this fall will be the gilet ! We’ve seen Neal wear several ones, it’s a classy way to stay warm and sublime the lines of one’s torso.

  28. A must have accessory for Fall/Winter 2010 would have to be cuff links. Most people look at the tie, belt, and shoes. However, I think a pair of good cuff links gives a polished look.

  29. I love fall mens fashion in general, all the lovely sweaters!! And I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to dress more like Niel Caffrey, so far nothing though. 🙁 But my favorite accessory would have to be a really nice leather messenger bag, with a subtle (not overly “blingy”) watch being a close second!

  30. Even though I am a girl I have to say that every man should have a vest. A vest with a button down underneath and black pants or even jeans is a classic style.

  31. I love this show! Neal is smart, sexy, well dressed, and confident. He is a fabulous character and he and The Suit are paired so well together.

    My favorite accessories are the hats. I love to see the fedora making a come back. I think men in suits and a nice hat look striking and classy. Love it!

  32. I love the “Rat Pack Look” it is very becoming for Neal Caffrey. I enjoy watching the show. Thanks for giving me the chance to enter the sweeptakes.

  33. I am going to be incoprorating (for the first time) blazers into my look. I found a nice slim fitting one in a sale in H&M recently ($20) and I think I’ll be going with grey blazers and maybe black or navy pants. Coupled with a hip-flask, i think! This’ll be a tough look to have accepted at my work where “business casual” rules which means everyone looks like they are going to play a particularly unstylish round of golf.

  34. I love the suits on the show, and it would be awesome to have just one like them, but my must have item would be the Fedora. This is my favorite show on t.v. at the moment, so thanks for the chance to enter.

  35. a nice blazer is a must in any man’s wardrobe… along with a classy watch to keep all the Kate’s out there feeling like they’re with the best looking man in the world… or at least best dressed.

  36. I love this show… Neal and a smile would be my favorite accessory but if we’re talking clothes, then a nice pair of cufflinks.

  37. must have accessory — the right hair cut :). neal caffrey thought the right idea when he cut his hair and shaved his overgrown beard before he escaped from prison :). not too short and not too long, just the perfect length.

  38. Pink shirt (with black suit and a tie). You have to have pink shirt regardless of what season it is 🙂

  39. I am a big fan of the bringing back the ‘old’ I am currently searching for the right pair of cuff links for my boyfriend… garage sales, auction houses, etc are a great to look for items like this!!!

  40. My must have accessory would have to be the right shoes for each outfit. It isn’t just a lady thing. Men need the right shoes to complement their attire. If in sportswear then running shoes are my mainstay because I have to run a lot. I own cowboy boots, and loafers, and oxfords, as well as hiking boots, and work boots. All of these are masculine, but necessary for the wardrobe of a person who performs many roles.

  41. Must have item? Confidence without arrogance. And a way to have Matt Bomer on your arm. 🙂

  42. I love the white coller show and style. I’ve been trying to copy the style for quite some time now. Thank you for the insight.

  43. I really like this show, it shows that not all people are what their label describes them as. Like Neil’s label as a con artist would make other’s think he’s heartless, but he isn’t. And Burke’s label as a great FBI agent would make people think he’s one of those irritating TV cops with no life, but he does make time for his family. Its a very realistic show, which is why I like it.
    And Neil’s wardrobe! LOVE IT! I wish my boyfriend had such a great sense of style.

  44. My accessory has always been my black fedora. It’s the symbol of who I am to most people who know me. Most people put a feather or something on their hat. Me? I have a spoon.

    I’m also excited about ym new London Fog coat. Picked it up at a yard sale for $20, almost brand new. Too hot to wear it yet, though.

  45. I think the one must have is a well tailored suit. The suit should be either a classic black or perhaps a medium shade of gray. A matching fedora will certainly add flash for the fall and winter months. If I had it my way I’d dress like Neal every day.

