Witty Gift Ideas that Don't Suck

Now, I know that you have been making your list and checking it twice but by now have  noticed some gaps.  We all have THOSE people on our gift giving list…….the ones that are impossible to buy for.

What do you buy for the person who has everything, doesn’t need anything or just won’t tell you what they want?

Out of frustration or laziness we end up buying something totally lame for lack of ideas.  How many Snuggies did you give last year (and not in an ironical funny way)?

Don’t fall victim to cheesing out and giving a gift that just plain sucks because you don’t know what to give!

“But where should I start?” you may ask.

My motto?  Say it with Sarcasm!  LOL Everyone loves a laugh.

Sometimes I like my accessories or clothing to speak for me, literally speak for me.

I can’t get enough of sarcastic brilliant quips printed on everything and anything, they make the most fantastic and hilarious gifts.

I have gathered together some of my favorites here  to help you give some gifts that don’t suck!

We have all been there, and you know just the person this is perfect for!  Kate Spade Call to Action Cosmetics Case.

WTF You Again? Doormat from Hayneedle

Maude & Tilda Everyone Thinks Tom Ford is Cool Tote …they do don”t they?

MikWright “Honey Just between Us Girls Mama’s Half Buzzed Flask” 

Jonathan Adler Vice Canisters..choose your vice: Prozac, Uppers, Downers, Quaaludes, Ganja or Caffine


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