About Christie

Christie Moeller

Hi, I’m Christie.

I am a Fashion Stylist, Editor and Blogger living in FABULOUS Las Vegas.

I developed a love for fashion from an early age.  My love for vintage clothing, classic rock, and an innate ability to mix patterns, colors and put outfits together in inventive ways developed into a career. Can you believe that!  I dress people and help them find their signature style for a living!

When I’m not styling fashion shoots, commercials or dressing celebrity clients I write about trends, beauty, how-to’s and what not’s both on my blog and in several print publications. I love sharing new ways to use products and quick fixes for everyday fashion dilemmas.

In 2010 I created my blog as a creative outlet at the urging of the models I work with who wanted me to share my fashion tricks and tips.

Over the years both the blog and it’s audience have evolved with me to include women and men from all walks of life wanting to know about the latest trends in beauty, DIY’s and ways to lessen their footprint and live more sustainably.

I have had some incredible mentors over the years and I know the value of giving back to my community which is why I volunteer with the NONPROFIT Oraganization UNSHAKEABLE  where I teach classes on “How to Look Good and Feel Good” to women recovering from trauma to return to the workforce and achieve financial independence.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you have any fashion questions send them my way!  If you see me out shopping say “hi” I’d love to meet you in person.

xoxo Christie

For business inquiries, feel free to email [email protected]. Media Kit and Rate Sheet available upon request.