  46. the edge of here and there – the look the smile – the confidence –
    that’s my man too. ex military – my pride and joy, I want this as a gift for him.

  47. I like to throw in a pocket watch on occasion!

    Great work with Neil’s style, its really well put together.

  48. Must-have mens-wear accessory? A pretty lady 😉 Oh, you mean to wear? Probably a slick leather band watch, functional and fashionable.

  49. Must have accessory for fall and winter— over the calf cashmire dress socks

    Love Thomas Pink! Great show, watch it every week… love Neil’s style

  50. I saw a picture of a D&G pinstripe waist length peacoat. Looked very classic but I think it could be edgy as well. That would have to be my must have accessory.

  51. I’ve started to wear skinny ties thanks to the Mad Men style spilling into mainstream fashion, but I’m just not slender enough to make the Rat Pack look work like Neal does. (But he’s still my fashion gold standard.) My accessory is, interestingly enough, a stylish fedora. It’s the first hat I’ve found that looks shark but doesn’t look like it was made for a much skinnier man.

  52. I’ve been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and always loved seeing Tom Landry with his fedora. I love that Matt Bomer wears one in this series (which, by the way, is a great show) and makes it look stylish again for professional men and young men alike. I’m seriously considering buying one or two for the fall/winter and giving it a whirl. “It’s OK. [We’re] bringing it back!” 🙂

  53. This is not an accessory, because I couldn’t think of one that as I woman I must have on a man. I love a good fitting jean on a man though. I also love Neal’s hat 🙂

  54. My must-wear accessory is an Omega timepiece my brother gave to me for my birthday. It makes me feel like James Bond, Michael Westin, and Neal Caffrey all at once when I wear it! It really classes up all of my nicest outfits.

  55. I’ll personally be wearing a nice fitteted trenchcaot this winter. Possibly swapping out my fedora for a beret too 😉

    <3 WC, always makes me smile! =)

  56. I’d like my man to have a custom tailored, French-cuffed Thomas Pink dress shirt and a skinny Italian tie…maybe a sharp blue to match his eyes! I’m the one that wears the “rat pack” classic hats! 🙂

  57. I love White Collar so much. I’ve never missed an episode kind of thing. But while others will say the Crackberries and Iphones, I say that the #1 item is a well made fedora. You can’t go wrong with that classic style. And great interview!

  58. Love the show!!! My must have mens-wear accessories are tie-clips & suite pocket squares. I tend to match the color my pocket square to my ties. =)

  59. My must have in men’s dresswear is a tailored shirt. As a woman, I think one of the sexiest things I can wear is a fitted men’s dress shirt, crisp, fresh, and usually with a subtle stripe – gray on gray, white on white.

  60. My “must-have-mens-wear accessory” is a straw fedora. You can wear it up or wear it down in both Fall and Winter:)

  61. ATTITUDE. It’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it. True coolness isn’t necessarily something you can get from a store. The right clothes, accessories, and tailoring can amplify the cool factor, but if it’s truly there it’ll shine through even wearing a plain white tee and jeans.

  62. Let me first off by saying that what turn me on to the show was the fasion.I love the way Caffrey dresses,just amazing.I would say a must have for me is having slim ties and tie clips.I think tie clips are a great feature..you can match them with your wrist watch.

  63. In Key Largo it’s tough to get beyond shorts and flip-flops or boat shoes. I have a few ties left in my closet, and a few sports coats that I love – especially my Burberry! I don’t know if I spelled that correctly. Someday I might get out of here and back to someplace that’s cold enought dress up once in a while!

  64. I have no sense of style on my own, but I’m definitely a fan of men’s vests, if work simply as an accessory or as the part of the wardrobe.

  65. Neal`s look is amazing!!! he looks so masculine and elegant!! In my humble opinion, a must have would be a dark suit, as in general he wears gray and a coat, he would look even better!!

  66. White Collar is one of my alltime favorite shows. When i miss it on TV, i go on hulu. My fall must-wear has definately got to be corduroy pants. They are comfortable and look cool.

  67. I’d like to say that that Stephanie is just amazing, it adds to Neal’s charm. So hats off to her. The Rat Pack look is just awesome & portrays a perfect gentlemen picture in mind. I think people should adopt this style…..

  68. My must have? Rain boots. Stylish ones. Where I go to school, it’s always rainy and puddles form easily so I always have to have my stylish rain boots!

  69. My must-have mens-wear accessory for Fall/Winter 2010 is anything Neal Caffrey is wearing!!!!! =0)

  70. My man’s must have for the fall with be a new tailored suit. I love seeing him in a nice fitting suit with a beautiful tie. We are both completely in love with the show and Neal’s style.

  71. I’m going to try and incorporate a tweed sports jacket in my wardrobe. But I’d have to say that my must-have would be a nice top coat.

  72. Maybe it’s just because I’m in love with MacGyver (and Gibbs! It’s his rule number eight!), but I think a Swiss Army knife makes the perfect accessory! 😉

  73. black suit and blue tie that gave me my grandfather and semi dark glasses to look without any problem

  74. My must-wear accessory is a Daniel Mink watch. It has this metal strap that looks awesome on a suit like that of Neal’s.

  75. If it was my Must Have Accessory, I would have said Neal Caffrey. 🙂

    But a Must Have Men’s Wear Accessory? A hat. I love hats.

  76. The White Collar look is awesome! You have done a great job with it. Congrats!

    My ‘must wear’ or rather ‘must have’ item is my Hugo Boss Cary Grant peak lapel tux. In my occupation I get attend lots of formal events; that tux is just gorgeous and makes a statement that says “this is NOT a rental.”

  77. Some must-wear accessories are probably a three way tie between awesomely fashionable original converse, a sweet and always sociable fedora, and a cool yet kinda nerdy pair of glasses (They don’t have to be prescription, but they do have to send out the ‘I’m-awesome-enough-to-look-fly-in-these-fresh-to-death-glasses-and-I-don’t-care-who-knows-it.’ vibe.)
    And that would be the most awesome accessories for fall and winter fashions for men. 😉

  78. My must needed accessory is very different then everyone else. I always have to carry around and old fashioned zippo lighter from WWII that my grandfather gave to me before he passed away. It’s my good luck charm and always reminds me that he is always there with me. I do have the rat pack look with a long black trenchcoat that go perfect with the lighter I carry around.

  79. My must-wear accessory would probably be a black pinstripe fedora hat w/ buckle. In my mind the fedora goes well with almost all fall/winter colors, so it’s a must have for me :]

  80. I think that A black suit pants with a pale blue shirt and a black tie is perfect and don’t forget the hat…It makes Bomer look more elegant. And not to mention Charming…

  81. I think proper fitting clothes are so important. Wearing “loose” clothing is not only sloppy but does not look right. I’m not necessarily saying “slim” is the way to go, but make sure what you wear conforms to you.

  82. Mine would be my Bosca leather belt. Goes with everything and you can’t get better than a nice italian leather belt.

  83. My male must-wear Fall/Winter accessory is their hair. Neal Caffrey has a great sense of style when clothing comes along, but without his slick fringe he wouldn’t be the same. Luckily for Modern Gentlement everywhere, the fringe is in this year. We’re meshing the classic with the refined, your style doesn’t end at your wardrobe. Style is defined as “a distinctive quality” and “a manner of expression”. Classy, sharp, and smart will never go out of style and your hair is the ultimate accessory to pull the package together.

  84. My must-have is a perfect tie (or a bowtie if you can swing it). Hats and watches are also nice.

  85. you know me, love guys in suits, especially the stylings from the rat pack era!!
    lovin’ the how too! Oh Rat Pack… where for out thow cool cats?

  86. This fall I’m planning to experiment with unusual pocket squares. I have a bunch of different fabrics I’m having made into hankerchiefs: chambray, madras, etc.

  87. A Fedora or a Knott Hat must definitely count as a must have accessory. It totally completes a look. But one would have to be very careful while selecting the right type of hat coz it could make or break an image.

  88. The accessories complete the look. The must have accessory this Fall is the Fedora. Nice wingtips and a thin tie clip sure polish it off. Thanks for bringing back a great look. We all need some inspiration in our lives!

  89. I love men who are very stylish dressers but they also have a sense of fun in their style at the same time thats why i really like how Neal dresses in the show, his style is more how men should dress to me. I personally love the black suit with the btright blue tie.

  90. Honestly, I have been wearing fedoras for years. I have always loved them and never get enough of them. Recently I spotted a fantastic blue and white one at H&M that I have got to have. So hopefully I can get that for this fall.

  91. Neal Caffrey is the pinacle of style, bringing back suave and sophistcated with a modern twist on an old classic. Ever since I started watching the show (which is now my favorite) I have been completely obsessed with fedoras! My absolute Must Have Accessory is a black-silver-pinstriped fedora my brother gave me for Christmas last year. Cocked down over one eyebrow I can give the air of mysticism and a stylish intelligence to anyone I flash a coy grin at 😉

  92. Neal really knows how to dress it up for all the seasons. So the Must have is a nice black double breasted coat for the winter and a fedora.

  93. I went to Paris for a few days this past winter through my college and it seemed like nearly every man was sporting some stylish, well fitted coat. Specifically black, double breasted pea coats. They never seem to be out of style, and oh they do look so good. I admit, I’m a sucker for that sleek, uniform/military style fashion.

    That over top a nice sleek suit? Yes please! I think Neal would definitely rock the peacoat. With, of course, a trusty fedora.

  94. Neal is definitely one of the best dressed men I have ever seen and the Rat Pack era was a great time to live in and more importantly one of the best dressed. I love fedora’s and I wear one pretty often. Neal’s style is succulent and sharp. 🙂 So, if I had to pick a must wear, it would be a black sleek suit jacket with a cerulean silk tie. 😀

  95. Well, a must need fall/winter accessory are Neal Caffrey’s skinny ties. Also, this may not count as an accessory but the way he only buttons one button on his suit, it makes him look even better. 🙂

  96. The most necesary accesories is a perfect suit with a slim tie to look perfect and a nice smile to take the atention

  97. The classic fedora, It’s a must for a man’s out-fit accessory. It pulls the out-fit together (what ever it may be) from a T-shirt to a $900 Suit.

  98. As far as menswear accessories go, I think this year things that incorporate leather and brass/bronze are the way to go.

    Such as a beautiful vintage-inspired wallet or laptop bag.

  99. The impeccably dressed man starts with a vintage inspired suit boasting hand-tailored details and a nipped in waist to accentuate his lean physique. The polished style falls in place with the added details of a fine fitted dress shirt, pencil thin silk tie, pocket square, matching cuff links and tie bar and high polished Italian leather shoes. But the most important accessory is an intoxicating smile and a confident swagger.

  100. I believe men should not be without an overcoat. It is classy and sophisticated looking over a suit or even jeans. Definitely, and overcoat is a must have.

  101. I could use it all from the top of my head – hats to the bottoim of my feet -dress shoes. I work in a relaxed enviroment so dont often need fine clothing. But would love to have a nice outfit for whatever occasion.

  102. I would love to have slim fitting suit just like neal does along with the black hat to go with it. And a straight tie.

  103. Definitely a sleek scarf. Neal’s look is a perfect combination of business, fun, and style, but a collared shirt and tie won’t keep that gorgeous neck of his warm in New York! Perhaps one in a deep burgundy, to compliment his suit but still giving a splash of color.

  104. The key men’s accessory for fall/winter 2010 is the button down shirt. A variety of colors, subtle and bold fit well under dark or light suits and with ties that either enhance the color or contrast make for a suave and sophisticated man.

  105. I love the Autumn, I love the coolness of the air and the accessory you’re offering would go nice with my wardrobe because I’m a Fall kinda guy. The Autumn is a time to truly shine wardrobe wise so you might as well pass it my way. 😉

    Love the show, love the cast, love the stories on each episode…keep them coming. 😀

  106. I think guys should start incorporating fedoras into their wardrobe. I love the 40’s and 50’s look… have hats that I bought at thrift and second hand stores from those time eras that I wear everyday. So, I don’t see why men can’t do the same! Also, since most people don’t wear fedoras, the men that incorporate them will stand out in the crowd….just like Neal;)


  107. A must have accessory my male friends have told me is needed for the fall/winter is a good trench coat for walking around the windy Manhattan streets. A nice light jacket or coat from Burberry or Ralph Lauren is pretty popular now among my male friends.

  108. I would love to see more men walking around with a fitted tailored vest.

    But the must-have accessory I would have to pick is a beautiful silk tie.

  109. Firstly, I must add that this styling is for a cool climate!

    Accessories are the in thing this season. As a keen collector of tie slides, cuff links and smart shirt/ties, I would promote a dark suit, likely black with smart black shoes which can be polished until they shine like a mirror, and from a classic shoemaker. Next a white double cuff shirt with stiff collar which is both bold striped in the upcoming colours of tanzanite blue, rosso red or deep burgundy. Must have’s with this outfit is a matching tie to the waistband and then onto the accessories: Classic casio edifice watch in stainless with white face and black dials are in just now, tie slide in gold with a small stone to match the shirt and tie stripe colour, also with sprung clip (the slides can fall off too easily). Cuff links in gold (silver looks cheap) also with discreet detailed stone again in matching colour to the shirt stripe. If your tie slide or cuff links don’t match the shirt, go for a classic black and gold design which will compliment your suit.

    For the cuff links, don’t go too large. Classy and expensive are around max 1 inch wide with a good solid mechanism and never the chain link variety. Themed are out this year, so no snoopy characters or country flags!

    Tie slides must always be wide enough to be placed just above the fold of the jacket around halfway down the tie, and must be as wide as the placing on the tie.

    Finally, the ultimate added accessory are rings – never more than one per hand and a solid gold bracelet, this year Italian, which should be just visible below the double cuff.

    Phew, after all that you will look absolutely stunning and ready for either smart work or a classy evening out.

  110. I’ve really wanted to incorporate just high end shirts into my wardrobe to go with a sweet pair of jeans, and cool shoes. After getting into White Collar though, I MUST HAVE one of those super cool suits that Neil Caffrey wears all the time. If I had enough of them, I would find a reason to wear them all the time! (but I could live with just one 😉

  111. French cuff shirts are far superior to regular button down t-shirts. Cuff links and french cuff shirts make your casual wear stand out among the crowd.

  112. No respectable gentleman can go wrong with a 3-piece suit. It gives a refined, dapper and stylish look… This of course works best with a disarming smile!

  113. Not only do I like the styles on this show, my fiancee and I are planning to get these suits for our wedding ceremonies! This poses not just the challenge of obtaining hard-to-find suits (this articles makes it easier…we’ve been trying to research for months!) but it also presents the challenge of losing 20lbs over the next five months!

    I would go crazy if I won, because i’ve been searching stores in NYC for these styles (off the shelf or custom tailored) for months with little luck.

  114. As Fall and Winter approach, I’m looking for a understated scarf to go with my fedora and black 3/4 length Ralph Lauren trench. Nothing emotes Caffrey like high quality accessories. I’m also keeping my shades with me, just in case.

    PS. I’ve found some fantastic ties at thrift stores. Lots of compliments and you never see the same tie on another guy. Look for ‘Abbey’, ‘Terry’ or “Parklane’. Nice style, classic “pack’ style without too much outlay.

  115. Must have accessory for the fall/winter season is a fashionable but warm coat or jacket for the weather, especially in NYC.

  116. Every man should own a fedora. And not a cheap one from a bargain store. A REAL fedora, of higher quality. Something to be proud of.

    It’s a fashion statement, an attention grabber and a conversation piece. Also, it’s definitely something Neil would wear.

    Now, if only I could get the knob-handled straight walking cane to make a comeback…

  117. Money Clip with large bills to avoid a bulky wallet bulging from the pants pocket.

  118. I think that the necessary fall/wintermale fashion item would be a flanel shirt. I know my brother and his friends wear flanel shirts all the time. It may not be the fanciest looking but it gets the job done and doesnt look too bad with a pair of jeans.

  119. I like a mixture of the classic look from the Rat pack with today’s fashion. Must haves for this fall season for the good looking guy would be a leather jacket and cyber sunglasses. Cool printed shirts, also nice to have. Of course, Neal would look great in anything.

  120. The suits, ties and accessories are essential and all part of the package, but you’ve gotta start with the shirt. A silky, high-thread count cotton, button-down shirt with classic collar and deep french cuffs showing off a fab pair of cuff links is the quintessential basic of style and elegance. Neal’s classy style is more than his clothes, it is his attitude. Attitude starts with confidence and confidence is under the skin – right next to the shirt!

  121. The must have for men for Fall would be some unique, striking ties and some unusual and enticing tie clips. Then just add to that an exceptional Fedora!
    What a look!

  122. Huge fan of the fashion on this show, especially Neal’s. But I must say, I’m a big fan of the fedora. It’s stylish and completes an outfit quite nicely. I happen to own one myself, since I also think it looks cute and stylish on women as well.

    I definitely think it’s a great accessory that compliments practically any outfit and is a must have for the fall/winter season.

  123. I’m going to go with a John Varvatos Ombre Wool Crinkle scarf for my must-have fall accessory.

  124. Not a fan of the rat pack look on every guy, but I love to see a man wearing cuff links. Something about it screams old school charm.

  125. The must have fashion for men this fall would be Neil’s Fedora. That hat tops off any mens wardrobe.

  126. great article darling, as usual. for me, this autumn’s ultimate accessories are relatively inexpensive luxuries for the modern gentleman that combine a fashion forward approach with nod to the past. i can’t live without my new marc jacobs fox fur fob. i just got it last week and have it hanging off of my louis vuitton mon-monogram travel bag. my other must-have is a perforated leather hermes iphone case in their signature orange color. although it’s not cheap, the under $350 price tag is a small amount to pay for a piece you will use daily and represents the best leather quality in the industry. cheers to a little taste of luxury.

  127. Hello! love the blog!

    Men must haves of the fall/winter would be the outwear. Plus add on some vintage or homemade crocheted accessories. Hats, slim scarves and gloves/fingerless gloves. Finding the yarn to match with my guy friends when making their accessories… priceless!

  128. The Fedora of course, put some rain repellent on there and you can be set for the fall/winter weather!

  129. White teeth and a mischievous smile! That’s always stops me in my Christian Louboutins.

  130. I’m a female who often cross dresses, and the one accessory that must not be missed is a good, stylish trench coat.

    They go with everything, and dress up or dress down a look depending on how one wears it.

  131. The must-have men’s wear accessory for fall/winter 2010? That gorgeous Neal Caffrey smile, and a mischevious twinkle in the eyes!!

  132. I think that the must have male item of clothing, or the clothing I would like to see on men is a men’s fedora. Although it’s not an item that suits all (You have to have the head of right shaped face to carry it off otherwise you’ll start to look like a creepy gentlemen if it does’nt), I think that it looks charming on a well tailored suit, or a preppy casual look that men sometimes go for, which is adorable.

  133. Well, it can never hurt to have a nice suit, tie, and dress shirt, but here in sunny Southern California, the typical laid-back male accessories/clothing during fall and winter is usually flip-flops, shorts, and a T-shirt…

  134. scarves!!!………they never go out of fashion for the fashionable……..apart from being on the crest of the whole androgynous look,they also make you feel a bit like royalty……with lengths of fabrics trailing behind you……..they are great for the fall seasons too…..or so i hear frm my male friendz………i say scarves are definately a must-have fashion wear for anybody.

  135. I think the messenger bag is a must. It’s bigger than a “murse” without being so big as an overnight bag. It’s great as a high school or college book bag and can even hold a laptop. I like the messenger bag with pockets under the flap and made of either distressed canvas or worn-in soft leather. The messenger bag is a functional accessory that allows a guy to have everything he needs right at his hip.

  136. Slim ties, elegant and classy also a pair of slim jeans with a vest and shirt and fedora.
    Love the show thanks.

  137. On our upcoming trip to London the fedora would be a very useful accessory for my husband to have. Also the trench coat would help during the rainy London days.

  138. A classic fedora on a man gets the head turn from me any time. I also find a brightly colored tie or scarf very striking. A tastefully-chosen splash of color with an otherwise sober suit is daring, intriguing…rather “Neal Caffrey” really!

  139. For fall or winter, scarf isnt an option just for women,guys like Caffrey who’s attitude can off anything scarf is a great option. Military knots giving a disciplined look in the confines of of your shirt with 1 or 2 buttons unbuttoned gives a great look. (like a Victorian era cravat) .A single knot out of a square scarf can be good. Also cowboy look exposing the knot is great.Gloves are a must.Also diamond studed cuff-links on dark coloured suit can be preferred.Experimenting with winter colours is a definate good change.

  140. I’m not a man, however, my must haves are Neil Caffrey’s hat and the White Collar Season 1 DVD, and White Collar T-Shirt, White Collar Comic Con T-Shirt, Thomas Pink Collar Stays, Links of London Leather Wallet…did I mention I want that hat!!!

  141. I am a HUGE fan of White Collar!!!!!! I have been watching White Collar from the begining and I LOVE WHITE COLLAR!!!!!!! It is the best show EVER!!!!!! Neil Caffery is one of the most hottest guy ever!!!!!!!!!! This show is the best because it keeps you hooked and you always want to watch more!!!!!! White Collar is AWESOME!!!!!!!

    I LOVE WHITE COLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  142. I love a well-cut waistcoat–preferably in dark grey with a black or crimson silk lining and back. Delicious.

  143. To keep their heads warm, I would love to see more guys rock the fedora this fall/winter. It is definitely a rat pack statement.

  144. I’m a girl who loves to put on a cocktail dress to show off my fancy, and I would want my future man standing next to me to be the one sporting your ‘mens-wear accessory for fall/winter’ that classy and chic sophisticated look because it shows others that my man is a respecter of persons and cares about how he is being portrayed. I think men should always dress to impress.

  145. As a woman I love the suits and fedoras that Neal wears. As a woman I can say that it is a real turn on to see a man well dressed in a suit and uniform. Very sexy. More men should adopt the style. I am a fan of classic movies and until the 60’s the stars were dressed in suits more than anything else. It is very debonair. Keep up the good work in keeping Neal of White Collar sexy and well dressed.

  146. How about a good razor/facial hair trimmer?! Changing from clean-shaven, to the stubble-look just like Neal Caffrey, to the mustache/goatee combo like me (but keep it trimmed and neat), to the full beard can dramatically change and add to your personal style as much as any suit, tie, fedora, jacket or any other fashion accessory.

  147. I would love to see my boyfriend incorporate fitted vests into his wardrobe. they’re very classy and adds a touch to just a shirt and pants in the office.

  148. Skinny ties with tie clips are great, but they work in both the Summer and the Winter. So to me, the most important accessory for the Fall and Winter season’s would be a slick jacket/overcoat and fedore combination. The overcoat Neal wore in the “Bottlenecked” episode is a great example. But the overcoat and fedore combo he wore in the “Bad Judgment” episode is a good example of must have Fall/Winter wear.

  149. Well, since this is fashion for fall/winter, a nice wool pea coat probably in an all-purpose black or grey. Stylish and warm for those cold days.

    But in general, ties are a must-have accessory. They can make even more laid back casual shirts and jeans look classy. And the right color can brighten up even the nicest suits to really pull a look together.

  150. The must have fall/winter accessory for me would be a tie to match the season of autumn/winter. Definitely has to be a tie like no other, a very unique one, definitely prefer a slim tie as it is my favourite kind of style. 🙂

  151. For the 2010 Fall/Winter season, definitely a dress jacket with a thin build to it. However it needs to have enough thickness in the collar to be able to pull up when a blustery wind blows by.

  152. I think the whole cast looks phenom. The only accessory i would even consider adding would be to accentuate and bring attention to Neals drop dead gorgeous sexy eyes by framing them with a flattering pair of eyeglasses to inhance his intellectual and very sexy side of his character while i am watching in awe as his character always intregs me. I love it i love it i love it . Perfection needs nothing!!!

  153. A stylish black dress shirt with a skinny tie, and black dress pants with a jacket to hang over the shoulder

  154. Great interview! I have been totally intrigued by Neal’s wardrobe, classic AND stylish. This fall’s must have accessory would have be a fedora…my husband has asked for a one. And believe it or not a wardrobe change, too! I think he’s ready to put the baseball caps aside. 😉

    Thanks for the great article!

  155. One has not lived until they’ve had a HAND TAILORED jacket and trousers. Perfect for those ritzy holiday parties, get togethers with the friends/family, black and white tie affairs. When clothes fit like a glove, they make you feel like a million bucks, or better yet, like your wearing it.

  156. I must have that tie because I really want to be as close to Matt Bomer’s character. (excluding the con artist part of course)This will also let me add some style to my wardrobe (in the cheapest way)

  157. I saw this linked off the White Collar facebook page- very nice post, the style on the show is just phenomenal.I have to say,as many have, the fedora is just amazing. It goes with everything all the time,and looks pretty darn nice while it’s at it. However,living in a colder part of the country, a nice,warm,preferably good looking jacket is the “must!”

  158. One of my must haves is a tailored jacket. Having it fit just right makes even the most casual outfit look refined. But my favorite piece is my glasses. Black rimmed, straight lines, almost geeky but very chic. I don’t leave home without them! (And they look pretty darn good if I may say so myself!)


  159. My must have accessory for fall/winter 2010 is the same as Neal Caffrey a black felt fedora.

    No matter what the weather or the occasion the black fedora shows a sophistication not justified by any other accessory. That is why the fedora is Neal Caffrey’s signature accessory. I know how to do a few hand to arm to head tricks with my fedora and that is another way to impress those around me and make sure I steal the show. I can charm those I am with and those I want to be with and distract them to pull off any con I desire (but would I do that???). The fedora also keeps my head warm and the head is where you lose the most heat from your body, especially in these cool and cold fall/winter evenings. If it begins to rain, I have my protection for my head and even if I forget an umbrella I am protected. Or if my date forgot their umbrella and I give them mine (because that is the kind of person I am) my head is still covered. Basically it is the ultimate accessory. Don’t leave home without it.

    Thank you for your time and attention. Kelly

    ps: Please watch WHITE COLLAR on USA @ 9p on Tuesday’s. You will not be disappointed. Thanks. Kelly.

  160. You have not lived until you have had a hand tailored jacket and trousers. When clothes fit like a glove, they make you feel like a million bucks, or better yet, like your wearing it. Especially needed for all those holiday events and parties, social dinners, black and white tie affairs during the season, and even after. Cheers to the trimmed and fit!